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  1. «TERRORISM: NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY AND THE HOME FRONT Stephen C. Pelletiere Editor May 15, 1995 ******* The views expressed in this report are those ...»
  2. «Just as in offline politics, the well-off and well-educated are especially likely to participate in online activities that mirror offline forms of ...»
  3. «Block copolymer template-directed synthesis of well-ordered metallic nanostructures Vukovi, Ivana IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the ...»
  5. «26 See for example, www.mekong-protected-areas.org/vietnam/round1.htm. 27 According to UNDP, World Development Indicators (2001), Vietnam is the ...»
  6. «I. INTRODUCTION 1. The CPRE Mission1. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is currently funding four area-based rural ...»
  7. «WP/02/210 A Balance Sheet Approach to Financial Crisis Mark Allen, Christoph Rosenberg, Christian Keller, Brad Setser, and Nouriel Roubini © 2002 ...»
  8. «WP/16/154 Caribbean and Pacific Islands: A Survey of Gender Budgeting Efforts by Tamoya A. L. Christie and Dhanaraj Thakur © 2016 International ...»
  9. «Restricting Consumer Credit Access: Household Survey Evidence on Effects Around the Oregon Rate Cap* Jonathan Zinman Dartmouth College December 2008 ...»
  10. «PRELIMINARY: DO NOT CITE WITHOUT AUTHOR’S PERMISSION ABSTRACT The merits of expanding or restricting access to consumer credit are hotly debated. I ...»
  11. «CHAPTER 1 Introduction and Overview Arland Thornton Family and child well-being are central concerns in America today. Almost every day brings an ...»
  12. «A Study of Factors that Inhibit and Enable Development of Sustainable Regional Transit Systems in Southeastern Michigan Transit-Oriented Development ...»
  13. «M I N E TA N AT I O N A L T R A N S I T R E S E A RC H C O N S O RT I U M Measuring Benefits of Transit Oriented Development MNTRC Report 12-18 MNTRC ...»
  14. «Introduction The aim of this ECPR workshop is to scrutinise how utopian projects might be studied as social science microcosms. Almost akin to ...»
  15. «“120” Program Cohort II: 2015/16 Avigdor Rabinowitz Age 24, born in Ofakim but lives in Jerusalem. He studied at Or Elhanan yeshiva and founded ...»
  16. «www.thurstaston.org.uk Contents 3 Diary Dates/Notices 4/5 From the Rector 6 Mothers’ Union 7 Christian Aid 8/9 Pilgrim’s Progress 10 St ...»
  17. «1. Opening 2. Report of the Management Board for the financial year 2013 (information) 3. Report of the Supervisory Board and of its committees for ...»
  18. «2015 FIVS Global Trade Policy Conference Advancing the Industry’s Social Responsibility 27-28/29 April Brussels, Belgium SESSION CHAIRS & SPEAKERS ...»
  19. «This is an Open Access document downloaded from ORCA, Cardiff University's institutional repository: http://orca.cf.ac.uk/70839/ This is the ...»
  20. «Utilising Electricity Access for Poverty Reduction Authors: Mary Willcox (PAC) Ana Pueyo (IDS) Louise Waters (PAC) Ramy Hanna (IDS) Hannah Wanjiru ...»
  21. «Panel: The Politics of Utopia: Intentional Communities as Social Science Microcosms Draft: not for citation or publication Utopia and Intentional ...»
  23. «Oxford UnitedHealthcare® Oxford Clinical Policy ABNORMAL UTERINE BLEEDING AND UTERINE FIBROIDS Policy Number: SURGERY 057.20 T2 Effective Date: ...»
  24. «1 CORPORATION TAX INCIDENCE: REFLECTIONS ON WHAT IS KNOWN, UNKNOWN AND UNKNOWABLE Arnold C. Harberger University of California, Los Angeles Paper ...»
  25. «TAUB CENTER for Social Policy Studies in Israel Municipal Amalgamation in Israel Lessons and Proposals for the Future Yaniv Reingewertz Policy Paper ...»
  26. «Prosecuting Beyond the Rule of Law: Corporate Mandates Imposed Through Deferred Prosecution Agreements Arlen, Jennifer* U.S. corporate criminal ...»
  27. «CORPORATE GOVERNANCE REGULATION THROUGH NON-PROSECUTION Jennifer Arlen and Marcel Kahan* Abstract Over the last decade, federal corporate criminal ...»
  29. «Jewish Agency Companies 2015 Annual Report Table of Contents Foreword Annual Survey of Company Bureau Activities THE COMPANIES Mission Masa Israel ...»
  30. «Running Head: The Cost of Concerns The Cost of Concerns: The Unfortunate Outcomes of Parents' Negative Perceptions About College Affordability and ...»
  31. «Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies, Volume Six, 2013 南方華裔研究雜誌, 第六卷, 2013 Chinese Australian Women in White Australia: Utilising ...»
  32. «SEXUAL UTOPIA IN POWER F. ROGER DEVLIN I t is well known to readers of this journal that white birthrates worldwide have suffered a catastrophic ...»
  33. «centre for analysis of risk and regulation An ESRC Research Centre The Libertarian Origins of Cybercrime: Unintended Side-Effects of a Political ...»
  34. «-\'1l~ University of Wisconsin-Madison 7~ Institute for Research on .Poverty Discussion Papers ( Benjamin I. Page UTILITARIAN ARGUMENTS FOR EQUALITY ...»
  35. «Great Narratives of the Past. Traditions and Revisions in National Museums Conference proceedings from EuNaMus, European National Museums: Identity ...»
  36. «​ ​ EdTech Funding Under ESSA October 2016 On December 10, 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)​, replacing No ...»
  37. «March 2008 EPRU | EDUCATION POLICY RESEARCH UNIT Education Policy Research Unit Education and the Public Interest Center Division of Educational ...»
  38. «Evidence on the Effects of Mandatory Disclaimers in Advertising Kesten C. Green Senior Lecturer, IGSB, University of South Australia GPO Box 2471, ...»
  39. «Abstract: A look at potential project structures for use in integrated land use and mass transit projects. Four potential structures are put forward ...»
  40. « ...»
  41. «Corporate Risk Management and Speculative Motives∗ Gregory W. Brown Zeigham Khokher The University of North Carolina The University of Western ...»
  43. «TOBIAS H. TRÖGER Regulatory Influence on Market Conditions in the Banking Union Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability GOETHE UNIVERSITY ...»
  44. «International Arbitration in the United States: The Atlanta Option Glenn P. Hendrix1 The United States is one of a handful of jurisdictions worldwide ...»
  45. «1. Louis II (1516-1526) and his court before the battle of Mohács The young Louis II was the King of Hungary before the battle. He was a member of ...»
  46. «Smart Growth and Transit-Oriented Development at the State Level Smart Growth and TransitOriented Development at the State Level: Lessons from ...»
  47. «The ideas of philosopher and sociologist Henri Lefebvre (1901-1991) are currently experiencing a revival in urban studies in France, while his ...»
  48. «5 /2012-13 Open Borders: A Utopia? Harald Bauder Abstract: Critics have dismissed the notion of open borders as utopian. In this article I argue that ...»
  49. «The True Cost of Kerosene in Rural Africa Report Authorship and Research Design Authors: April 25, 2012 Jennifer Tracy Arne Jacobson © Lighting ...»
  50. «BUSINESS ETHICS :: Utilitarianism • Introduction • Jeremy Bentham • Theory of Utility • Types of Utilitarianism • Some Criticisms • Moral ...»
  51. «Legal Separation—The Severability Test in the CGL June 2011 Armstrong, Inc., is a landlord that rents space to various tenants in a commercial ...»
  52. «Theory, Data and Analysis Data Resources for the Study of Politics in the Czech Republic Theory, Data and Analysis Data Resources for the Study of ...»
  53. «(DRAFT 8/13/2013) Symbolic Corporate Governance Politics Marcel Kahan 1 & Edward Rock 2 Abstract How are we to understand the persistent gap between ...»
  54. «University of North Dakota Special Topics in Political Science: Utopia and Dystopia Mark S. Jendrysik POLS 393 Office: 265 Gamble Hall Spring 2006 ...»
  55. «Is Liberal Legitimacy Utopian? My purpose here is to propose a solution to a worry about the liberal principle of political legitimacy1 (LPL ...»
  56. «Q11(a). Bar and Court Admission Please explain in greater detail exactly when and under what circumstances, you were suspended from the D.C. Bar for ...»
  57. «Prepared for the Global NAMA Financing Summit May 15-17, 2013 copenhagen, Denmark Hosted by the Danish Ministry of climate, CCAP Energy and Building, ...»
  58. «Prepared for the Global NAMA Financing Summit May 15-17, 2013 copenhagen, Denmark Hosted by the Danish Ministry of climate, CCAP Energy and Building, ...»
  59. «POLICING THE FIRM D. Daniel Sokol* ABSTRACT Criminal price fixing cartels are a serious problem for consumers. Cartels are hard both to find and ...»
  60. «th 10 Annual Conference Truth to Power: Alliance for the Public Good October 17 - 18, 2015 Washington, DC 20 F Street NW Conference Center Board of ...»
  61. «NWEH-DOC-001 Version 1.0 Table of Contents 1. About us 2. Scope 3. Our quality objectives 4. Our policy on quality and information security 5. Our ...»
  62. «\\server05\productn\N\NYU\82-5\NYU505.txt unknown Seq: 1 16-OCT-07 14:37 IMPOSING LIMITS ON PROSECUTORIAL DISCRETION IN CORPORATE PROSECUTION ...»
  63. «POWER ATTORNEY OF Exposing the Influence of the Plaintiffs’ Bar in New York State Politics 19 Dove Street, Suite 201 Albany, NY 12210 518-512-5265 ...»
  64. «1 Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West Susan Buck-Morss Preface The construction of mass utopia was the dream of ...»
  65. «Space Management Procedures Version: 2.01 Approved By: Vice-Chancellor pro-069 Last amendment: 22 Jul 2013 Date: 02 Oct 2007 To be read in ...»
  66. «Catastrophic Risk and Credit Markets Mark J. Garmaise and Tobias J. Moskowitz∗ ABSTRACT We provide a model of the effects of catastrophic risk on ...»
  67. «Utopia in Rousseau: Some Jamesonian Reflections Keith Redgen It is easy to forget the extent to which the modern world is a product of utopian ...»
  68. «Robert Samuels: So let me tell you a little bit about what we’re doing and how I think you can help. As you might have heard, The Post, we’re ...»
  69. «Property Rights vs. Utilitarianism: Two Views of Ethics Robert McGee Barry University Introduction Most discussions of political philosophy revolve ...»
  70. «Research report Health and well-being at work: a survey of employers by Viv Young and Claire Bhaumik Department for Work and Pensions Research Report ...»
  71. «Speech Torben TOFT* Principal Administrator, DG Competition, European Commission Vian QUITAZ* Trainee Introduction to EU Competition Policy: Past, ...»
  72. «Technology and utopia: Radio in the 1920s Paddy Scannell University of Westminster Published in: Die Idee des Radios: Von den anfrägen in Europe und ...»
  73. «Trends in social cohesion, No. 23 Towards a Europe of shared social responsibilities: challenges and strategies Towards a Europe of shared social ...»
  74. «302 2.6 Police arrest 14 gas pipeline protesters in north Florida Police have arrested 14 protesters near the north Florida construction site for a ...»
  75. «“UTOPIA” Utopia is an early idea, desire and incitement that bubbles up in a society and leads to substantial changes Karl Manheim La Salle ...»
  76. «“Utopias are non-fictional even though they are also non-existent.” - Frederic Jameson, “The Politics of Utopia” [3301-3400] ABSTRACT In this paper, ...»
  77. «Utopian Political Theory and Migration without Borders Ricard Zapata-Barrero1 GRITIM, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Universitat Pompeu ...»
  78. «Political Perspectives 2010 Vol. 4 (1) Fail again. Fail better: Nomadic utopianism in Deleuze & Guattari and Yevgeny Zamyatin David Bell University ...»
  79. «International Journal of Peace Studies, Volume 10, Number 2, Autumn/Winter 2005 MUTUAL VULNERABILITY AND THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PEACE AGREEMENTS: ...»
  80. «SECURING ARIZONA’S WATER FUTURE A P R AC T IC AL G UIDE T O DR ILLING A WE LL IN AR IZONA The Arizona Department of Water Resources administers the ...»
  81. «United Nations Conference on Trade and Development World Investment Report Transnational Corporations and 2005 the Internationalization of R&D ...»
  82. «Research Department Wealth effects and monetary policy Ivo Arnold, Peter van Els and Jakob de Haan Research Memorandum WO no 719 December 2002 De ...»
  83. «Effects of Campaign Spending in Local Nonpartisan Elections Todd Donovan Department of Political Science Western Washington University Abstract This ...»
  84. «The Costs and Funding of Exhibitions August 2002 Office of Policy and Analysis Washington, DC 20560-0405 The Costs and Funding of Exhibitions August ...»
  85. «English Interependence and Interconnectedness in Barbara Kingsolver’s Fiction: Self-Revelations and Thriving Relationships Contingent Upon ...»
  86. «Acta Sci. Pol. Oeconomia 14 (3) 2015, 117–134 OPTIMAL DEPOSIT AND LOAN INTEREST RATES SETTING IN CO-OPERATIVE BANKS Tomasz Siudek, Aldona Zawojska ...»
  87. «Sci Eng Ethics (2011) 17:639–648 DOI 10.1007/s11948-011-9296-9 The Broad Challenge of Public Engagement in Science Commentary on: ...»
  88. «Welsh Government Social and Environmental Guidance to Ofwat issued under section 2A of the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended by section 40 of the ...»
  89. «English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) policy for Wales Information Information document no: 143/2014 Date of issue: June 2014 English for ...»
  90. «Skills implementation plan Delivering the policy statement on skills Skills implementation plan Delivering the policy statement on skills Audience ...»
  91. «For two interesting years I have lived and worked in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. It is a ‘gateway city’ where cultural, racial, political and ...»
  92. «Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Openness To, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment 1.1. Attitude Toward FDI 1.2. Other Investment Policy ...»
  93. «Mapping the Australian Political Blogosphere Axel Bruns and Debra Adams Creative Industries Faculty Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, ...»
  94. «KEY POLICY ISSUES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SME DEVELOPMENT Part II of this report is structured in six thematic chapters. Each chapter starts with a ...»
  95. «Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly Doing More with Less 13 – 15 September 2010 Paris, France Discussion Paper A selection of papers for ...»
  96. «After the Sacking: Latin American Capitalism at the Beginning of the XXI Century Titulo Boron, Atilio A. - Autor/a; Autor(es) Politics and Social ...»
  97. «Dadansoddi ar gyfer Polisi Analysis for Policy Ymchwil gymdeithasol Social research Number: 23/2011 Evaluation of the Welsh School-based Counselling ...»
  99. «re DELTA POLICE BOARD REGULAR MEETING AGENDA Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 9:00 am Police Headquarters, Briefing Room 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent, ...»
  100. «Wincott Annual Memorial Lecture, Westminster, London 24 October 2011 The views are not necessarily those of the Bank of England or the Financial ...»
  101. «Pushing and prodding, goading and hand-holding Reflection from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) at the conclusion of the World ...»
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