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  1. «Discussievragen in leeswijzers Laroo, Renske IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's PDF) if you wish to cite ...»
  2. «For guidance on citations see FAQs. c 2008 Elsevier B.V. Version: Accepted Manuscript Link(s) to article on publisher’s website: ...»
  3. «World Communication: Principles, Politics and Law Syllabus World Communication: Principles, Politics and Law Department of Culture and ...»
  5. «Public Procurement for Research and Developing procurement Innovation practices favourable to R&D and innovation September 2005 Interested in ...»
  6. «DS EVIDENCE REPORT No 56 Rising Powers in International Development Who Shapes Climate Action in India? Insights from the Wind and Solar Energy ...»
  7. «Henrik Bergsager Evaluation of the Chinese State Capitalist Model in Light of Financial Institutions’ Oil Related Investments Overseas Paper ...»
  9. «Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, Coral Celeste, and Steven Shafer Report prepared for the Russell Sage Foundation. Authors are from Princeton ...»
  10. «Research Paper Going Digital? Harnessing Social Media for Employee Voice Ref: 03/16 Joe Dromey (The Involvement and Participation Association) ...»
  11. «Good Practice in Local Government Savings December 2014 Shared Intelligence and Grant Thornton UK LLP Department for Communities and Local Government ...»
  12. «Impact Investing Policy In 2014: A Snapshot Of Global Activity INSIGHT AT PACIFIC COMMUNITY VENTURES and THE INITIATIVE FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT ...»
  13. «Indore City Bus : A Novel Experiment in Urban Transport Anand Kumar Sharma Anshul Gupta Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Abstract : Public ...»
  14. «Business Go overnan Gro Policy nce oup i GP 3-28 Procure P ement Date: 01.1 12.2013 2/25 Group Policy GP 3-28 Procurement Version 2.0 (Dec. 2013) ...»
  15. «Building Instructional Quality: “Inside-Out” and “Outside-In” Perspectives on San Diego’s School Reform A Research Report by Linda ...»
  16. «CULTURE AND EDUCATION The Potential for Cultural Exchanges between the European Union and Third Countries: The Case of China STUDY This document was ...»
  17. «C. Emre Alper* and Ziya Onis** First Draft: May 2001 Revised Draft: July 2001 Abstract Financial globalization offers both risks and benefits for ...»
  18. «Occupy Life! Precarity and Basic Income Mikko Jakonen Lecturer in Cultural Policy and Political Science University of Jyväskylä, Finland ...»
  19. «Revised: May 18, 1999 Paper forthcoming in the Journal of Planning Education and Research CONSTRUCTING THE FUTURE IN PLANNING: A Survey of Theories ...»
  20. «Chapter 9 The Global Compact and Its Critics: Activism, Power Relations, and Corporate Social Responsibility Graham Knight and Jackie Smith Graham ...»
  21. «Letter to the President of the European Council TO: Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council (dated 2 December 2010) Lady Catherine ...»
  22. «International Planning Studies Vol. 12, No. 1, 55 –75, February 2007 The Planning Process in the US and Germany: A Comparative Analysis STEPHAN ...»
  23. «Toward Usable Access Control for End-users: A Case Study of Facebook Privacy Settings Maritza L. Johnson Submitted in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  24. «Else Margrete Rafoss Master’s thesis Department of Political Science University of Oslo May 2014 I II Regulatory Reform in Ghana From a Policy ...»
  25. «Social Policy and Redistribution under Left Governments in Chile and Uruguay Jennifer Pribble Evelyne Huber No. 177 December 2010 ...»
  26. «Research Programme Occasional Paper Series No. 21|2016 Understanding irregular migrants’ decision making factors in transit Khalid Koser Professor ...»
  27. «For guidance on citations see FAQs. c [3101-3200] Version: Accepted Manuscript Link(s) to article on publisher’s website: ...»
  28. «P 00 – 305 Transitional Administrations in former Yugoslavia: A repetition of failures or a necessary learning process towards a universal ...»
  29. «ABSTRACT “. universities bogged down by internal politics, bureaucratic procedures and traditionalism may well suffer the long-term consequences ...»
  30. «Bank-Financed Procurement Manual July 2001 Draft Procurement Policy and Services Group Operations Policy and Country Services VPU Draft Procurement ...»
  31. «Webster Christian Reformed Church Policy and Procedure Manual Table of Contents 1. Leadership 1. Paid Staff 1. Pastor 3 2. Accompanist and Choir ...»
  32. «CIPS Position on Practice P&SM: eProcurement 'The combined use of electronic information and communications technology (ICT) in order to enhance the ...»
  34. «REVISED FEBRUARY 25, 2010 PROCURING CAUSE GUIDELINES (THESE ARE MERELY GUIDELINES, NOT RULES) “Procuring Cause” for the purpose of this policy ...»
  35. «Nordic experience of cooperation on cross-border regulation and crisis resolution Report from a RCG Europe Working Group Notice This document has ...»
  36. «REFORMING THE FED’S POLICY RESPONSE IN THE ERA OF SHADOW BANKING April 2015 Reforming the Fed’s Policy Response in the Era of Shadow Banking ...»
  37. «The Planning process in the US and Germany: A Comparative Analysis Stephan Schmidt, Assistant Professor Department of City and Regional Planning ...»
  38. «DraftMarch 25, 2002 Building Instructional Quality: Inside-Out, Bottom-Up, and Top-Down Perspectives on San Diego’s School Reform Paper prepared ...»
  39. «POLICY & PROCEDURE INTRODUCTION The purpose of this policy is to provide a reasonable and organized method of maintaining a safe environment for the ...»
  40. «No. 10 | 2009 Staff Memo Banking crisis resolution policy - different country experiences David G. Mayes, University of Auckland Staff Memos present ...»
  41. «Halina Szejnwald Brown, Clark University Martin de Jong Technical University of Delft Teodorina Lessidrenska, Clark University Under Review by Global ...»
  42. «Paper: Unconditional basic Income – A call for a human right? By Valerie Timm M.A. Philosophy, currently PhD.-student in Philosophy, ...»
  43. «V I S U A L C U LT U R E The Family of Man and the Politics of Attention in Cold War America Fred Turner In the early spring of 1955, more than a ...»
  44. «Uruguay: Draft Law on Communications July 2013 Uruguay: Draft Law on Communications Table of contents Introduction Analysis of the Draft Law Positive ...»
  45. «Rapid Assessment Gap Analysis Uruguay Index Objectives of the stud y Executive sum m ary Section 1: Introd uction 1.1 Socio-economic context 1.2 ...»
  46. «Usability testing of smarter heating controls December 2013 – Final Report The views expressed in this report are those of the authors, not ...»
  47. «The Latest: Austrian official 201 /100 says EU can't rely on Turkey 1.2 (1.01/17) The Latest: Austrian official says EU can't rely on The Latest: ...»
  48. «U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Use of Education Data at the Local Level From Accountability to Instructional Improvement Use of Education Data at the ...»
  49. «E-mail: aip@industry.gov.au Website: www.industry.gov.au/aip Phone: +61 2 6213 6404 Department of Industry AIP Plan Agency User Guide Version 2.1 ...»
  50. «V I N N O VA P O L I C Y VP 2007:03 PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AS A DRIVER FOR INNOVATION AND CHANGE Title: Public procurement as a driver for innovation and ...»
  51. «Background Paper Review of the World Bank‘s Procurement Policies and Procedures “GREEN” PROCUREMENT IN SELECTED ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY FRAMEWORKS ...»
  52. «Still because of the weakness of some? A descriptive exploration of the Lord’s Supper in South Africa, 1948-20021 C Wepener (University of ...»
  53. «Martha Nussbaum’s outcome-oriented theory of justice Philosophical comments Cathrine Holst Working Paper No. 16, December 2010 ARENA Working Paper ...»
  54. «Social Challenges and Policy Innovations by Social Workers in Australia Manohar Pawar Charles Sturt University CSD Working Papers No. 14-10 Campus ...»
  55. «WP/15/170 A Model for Monetary Policy Analysis in Uruguay by Rafael Portillo and Yulia Ustyugova IMF Working Papers describe research in progress by ...»
  56. «Guideline Writing procurement specifications Summary The Writing procurement specifications guideline describes the process required for developing a ...»
  57. «Wet Weather Operating Practices for POTWs With Combined Sewers Technology Transfer Document TABLE OF CONTENTS Page SECTION 1 - INTRODUCTION 1.1 New ...»
  58. «Mehmet KARAYAMAN* ÖZET 19. yüzyıldan itibaren endüstriyel bir ürüne dönüşen şeker, halkın temel tüketim maddelerinden biri haline ...»
  59. «Bonnie K. Fox Garrity, Mark J. Garrison, and Roger C. Fiedler D’Youville College, Buffalo, New York, USA Journal for Critical Education Policy ...»
  60. «Common agricultural policy: the reform is approved by the Council Today, the Council adopted the common agriculture policy (CAP) reform package ...»
  61. «D G MACKAY SCOTLAND THE BRAVE? US STRATEGIC POLICY IN SCOTLAND 1953-1974 To April and Lorraine i Scotland the Brave? US Strategic Policy in Scotland ...»
  62. «City of San Antonio Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program Policy Department of Planning and Community Development (210) 207-6615 05/14/2015 Table of ...»
  63. «General Operating Plan Update: May 2015 Table of Contents Section 1. Introduction A. Description of Organization B. Mission of the Authority C. ...»
  64. «Education Policy Research Series Discussion Document No. 4 Financing of Secondary Education in the Asia-Pacific Region Education Policy Research ...»
  65. «CHAPTER 1 Exploring the Network 1.0 Exploring the Network Introduction We now stand at a critical turning point in the use of technology to ...»
  66. «AFRL's demonstration and science experiments (DSX) mission The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access ...»
  67. «Chapter 142 SIGNS ~ 142-13. Violations and penalties. ARTICLE I Political Signs ARTICLE II ~ 142-1. Definitions. Use Regulations ~ 142-2. ...»
  68. «No. 2] The Canada Development Corporation: A Comparative Appraisal Robert Couzin * Many nations have manifested their nationalism through great ...»
  69. «Impacts and Policy Responses to a commodity price boom. The case of Malawi Piero Conforti, Emanuele Ferrari and Alexander Sarris♦ Paper prepared ...»
  70. «Loyola University Chicago Law Journal Volume 46 Issue 3 Spring 2015 Fourth Annual Institute for Article 10 Investor Protection Conference: The New ...»
  71. «House of Commons Liaison Committee Select committee effectiveness, resources and powers Second Report of Session 2012–13 Volume II Additional ...»
  72. «House of Commons Treasury Committee Retail Distribution Review Fifteenth Report of Session 2010–12 Volume II Additional written evidence Ordered by ...»
  73. «AKADEMİK BAKIŞ DERGİSİ Sayı: 28 Ocak – Şubat 2012 Uluslararası Hakemli Sosyal Bilimler E-Dergisi ISSN:1694-528X İktisat ve Girişimcilik ...»
  74. «Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics Monday, 4th May 2015 | Australian Technology Park | Eveleigh, Sydney NSW Australia AISNSW STAFF AND ...»
  75. «Anton's Weekly International Law Digest EUROPEAN PUBLIC LAW: EU eJOURNAL Vol. 9, No. 31: Apr 20, 2012 PAUL B. STEPHAN & JOHN S. BELL, EDITORS The ...»
  76. «OUR POLICY The following principles have been recommended by the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (the “CG&N Committee”) of the ...»
  77. «ARSIS’ CODE OF ETHICS AND VALUES FOR ARSIS’ STAFF AND MEMBERS Date of issue: August 2016 Place of issue: Athens – headquarters Applicable to ...»
  78. «PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This report was undertaken to provide citizens and policymakers in the Milwaukee region and across the state with an ...»
  79. «Progression from the Fifth Form (Year 11) to the Sixth Form is not automatic and will depend on a pupil finding a program of study leading to success ...»
  80. «British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences ISSN: 2046-9578, Vol.19 No.I (2014) ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2014 ...»
  81. «United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Coeur d’Alene District, Idaho DRAFT FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT Lolo Creek ...»
  82. «Present: Colin Kennedy Convener IG Macdonald Vice-Convener (from 08:55 hrs) David Campbell Commissioner Marina Dennis Commissioner Kathleen Sinclair ...»
  83. «Copyright by Curtis Anthony Brewer The Dissertation Committee for Curtis Anthony Brewer certifies that this is the approved version of the following ...»
  84. «ARTICLE I ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Section 1 The name of this organization shall be Discovery School of San Antonio, Inc., a Texas non-profit ...»
  85. «Cities of Welcome, Cities of Transit As migration has become a major issue of debate within Europe, with divergent policies across states and major ...»
  86. «Civil Legal Advice mandatory gateway Findings from interviews with users Dr Caroline Paskell, Nilufer Rahim, Jane Kerr, Natalie Jago and Jasmin ...»
  87. «Canada in 2020 Future Scenarios Identity Politics and Security ( Canada in 2020 Identity Politics and Security Future Scenarios Final report of ...»
  88. «CNPT 1 The Unipolar Fallacy: Common Agency, American Interests, and the International Financial Institutions January 2014 Mark Copelovitch, Daniel ...»
  89. «CRISIS IN CALIFORNIA: REFORMING WORKERS’ COMPENSATION Anthony Archie Colleen Garot Daniel Hebenstreit Liaoliao Li Brian Pelham Chandra Pesheck ...»
  90. «Et internt arbeidsdokument laget på initiativ fra Forskningsrådet, utarbeidet av Jan Fridthjof Bernt, Erik Oddvar Eriksen, Jacob Aars og Hilde ...»
  91. «DSGD DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 11 PROSPECTS FOR GROWTH AND POVERTY REDUCTION IN ZAMBIA, 2001-2015 Hans Lofgren, James Thurlow and Sherman Robinson ...»
  92. «Hungarian Studies Review, Vol. XLI, Nos. 1-2 (2014) Naming Rights: Nation, Family, and Women’s Rights in the Debates on Domestic Violence in ...»
  93. «EurOccupations: Developing a detailed 7-country occupations database for comparative socio-economic research in the European Union Finished FP6 ...»
  94. «EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PREPARED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND & WORLD BANK Robert E. Kelly Department of Political Science Ohio State University ...»
  95. «BYLAWS FRIENDS OF THE SAN ANTONIO PUBLIC LIBRARY, INC. As revised by FOSAPL Board on January 27, 2013 Article I. Name, Purpose and Policy. Section 1. ...»
  96. «BYLAWS FRIENDS OF THE SAN ANTONIO PUBLIC LIBRARY, INC. Bylaws as revised by FOSAPL Board on January 10, 2016; and Standing Rules revised by FOSAPL ...»
  98. «Eleventh Floor, Menzies Building Monash University, Wellington Road CLAYTON Vic 3800 AUSTRALIA from overseas: Telephone: (03) 9905 2398, (03) 9905 ...»
  99. «ACT Government Gazette Gazetted Notices for the week beginning 09 February 2012 Published by Shared Services | 16 February 2012 | © Australian ...»
  100. «A GONZO FUTURIST MANIFESTO Justin Pickard The Gonzo Futurist Manifesto by Justin Pickard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ...»
  101. «Paper IIEP/SEM334/Theme paper April 2013 Original: English INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATIONAL PLANNING 7-9 rue Eugène-Delacroix, 75116 Paris in ...»
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