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  1. «Social perception training in schizophrenia: A pilot study Inmaculada Fuentes*1, Sonia García1, Juan Carlos Ruiz1, Mª José Soler1 and Volker ...»
  2. «Mary Kay Stein University of Pittsburgh LRDC Building #828 3939 O’Hara Street Pittsburgh, PA 15260 412-624-6971 (office) / 412-327-3587 (mobile) ...»
  3. «Foreword by Daniel H. Pink Author of New York Times bestsellers Drive and A Whole New Mind NEW The Social Learning A Guide to Transforming ...»
  4. «Understandable Jung Personal Side Of Jungian Psychology Wilmer PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get Understandable Jung Personal Side Of Jungian ...»
  5. «The moderating role of perceived organisational support in the relationship between workplace bullying and turnover intention across sectors in South ...»
  6. «Factors that determine the corporate image of South African banking institutions : an exploratory investigation Cornelius H. Van Heerden & Gustav ...»
  7. «THE VANISHING CENTER OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY James Davison Hunter Carl Desportes Bowman THE 2016 SURVEY OF AMERICAN POLITICAL CULTURE The Institute for ...»
  8. «Curriculum Vitae Prof. Kelvin Wayne WILLOUGHBY Name Professor, Innovation and Intellectual Property Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology ...»
  9. «List of Publications Prof. Kelvin Wayne WILLOUGHBY Professor, Innovation and Intellectual Property Associate Dean of Education Skolkovo Institute of ...»
  10. «WIPO Conference on Open Innovation: Collaborative Projects and the Future of Knowledge organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization ...»
  11. «The Case Against Execution of People who Were Youths Under the Age of Twenty-One Years Old at the Time of the Offense A Position Paper and Call for ...»
  12. «J. Expt. Theor. Artif. Intell. 13(2001)42 1 ±429 Why co-occurrence information alone is not su cient to answer subcognitive questions ROBERT M. ...»
  13. «The problem group? Psychological wellbeing of unmarried people living alone in the Republic of Korea Jeong-Hwo Ho This publication is part of the ...»
  14. «Central, epenthetic, unmarked vowels and schwas: A brief outline of some essential differences 193 Central, epenthetic, unmarked vowels and schwas: A ...»
  15. «Behavioral Psychology / Psicología Conductual, Vol. 20, Nº 1, 2012, pp. 15-41 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND ACCULTURATION Paul G. Schmitz1 and Florian ...»
  16. «EVIL AND THE CHRISTIAN GOD Mako A. Nagasawa Last modified: June 30, 2012 When people look at the world, and see the evil in it, they are more likely ...»
  17. «Acta Psychologica 98 (1998) 267±290 Predicting the future and reconstructing the past: A Bayesian characterization of the utility of subjective ...»
  18. «Miceli, G., Scopelliti, I., Raimondo, M. A. & Donato, C. (2014). Breaking Through Complexity. Visual and Conceptual Dimensions in Logo Evaluation. ...»
  19. «Weaponized Unmanned Systems: A Transformational Warfighting Opportunity, Government Roles in Making it Happen “The only thing harder than getting a ...»
  20. «The Casting Director Guide From Now Casting, Inc. This printable Casting Director Guide includes CD listings exported from the CD Connection in ...»
  21. «PERSONAL VOICES Maggie Smith Shoots On Over Clifton H. Jolley O N THE MORNING THE CHALLENGER SPACE SHUTTLE EXPLODED, Maggie shot on over. I've been ...»
  22. «Dickenson, Donna. (2006) The lady vanishes: what’s missing from the stem cell debate. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 3 (1-2), 43-54. This is an ...»
  24. «Melissa Zinkin, SUNY Binghamton Cinema. is able to record time in outward and visible signs, recognizable to the feelings. And so time becomes the ...»
  25. «1Cor. 13 God's Answer To Many Problems Introduction: Consider my key ring. One key starts my car. That is all it does. One open the front door of the ...»
  26. «It is also a topic, at least in Australia, that many view as one which gives an insight into the personality and politics of a person: if in favour ...»
  27. «Prof. Dr. med. Volker Faust Arbeitsgemeinschaft Psychosoziale Gesundheit Schimpfen Wer – Wie – Wo – Warum Schimpfen ist zwar nicht erfreulich, ...»
  28. «Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Vol. 30, No. 3, 2001 Functional Anatomy of Speech Perception and Speech Production: Psycholinguistic ...»
  30. «De ath Becomes Her When The Lady Vanishes [2001-2100] The Syncope Effect Of Hysteria and Hunger on The Ecstatic Her “Sometimes you can’t be sure the ...»
  31. «These notes are compiled from recollections of, and discussions between, the accident team members who interviewed people involved with the Yarnell ...»
  32. «Nature and Humanity Mike Alexander May 2006 This paper is my personal view of nature conservation, so I thought that I should begin by introducing ...»
  33. «Everything You Know Is Wrong 1: Us and Them November 1, 2007 Summary Good reasoning doesn’t come naturally. In fact, humans are instinctively ...»
  34. «Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring 2007) ISSN: 1558-8769 Liberal Education for a Time of Uncertainty: Reflections on Mark Van Doren’s Liberal Education Bill ...»
  35. «Schubert's Impromptus, Part II: The Four Impromptus Op. 142, D. 935 Notes accompanying a home performance of the eight Impromptus, by G. Bar-Elli No. ...»
  36. «11. Krishna and Balarama As Students Sadayam Hridayam, Yasya Bhaashitam Sathya Bhooshitam, Kaaya Para Hiteyasyaam A heart full of compassion, Speech ...»
  37. «Introduction Background Method Results and discussion References The emergence of the unmarked in L2 acquisition: Interpreting null subjects Tomoko ...»
  38. «The Dream Of Ravan - A Mystery by Anon [2001-2100] The Theosophical Publishing Society, 7 Duke ...»
  39. «Titivillitium: The Tittle-Tattle of the Teeth Steven Connor A talk given at Performed Voices: Whispering, Shadowing, Prompting, Jerusalem, 30 January ...»
  40. «The Mislabeled Child Brock L. Eide and Fernette F. Eide When we first began treating children with learning and behavioral difficulties, we were ...»
  41. «LEAF VAN BOVEN June 2013 University of Colorado Boulder! vanboven@colorado.edu Department of Psychology and Neuroscience! 303-735-5238 Muenzinger ...»
  42. «The Vanishing Civil Jury Trial in Multnomah County Report of the Presiding Judge‟s ADR/Vanishing Civil Jury Trial Committee November 6, 2009 ...»
  43. «Who Knows Where The Time Goes? by Steven Lagerfeld T he road to happiness and prosperity,” the philosopher Bertrand Russell declared in 1932, ...»
  44. «Cultural Attitudes A World Health Organization study on cultural attitudes to PMS revealed that women’s bodily changes are influenced by cultural ...»
  45. «Psychology Science, Volume 46, 2004 (4), p. 477 - 513 Formal Modeling in Research on Episodic Memory and Aging JULIA SPANIOL , UTE J. BAYEN Abstract ...»
  46. «PA S TO R A L P E N S É E S Seven Reasons You Should Not Indulge in Pornography — Andrew David Naselli — Andy Naselli is assistant professor of ...»
  47. «Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized Multi-Fabric 10GbE M2 Network Express Module Product Notes Part No: 821–0874 June 2014, Rev B Copyright © 2012, 2014, ...»
  48. «Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Installation Guide for Oracle® Solaris Operating Systems Part No: 821–1087 January 2011, Rev A Copyright © 2010, ...»
  49. «1. Perhaps this is the aural equivalent of the Borgesian fantasy of the Aleph—a point in space that contains all others (and all times) and in ...»
  50. «Behav. Res. & Therapy. 1974. Vol. 12. pp. 89-97. Pergamon Press. Printed in Great Britain MAINTENANCE AND TRANSFER OF SELF-REINFORCEMENT FUNCTIONS* ...»
  51. «11/27/2014 TRANSFORMATIONS Journal of Media & Culture ISSN 1444­3775 Issue No. 25 2014 — New Immaterialities Immateriality, Affectivity, ...»
  52. «All the alphabets in use in the Western world, from that of Russia to that of the Basques, from that of Portugal to that of Peru, are derivatives of ...»
  53. «Introduction: Some Variability Orders The fact that the response to one and the same stimulus, under seemingly identical conditions, varies from one ...»
  54. «Accent and reference resolution in spoken-language comprehension* Delphine Dahan Max-Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Michael K. Tanenhaus ...»
  55. «Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized 40 GbE Network Express Module Security Guide September 2011 Part No.: E24668-01 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its ...»
  56. «Sun Blade X4-2B Product Notes Part No: E37038-06 December 2014 Copyright © 2013-2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This ...»
  57. «Sun Blade X6250 Server Module Feature Updates Part No: E38086-03 January 2015 Copyright © 2012, 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights ...»
  58. «Original citation: Kunar, Melina A., Watson, Derrick G. , Cole, Louise and Cox, Angeline. (2013) Negative emotional stimuli reduce contextual cueing ...»
  59. «Safety and Excellence by John Merrow A s far as schools are concerned, there are three kinds of safety: physical, emotional, and intellectual. ...»
  60. «Let’s begin by getting right into the text tonight. Turn in your Bibles to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, the fifth chapter. We begin with verse ...»
  61. «Location: Johnston Street, Lafayette, Louisiana August 20007 Prepared By: Rainmaker Marketing Corporation 15519 Dawnbrook Drive Houston, Texas 77068 ...»
  62. «Flexibility and Variability 1 Flexibility and variability: Essential to human cognition and the study of human cognition Eliana Colunga Department of ...»
  63. «Abstract The burden of depression is substantially aggravated by relapses and recurrences, and these become more inevitable with every episode of ...»
  64. «IRENEE R. BEATTIE School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Cell Phone: 209-201-6092 University of California, Merced Office Fax: 209-228-4007 ...»
  65. «New York, NY (September 14, 2016) – Imagine Science Films (ISF) announces today the full lineup for the 9​th ​ Annual Imagine Science Film ...»
  66. «Advertising the Great War: How the War Was Won on the Homefront and How Ad Men and the Government Merged By Jared M. Leitzel When America entered the ...»
  67. «If Daniel Martin enacts an exploration of the unremittingly real conditions affecting situated men and women, Mantissa represents a flight into ...»
  68. «Oracle® Communications Network Charging and Control Licensing Information User Manual Release 5.0.3 E63857-02 October 2015 Copyright © 2000, 2015, ...»
  69. «Resident Handbook Continuing Care Welcome! On behalf of all the staff, Bethany Care Society would like to welcome you and your family to your new ...»
  70. «25 August 2014 ROUGH RUNNING NEWS From the Editor What a summer it’s been with hot sun making running and racing more difficult, but who can ...»
  71. «VS2DRT: Variably Saturated Two Dimensional Reactive Transport Modeling in the Vadose Zone To the Faculty of Geosciences, Geo-Engineering and Mining ...»
  72. «Willibald Steinmetz “A CODE OF ITS OWN” Rhetoric and Logic of Parliamentary Debate in Modern Britain1 I n 1932 Virginia Woolf, the novelist and ...»
  73. «True20 Spells True20 Spells version 1.3 by Bryan Caplan Preface Most True20 Powers (e.g. Blast, Mind Control) are specific; the rest (Animal Mimicry, ...»
  74. «Sponsor’s Executive Summary P130013 Circulatory System Devices Panel Meeting October 8, 2014 Sponsored by Boston Scientific Corporation ...»
  75. «Insider Threat: Focus on Suspicious Behaviours Michael Berk President & CEO Alton Corporation michael@altonorp.ca Insider Threat Detection Contents ...»
  76. «International Symposium on Performance Science © The Author 2009, Published by the AEC ISBN 978-94-90306-01-4 All rights reserved Discovering ...»
  77. «Undermotivated or Motivated to Fail 1 Unmotivated or Motivated to Fail? A Cross-Cultural Study of Achievement Motivation, Fear of Failure and Student ...»
  78. «The Sport Psychologist, 1995, 9, 41-50 O 1995 Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc. The Effect of Highlight Music Videotapes Upon the Game Performance of ...»
  79. «KNIFE OF DREAMS By Robert Jordan BOOK 11 OF THE WHEEL OF TIME v1.0 page numbers removed joined remainder of broken lines some ocr errors fixed ...»
  80. «Summary of ‘Unrestricted access to rights? Victims with a mild intellectual disability and the criminal justice system’ N. Spaan and H. Kaal ...»
  81. «CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY Research is a systematic effort to gain new knowledge and understanding about phenomenon under study. For appropriate ...»
  82. «Europe's Journal of Psychology ejop.psychopen.eu | 1841-0413 Research Reports Fifty Shades of Unsaid: Women’s Explicit and Implicit Attitudes ...»
  83. «INTRODUCTION The concept of restrained eating has been introduced to describe a type of eating behaviour that is governed by cognitive dieting rules ...»
  84. «Craig Boykin , Speaker , 180 Group Inc Presenter(s): Date/Time: Thursday, 3/3/16 Concurrent Session I: 1:10pm-2:25pm Room: Poppy Strand: Cultural ...»
  85. «Breaking Barriers to Learn From Past Disasters By Dr. Allan Bonner, MA, MSc, DBA, LLM, MScPI (Cand.) INTRODUCTION If you’re a manager in charge of ...»
  86. «Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Administration Guide Volume 3 Release 2.3.1 E18368-01 September 2010 Oracle Utilities Customer Care and ...»
  87. «GOT ATTITUDE A few years ago I was in the midst of a difficult negotiation with local government, trying to resolve a long simmering stalemate. ...»
  88. «An Information Paper Endorsed 18 December 2003 © Commonwealth of Australia 2004 Paper-based publications This work is copyright. Apart from any use ...»
  89. «JBC Papers in Press. Published on November 12, 2004 as Manuscript M409234200 Proteolysis of unmodified and phosphorylated tau by thrombin Proteolysis ...»
  90. «Journal of Philosophy of Life Vol.3, No.2 (April 2013):127-144 [2001-2100] Better to Be a Renunciant Buddhism, Happiness, and the Good Life Charles K. ...»
  91. «Min Liu1 and Gregory R. Hancock2 Abstract Growth mixture modeling has gained much attention in applied and methodological social science research ...»
  92. «Monism 1 Monism Monism is any philosophical view which holds that there is unity in a given field of inquiry. Accordingly, some philosophers may hold ...»
  93. « Just Noticeable Difference Ontogenesis, Performativity and the Perceptual Gap Chris Salter Concordia University, Canada What can Gilbert ...»
  96. «Many friends and family have been after me for some time to write about my experience and understanding of this topic. I have hesitated to write ...»
  97. «A Review of Psychic Wholeness and Healing When first meeting with my patients who are Christian, I am often asked what school of thought I follow in ...»
  98. «Review of Published Tests to Detect Pathogens in Veterinary Vaccines Intended for Importation into Australia Second edition March 2013 ...»
  99. «The current study examined the impact of interpersonal conflict on mood and physical symptoms for individuals who scored high on a personality ...»
  100. «All things happen according to the dictates of Time; Both good and bad depend on Time; Prosperity and poverty likewise depend on Time; Time is the ...»
  101. «Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Volume 11 | Issue 5 Article 1 Big Data for All: Privacy and User Control in the Age of ...»
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