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  1. «This is a draft of the published article: Wong, P. T. P., & McDonald, M. (2002). Tragic optimism and personal meaning in counselling victims of ...»
  2. «This article elaborates a claim, first introduced by Wilhelm Dilthey, that metaphysics represents an illusory flight from the tragedy of human ...»
  3. «PD Dr. Thomas M. Schlösser: Publications & Facts Version 6.7.2016 Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology University of Cologne Content ...»
  4. «International Gramsci Journal No. 2 April 2010 Some Notes on the Tragic Writing of Antonio Gramsci Manuel S. Almeida Rodríguez Abstract This essay ...»
  5. «The Hidden Half: Studying the Shadow in Edgar Allan Poe Rouhollah Zarei Abstract This paper makes an attempt to study representations of sin and evil ...»
  6. «Georgia State University ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University Psychology Faculty Publications Department of Psychology Changes in Genetic and ...»
  7. «Rev.Phil.Psych. (2015) 6:181–197 DOI 10.1007/s13164-014-0219-y Trompe l’oeil and the Dorsal/Ventral Account of Picture Perception Bence Nanay ...»
  8. «Daniel Vanderveken Universit´ du Qu´bec, Trois-Rivi`res e e e Abstract In contemporary philosophy of language, mind and action, propositions are ...»
  9. «In 399 B.C.E., Socrates was executed by the Athenian court on charges of impiety and corrupting the youth. The controversial decision lingers atop ...»
  10. «doi:10.1068/p5921 Movement and the rubber hand illusion Timothy Dummer, Alexandra Picot-Annand, Tristan Neal, Chris Moore Department of Psychology, ...»
  11. «Predicating from an early age: edusemiotics and the potential of children’s preconceptions Article Published Version Creative Commons: Attribution ...»
  12. «THE QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2001, 54A (3), 785–803 A more complete task-set reconfiguration in random than in predictable ...»
  13. «Neural Network Predictions of Stock Price Fluctuations By Wojciech Gryc (wojciech@gmail.com) Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Part 1: The ...»
  15. «Emotion and motivation: the role of the amygdala, ventral striatum, and prefrontal cortex Rudolf N. Cardinal, John A. Parkinson (*), Jeremy Hall and ...»
  16. «European Journal of Personality Eur. J. Pers. (2010) Published online in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com) DOI: 10.1002/per.768 From ...»
  17. «A predicative characterization of quantum states and Matte Blanco’s bi-logic G. Battilotti Department of Mathematics, University of Padova ...»
  18. «University of Pennsylvania ScholarlyCommons Departmental Papers (ASC) Annenberg School for Communication 2-2013 Beyond Brain Mapping: Using Neural ...»
  19. «Combining vision with audition and touch, in adults and in children David Burr*, Paola Binda§^ & Monica Gori^ *Dipartimento di Psicologia, ...»
  20. «The Southern Journal of Philosophy Volume 53, Spindel Supplement RADICAL PREDICTIVE PROCESSING Andy Clark Recent work in computational and cognitive ...»
  21. «Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review Volume 20 | Issue 2 Predictability and Nonobviousness in Patent Law After KSR Christopher A. ...»
  22. «CompRail 2002, 12–14 June, Lemnos, Greece, WIT Press, Southampton, 2002 Train location with eddy current sensors A. Geistler Institut f¨ r Mess- ...»
  23. «Transportation Research Part F 9 (2006) 243–257 www.elsevier.com/locate/trf The effects of fatigue on train handling during speed restrictions ...»
  24. «Curriculum Vitae Robert L. Munroe September 1, 2016 HOME: 743 Harvard Avenue OFFICE: 127 Broad Hall Claremont, CA 91711 Pitzer College Phone: (909) ...»
  25. «Acta Psychologica 113 (2003) 315–327 www.elsevier.com/locate/actpsy The aftereffects of ventriloquism: Are they sound-frequency specific? Ilja ...»
  26. «The Prediction of Suicide THE PREDICTION OF SUICIDE Robert Goldney Clinical Associate Professor Flinders University Senior Visiting Psychiatrist ...»
  27. «Psychology, Public Policy, and Law © 2010 American Psychological Association 2010, Vol. 16, No. 2, 133–157 1076-8971/10/$12.00 DOI: ...»
  28. «RUNNING HEAD: PREDICTIVE VALIDITY OF THE IAT Understanding and Using the Implicit Association Test: III. Meta-analysis of Predictive Validity T. ...»
  29. «LIFE ON THE EDGE - of the dorsal/ventral seam - John Appleton with Pete Green [401-500] This is another of my short illustrated papers that describe ...»
  30. «RICKARD CARLSSON & JENS AGERSTRÖM 2015:12 Methodological Issues in Predicting Discrimination from Attitudes, Prejudices, and Stereotypes ...»
  31. «CURRICULUM VITAE MICHAEL GRAZIANO Last updated April 2016 Department of Psychology Peretsman-Scully Hall Princeton University Princeton, N.J. ...»
  32. «Małgorzata Krysa Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Poland malgorzata.krysa89@gmail.com Mariola Łaguna Institute of Psychology, The John Paul II ...»
  33. «APPLIED COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, VOL. 8,621-639 (1994) A Model for Predicting the Outcomes of Basketball Games EVAN HEIT* Northwestern University, USA ...»
  34. «Personality and Life satisfaction 1 Personality and Life satisfaction: A Facet Level Analysis Ulrich Schimmack University of Toronto, Mississauga ...»
  35. «CODE-SWITCHING AND PREDICTABILITY OF MEANING IN DISCOURSE Mark Myslín Roger Levy University of California, San Diego University of California, San ...»
  36. «bs_bs_banner Political Psychology, Vol. xx, No. xx, 2014 doi: 10.1111/pops.12221 Not as Different as We Want to Be: Attitudinally Consistent Trait ...»
  37. «Abstract Using the metaphor of the elephant and three blind men, this paper discusses some elements of the scholarly debate on the postcolonial turn ...»
  38. «European Journal of Personality Eur. J. Pers. 15: 425±448 (2001) DOI: 10.1002/per.416 Trait Emotional Intelligence: Psychometric Investigation with ...»
  39. «Fraser Institute Digital Publication August 2002 The Politics of Milk in Canada W.T. Stanbury 1. Introduction / 2 2. It is the milk producers’ ...»
  40. «PREDICTING LONG TERM JOB PERFORMANCE USING A COGNITIVE ABILITY TEST Sandra G. Alexander, B.A., M.S. Dissertation Prepared for the Degree of DOCTOR OF ...»
  41. «Inter-Association Recommendations in Developing a Plan for Recognition and Referral of StudentAthletes with Psychological Concerns at the Collegiate ...»
  42. «PREDICTING TO LEARN? RUNNING HEAD: LEARNING TO PREDICT OR PREDICTING TO LEARN? Learning to predict or predicting to learn? Hugh Rabagliati, Chiara ...»
  43. «Divine Extrinsicality and Immutability by Rev. Dr. Tersur Aben The Scriptures are replete with references to the unchangeableness or immutability of ...»
  44. «Scott Soames Yes, The Search for Explanation is All We Have Thanks to Stephen Schiffer, Ben Caplan, and the audience at the Author Meets Critics ...»
  45. «Predictable pain control for your patients. Peace of mind for you. Discover what Septocaine, the #1 branded injectable dental anesthetic in the ...»
  46. «Running head: NARCISSISM PREDICTS SHAME 1 The Analysis of Personality through Language: Narcissism Predicts Use of Shame-Related Words in Narratives ...»
  47. «Funded by the European Union Changing lives. Opening minds. The European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport 2014-2020 Staff ...»
  48. «ARTICLE IN PRESS LEAQUA-00560; No of Pages 13 The Leadership Quarterly xxx (2009) xxx–xxx Contents lists available at ScienceDirect The Leadership ...»
  49. «Arousal effect in predictable and random task switching 1 Effect of arousal increase in predictable and random task switching: Evidence for the ...»
  50. «CONCEPTS OF TRAIT AND PERSONALITY by Gordon W. Allport (1927) Dartmouth College First published in Psychological Bulletin, 24, 284-293. ...»
  51. «Visual attention modulates audiovisual speech perception K. Tiippana, T. S. Andersen and M. Sams Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of ...»
  52. «DETECTING AND PREDICTING CHANGES -1Detecting and Predicting Changes Scott D. Brown University of Newcastle, Australia Mark Steyvers University of ...»
  53. «Cross-Modal Effects on Perception 1 Seeing Sound: Changing Visual Perception Through Cross-Modal Interaction. Tracey D. Berger New York University ...»
  55. «The narrativity of an individual life is a literary trope that figures across a range of genres. From memoirs, biography, the journalistic profile, ...»
  56. «Acta Psychologica 108 (2001) 21±33 www.elsevier.com/locate/actpsy Directing spatial attention towards the illusory location of a ventriloquized ...»
  57. «Perceptual Effects of Cross-modal Stimulation: Ventriloquism and the Freezing Phenomenon Jean Vroomen and Beatrice de Gelder Tilburg University, the ...»
  58. «Beliefs in 1 Running head: BELIEFS IN DIFFERENCES IN JUDGMENTAL BIASES Beliefs in Differences Between Professional and Naïve Stock Investors’ ...»
  59. «The British Psychological British Journal of Psychology (2009), 100, 39–47 Society q 2009 The British Psychological Society www.bpsjournals.co.uk ...»
  60. «The Matrix and Philosophy Welcome to the Desert of the Real Edited by WILLIAM IRWIN For Peter H. Hare, Morpheus to many Contents Introduction: ...»
  61. «Georgia State University ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University Psychology Faculty Publications Department of Psychology Increasing willingness to ...»
  62. «bs_bs_banner doi:10.1111/rego.12017 Regulation & Governance (2013) To enforce or not to enforce? Judicialization, venue shopping, and global ...»
  63. «• AACAP Catchers in the Rye Humanitarian Award • AACAP Catchers in the Rye Award for Advocacy to an Individual • AACAP Catchers in the Rye ...»
  64. «1 Generation Y s Psychological Traits, Entitlement, and Career Expectations HROB*4100 Professor: Sean Lyons Group 16: Heather Black, Taylor Holman, ...»
  65. «Do personality traits predict civic engagement and political participation? Understanding offline and online engagement and participation. Silvia ...»
  66. «Mark Anthony Camilleri Thesis submitted for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree The University of Edinburgh DECLARATION I declare that I have composed ...»
  68. «n Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Coping with obsessions and compulsions By Lee Brosan, with Rebecca Dickinson Ellie Gunn Laura ...»
  69. «DOCUMENT RESUME HE 029 750 ED 402 833 Pace, C. Robert AUTHOR Contrasts Between Science and Humanities Majors in TITLE Undergraduate Outcomes and ...»
  70. «Disclaimer UWE has obtained warranties from all depositors as to their title in the material deposited and as to their right to deposit such ...»
  71. «Author Posting. (c) Taylor & Francis, 2007. This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of Taylor & Francis for ...»
  72. «Freud, S. (1907). Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices. Freud, S. (1907). Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices. The Standard Edition of the ...»
  73. «J. Phyaiol. (1977), 265, pp. 521-535 521 With 8 text-figuree Printed in Great Britain THE SENSORY MECHANISM OF SERVO ACTION IN HUMAN MUSCLE BY C. D. ...»
  74. «Anxiety Disorders 19 (2005) 1–28 Memory and attention in Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder: a review Jeffrey Muller, John E. Roberts* Department of ...»
  75. «Neil O’Boyle Working Paper CSGP 12/4 Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada www.trentu.ca/globalpolitics Prologue Researchers of one ...»
  76. «We recommend you cite the published version. The publisher’s URL is: ...»
  77. «LANGUAGE LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT, 3(4), 295–323 Copyright © 2007, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Why Nouns Trump Verbs in Word Learning: HLLD ...»
  78. «Anxiety Disorders 17 (2003) 461–478 Obsessive-compulsive symptoms in pregnancy and the puerperium: A review of the literature Jonathan S. ...»
  79. «I Believe Something Terrible. Many people are invested in “proving” the existence of something they are terribly worried about. Even though this ...»
  80. «SCOUTING - A 20 year experience, from 6th to 26th birthdays AGE RANGES “SHORT FORM” The age range chart above (in the extended format) provides a ...»
  81. «25. I will be closer to Devotees ON THE occasion of Bhagavan's sixtieth birthday, He began His discourse with a poem in which He declared His ...»
  82. «Stalking Perpetrators and Psychological Maltreatment of Partners: Anger-Jealousy, Attachment Insecurity, Need for Control, and Break-Up Context Keith ...»
  83. «SCIENCE LEARNING IN EVERYDAY LIFE Bronwyn Bevan and Leslie Herrenkohl, Section Coeditors Explanatory Parent–Child Conversation Predominates at an ...»
  84. «Tooth Traitors Introduction Chapter 1: Dentistry: At War with Itself Chapter 2. Dental Psychology Chapter 3. Trust Me Chapter 4. A Poison is A Poison ...»
  86. «On Combat by Lt. Col Dave Grossman (with Loren Christensen) Chapter Seven The evolution of combat and domestic violent crime The evidence is ...»
  87. «September 2014 Newsletter Editorial With the Common Wealth Games still fresh in our minds the performance of Cornel Fredericks in the 400m hurdles ...»
  88. «Psychology of Language and Communication 2003, Vol. 7, No. 1 ANAT NINIO The Hebrew University, Jerusalem NO VERB IS AN ISLAND: NEGATIVE EVIDENCE ON ...»
  89. «Preface Lawrence Dennis, much touted as the “brain” behind U.S. fascism, had “hair” that was “wooly, dark and kinky. The texture of his ...»
  90. «Journal of Russian and East European Psychology, vol. 41, no. 3, May–June 2003, pp. 96–114. © 2003 M.E. Sharpe, Inc. All rights reserved. ISSN ...»
  91. «Learning Style Theory and Learning Transfer Principles During Reference Interview Instruction RANDALL ENSLEY H ABSTRACT LEARNING STYLE THEORY, as i t ...»
  92. «Preface What are the central questions we should pose about humans’ use of language for communication? And which methods should we use to ...»
  93. «11 Prefaces Much of the conventional wisdom about psychiatric drugs is wrong. Psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry have successfully ...»
  94. «A PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF VERBAL BEHAVIOR (Class notes made by R. Hefferline, Summer, 1947, in a course at Columbia University, given by B. F. ...»
  95. «Oi Yee Kwong Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, and Language Information Sciences Research Centre City University of Hong Kong Tat ...»
  96. «J Psycholinguist Res (2008) 37:199–217 DOI 10.1007/s10936-007-9066-7 ORIGINAL ARTICLE The Role of Semantic Features in Verb Processing Isabelle ...»
  97. «To appear in Suzanne Stevenson and Paola Merlo’s volume of papers from the 1998 CUNY Sentence Processing Conference (Benjamins) Verb Sense and Verb ...»
  98. «Goal: Help prospects open their hearts and minds to hear about an opportunity that can be the change they have been looking for. Success Tip: Let ...»
  99. «Verbalization and Children's Self-Regulated Learning By: Dale H. Schunk Schunk, D. H. (1986). Verbalization and children's self-regulated learning. ...»
  100. «The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Vol. 26 No. 3 (July 2001) 389±409 Consumer Perceptions of Financial Risk by Stephen Diacon and Christine ...»
  101. «THE QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2003, 56A (8), 1307–1334 Selective interference with verbal short-term memory for serial order ...»
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