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  1. «JULY 2014 The Benefits of Public Protections: Ten Rules That Save Lives and Protect the Environment AUTHORS July Tran, Regulatory Policy Intern ...»
  2. «THE FAILURE OF MANDATED DISCLOSURE † †† OMRI BEN-SHAHAR & CARL E. SCHNEIDER This Article explores the spectacular prevalence, and failure, of ...»
  3. «Abstract Prediction markets are low volume speculative markets whose prices offer informative forecasts on particular policy topics. Observers worry ...»
  4. «Blue Carbon Policy Working Group 1st Workshop 12-14th July, 2011 Conservation International 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22202 ...»
  5. «Impact Assessment Trade Union Bill JANUARY 2016 Contents Impact Assessment Summary: Analysis & Evidence - Policy Option 1A Summary: Analysis & ...»
  6. «Abstract As the financial crisis showed, price stability in itself cannot ensure macroeconomic stability and financial stability issues cannot be ...»
  7. «_ Year 2009 Paper #11 _ Cultural Politics of Climate Change: Interactions in the Spaces of Everyday Max Boykoff (University Of Oxford) Mike Goodman ...»
  8. «THE BUDAPEST MODEL A liberal urban policy experiment Edited by Katalin Pallai Consultants János Atkári, László Láng, Sándor Tóth Cover photos ...»
  9. «Ambition Theory Reconsidered: “Boss” Tweed, Fernando Wood, and Gilded Age Political Wealth Accumulation Jeffrey D. Broxmeyer Graduate Center - ...»
  10. «Metaphors and Methods for Institutional Synthesis PRE-CONFERENCE DRAFT, MAY 18, 2009 Bryan Bruns BryanBruns@BryanBruns.com Panel on “Water Resource ...»
  11. «Political messianism in Europe Figure 1: The messiah Boyko Borisov walking on water (Source: The God Borisov, n.d.) Political messianism in Europe ...»
  12. «POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS Policy Recommendations 1 Colophon This report was commissioned by the Cradle to Cradle Network, a project part-financed by the ...»
  13. «Joint Investigation Teams: The Panacea for Fighting Organised Crime? Paper for the ECPR Annual Conference 2011 Reykjavik, Iceland, 25-27 August 2011 ...»
  14. «Street-side vehicle detection, classification and change detection using mobile laser scanning data Wen Xiaoa,∗, Bruno Valleta , Konrad Schindlerb ...»
  15. «Modern Theology 20:2 April 2004 ISSN 0266-7177 (Print) ISSN 1468-0025 (Online) KILLING FOR THE TELEPHONE COMPANY: WHY THE NATIONSTATE IS NOT THE ...»
  16. «Abstract The level of aggregate excess reserves held by U.S. depository institutions increased significantly at the peak of the 2007-09 financial ...»
  17. «The Way Forward in International Climate Policy: Key Issues and New Ideas 2014 Edited by: Heleen de Coninck, Richard Lorch and Ambuj D. Sagar ...»
  18. «Ethical Journalism Network Censorship in The Park: Turkish Media Trapped by Politics and Corruption Picture: Milliyet Introduction This report by the ...»
  19. «EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 5.11.2013 C(2013) 7243 final COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION Delivering the internal electricity market and making ...»
  20. «APPENDIX A Sefton Council Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme Exceptional Hardship Fund Policy and Procedures APPENDIX A Local Council Tax Reduction ...»
  21. «You are hereby requested to attend the MONTHLY MEETING of ARMAGH CITY, BANBRIDGE AND CRAIGAVON BOROUGH COUNCIL which will be held as follows: Date: ...»
  22. «CREST OMC Working Group Internationalisation of R&D – Facing the Challenge of Globalisation: Approaches to a Proactive International Policy in S&T ...»
  23. «M AY 2 0 1 6 THE UNRAVELING OF LEBANON’S TAIF AGREEMENT Limits of Sect-Based Power Sharing Joseph Bahout This paper was published through a ...»
  24. «June 15, 2005 January 29, 2001 January 29, 2001 Bangladesh: Selected Issues This Selected Issues paper for Bangladesh was prepared by a staff team of ...»
  25. «CREST OMC Working Group Internationalisation of R&D – Facing the Challenge of Globalisation: Approaches to a Proactive International Policy in S&T ...»
  26. «L I S A N D RO P É R E Z Reflections on the Future of Cuba A B S T R AC T Those who have spent their lifetimes studying Cuba know that predicting ...»
  27. «59 Cultural Politics of Humor in (De)Normalizing Islamophobic Stereotypes Zara Zimbardo California Institute of Integral Studies ISLAMOPHOBIA STUDIES ...»
  28. «Cutting-Edge Technology in Library Services OITP Selects Four Libraries for 2011 Recognition Social media. Digital repositories. User-centered web ...»
  29. «Province of Ferrara in co-operation with AMI November 2011 Indice A renewed Bicycle Policy for the City of Ferrara - WP4 Introduction 1. Cycling ...»
  30. «1 First draft not to be published without permission of the author! Paper to ECPR JOINT SESSION, Lissabon 2009 Workshop 12: Governing Religious ...»
  31. «Goodbye, Minister? The Accountability of Swedish Members of Government in Times of Crisis Paper to be presented at the ECPR Joint Sessions in Granada ...»
  32. «Dream Society? Ubiquitous Society? No Society? Futures for Finland and the world as seen from a small Pacific Island. August 2012 Jim Dator Hawaii ...»
  33. «Belonging in 2000’s Turkey: Religion and Gender Equality in Islamist Women Intellectuals’ Discourses Didem Unal I.Introduction The mentality of ...»
  34. «Contribution from Charles Pattie Digital Democracy: Panacea or Problem? Charles Pattie (Charles Pattie is Professor of Geography at the University of ...»
  35. «Abstract This paper looks at the monetary policy decisions of the U.S. Federal Reserve and asks whether those decisions have been influenced solely ...»
  36. «Institute for Research on Poverty Discussion Paper no. 1392-11 An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Anti-Poverty Programs in the United States ...»
  37. «North Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal Situation Emma Chanlett-Avery Specialist in Asian Affairs Mi Ae Taylor Research ...»
  38. «Abstract This paper examines forms of post-disaster rituals and symbols in the United Kingdom, both formal and informal, and highlights the ...»
  39. «The Consumer Council The Consumer Council Contents Types of cover 1 What is an insurance excess? 3 What affects the price of my motor insurance? 4 ...»
  41. «For guidance on citations see FAQs. c 2013 Paul Stenner and Monica Greco Version: Accepted Manuscript Link(s) to article on publisher’s website: ...»
  42. «Recent Green Books in Celebration of Earth Day 2010 Boston College Libraries Nature and landscape: an introduction to environmental aesthetics/ Allen ...»
  43. «“Grasping At Straws: A Ratings Downgrade For The Emerging International Financial Architecture” Michael R. King & Timothy J. Sinclair CSGR ...»
  44. «Unready, Unwilling and Ageing Ethnic Baby Boomers and their Parents Statewide Resources Centre 150 Palmerston Street, Carlton VIC 3053 T 9349 4122 F ...»
  45. «Multiple Inequalities, Intersectionality and the European Union Mieke Verloo RADBOUD UNIVERSITY, NIJMEGEN The European Union (EU), a pioneer in ...»
  46. «Cristina Bucur and Robert Elgie School of Law and Government Dublin City University Dublin 9 Ireland robert.elgie@dcu.ie Keywords: Americanization, ...»
  48. «Briefing January 2016 Automated vehicles in the EU SUMMARY Automated vehicle technologies allow the transfer of driving functions from a human driver ...»
  49. «A part of the report on Informal Remittance Systems in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries (Ref: RO2CS008) Commissioning institutions: ...»
  50. «With the MIT Jerusalem 2050 Lecture Series: “Cities against Nationalism: Urbanism as Visionary Politics” Hurvat haMidrash—the Ruin of the ...»
  51. «New Student Reading Project Fall 2008 Student Essay Winners Alexandar Perez Kate Orlofsky Gabriella Bensur Miles Ludek Marc Leh Gabrielle Yo Mauricio ...»
  52. «Greece and Turkey – Thanos Dokos – – Fatih Tayfur EuroMeSCo Papers EuroMeSCo Paper - 28 Greece and Turkey Thanos Dokos Hellenic Foundation for ...»
  53. «43 Havlík, V. The 2013 Parliamentary Election in the Czech Republic The 2013 Parliamentary Election in the Czech Republic Vlastimil Havlík ∗ ...»
  54. «1 Facts About the ADL Abraham H. Foxman Howard P.Berkowitz National Director National Chairman The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, or ADL ...»
  55. «The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science http://ann.sagepub.com Fast-Track Women and the Choice to Stay Home Pamela Stone ...»
  56. «Full-Day Kindergarten: Research Findings, Financing, and Strategy Development An MPP Professional Paper In Partial Fulfillment of the Master of ...»
  57. «Consumer Council for Water Board Agenda Meeting in Public Tuesday 9 February 2016 (10.30) Grenville Room, Marriott Hotel, Preston Members: Bernard ...»
  58. «Filr 2.0 Web Application User Guide February 2016 Legal Notice For information about legal notices, trademarks, disclaimers, warranties, export and ...»
  59. «FINANCE POLICY Issued: May 2016 Page 1 of 17 Contents Page (s) 1. MAT Roles and Responsibilities 3-5 2. LGB Roles and Responsibilities 6-9 3. ...»
  60. «July 2014 Financial Crime Update. As if to answer its critics, the UK’s SFO has announced Contents developments in no fewer than three major ...»
  61. «Table of Contents 7000 SERIES—FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PAGE # 7000 Goals Budget 7100 Budget and Program Planning 7110 Budget Implementations and ...»
  62. «Interest in prediction markets has increased in the past decade among participants, private-sector market operators, policymakers, and academics. ...»
  63. «Force Science News #304 Vehement opposition to PERF's alarming policy proposals: Readers share their thoughts Our in-box quickly overflowed as ...»
  64. «This paper will be considered in public 1 Summary 1.1 This paper provides the Committee with an end of year update on the Mayor’s Community ...»
  65. «EV RANGE PREFERENCES 1 What drives range preferences in electric vehicle users? Thomas Franke & Josef F. Krems Technische Universität Chemnitz, ...»
  66. «Friedman, Milton. Why Government is the Problem.* Essays in Public Policy, no. 39. Stanford, California: Hoover Institution Press, 1993. When a ...»
  67. «Other documents you may receive If we provide you with personal advice, it will normally be documented in a statement of advice, which sets out our ...»
  68. «Career Missions Policy PRIORITIES IN CAREER MISSIONS The most measurable goal Scripture gives us for accomplishing the Great Commission is that of ...»
  69. «Crocker – The Fogo Process FILMMAKING AND THE POLITICS OF REMOTENESS: The Genesis of the Fogo Process on Fogo Island, Newfoundland STEPHEN CROCKER ...»
  70. «Order and Change in the Contemporary International System Department of Politics New York University G53. – 1732.002 Spring 2006 Professor: Shinasi ...»
  71. «East European Politics & Societies http://eep.sagepub.com/ Minarets after Marx : Islam, Communist Nostalgia, and the Common Good in Postsocialist ...»
  72. «The American Religious Landscape and Political Attitudes: A Baseline for 2004 John C. Green Recent presidential campaigns have aroused considerable ...»
  73. «A Guide to the 1985 State Cabinet Records Prepared by: The State Records Office of Western Australia Contents Introduction 2 A Description of the ...»
  74. «GroupWise 2014 R2 WebAccess Mobile User Guide November 2015 Legal Notices For information about legal notices, trademarks, disclaimers, warranties, ...»
  75. «Politics & Society http://pas.sagepub.com/ Winner-Take-All Politics: Public Policy, Political Organization, and the Precipitous Rise of Top Incomes ...»
  76. «Species Membership and the Veil of Ignorance When advocating animal rights, philosophers and activists rarely appeal to John Rawls’s contractarian ...»
  77. «Regulatory Regionalism and the Dynamics of Territorial Politics: The Case of the Asia-Pacific Regionp ost_854 20.37 Shahar Hameiri Kanishka ...»
  78. «High Speed Two: From Crewe to Manchester, the West Midlands to Leeds and beyond Moving Britain Ahead Cm9355 November 2016 Date High Speed Two: From ...»
  80. «The Aesthetics of Personality beyond Traditionalism and Modernism: A Study of E. M. Forster Masayuki Iwasaki Contents Introduction..3 Chapter 1: ...»
  81. «Copyrighted Material Introduction In my previously published work, I have consistently objected to the manner in which Muslim women have been ...»
  82. «IFPRI Discussion Paper 01201 August 2012 Gender Assessment of the Agricultural Sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Catherine Ragasa Annie ...»
  83. «Edinburgh Research Explorer English summaries of mathematical proofs Citation for published version: Alexoudi, M, Zinn, C & Bundy, A 2004, 'English ...»
  84. «What do I make of your latinorum? Sensitivity auditing of mathematical modelling Andrea Saltelli* and Ângela Guimarães Pereira European Commission, ...»
  85. «A part of the report on Informal Remittance Systems in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries (Ref: RO2CS008) Commissioning institutions: ...»
  86. «Subramaniam Ramanarayanan Anderson School of Management, UCLA Los Angeles, CA 90095 subbu@anderson.ucla.edu Jason Snyder Anderson School of ...»
  87. «TRANSPORT AND TOURISM Research for TRAN Committee – Self-piloted cars: The future of road transport? STUDY This document was requested by the ...»
  88. «ISRAEL: ESTIMATES OF SUPPORT TO AGRICULTURE Contact persons: Raphael BEAUJEU and Florence BOSSARD Email: Raphael.Beaujeu@oecd.org; ...»
  89. «Summary The CONCORDi-2013 was planned as a forum to present new knowledge in the area of financing R&D and innovation. As it happens rather often ...»
  90. «Briskman, Fiske and Dimasi: Collateral Damage/Christmas Island COLLATERAL DAMAGE The impact of Australian asylum seeker policy on Christmas Islanders ...»
  91. «James K. Polk: A Clear and Unquestionable Destiny ( Biographies in American Foreign Policy #6) Thomas M. Leonard whilst he used to be elected ...»
  92. «Arming for Asymmetric Warfare: Turkey’s Arms Industry in the 21st Century Dr. Andrew McGregor June 2008 ARMING FOR ASYMMETRIC WARFARE Turkey’s ...»
  93. «Paper for the International IIPPE Conference Institute of Social Studies, The Hague 9-11 July 2013 Jan Aart Scholte University of Warwick Abstract ...»
  94. «Knighthoods, Damehoods, and CEO Behaviour Konrad Raff Linus Siming∗ January 13, 2016 Abstract We study whether and how politicians can influence ...»
  95. «Images of an Unbiased Interest System David Lowery Frank R. Baumgartner Joost Berkhout Jeffrey M. Berry Darren Halpin Marie Hojnacki Heike Klüver ...»
  96. «Spring 2000 John O. Browder, Chair Robert G. Dyck C. Theodore Koebel May 24, 2000 Blacksburg, Virginia Keywords: South Africa, Housing, Apartheid, ...»
  98. «Journal of Media Critiques Social Media and Network Society 2 Culture, Identity, Politics Editors Can Bilgili - Gülüm Şener Arif Yıldırım - ...»
  99. «Biancorosso – Romance, Insularity and Representation ROMANCE, INSULARITY AND REPRESENTATION Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love and Hong Kong ...»
  100. «Michael D. Kelly, Ed.D. Curriculum Vitae 836 S. Spigel Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 (c) 757.376.1279 (h) 757.481.9612 Email: michk66@vt.edu EDUCATION ...»
  101. «This ebook is made up of the papers, and a selection of the responses to them, that were the outcome of four seminars organised between October 2010 ...»
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