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Boys & Girls Club of Any


Board Development Plan

Deerbrook Project

Governance Committee

Ronnie Jenkins

REJ 2012

Role of the Governance Committee

Perhaps the most important committee in the entire organization is the Governance Committee.

This Committee is charged with the responsibility of recruiting and developing interested

individuals to the Board of Directors and its standing committees who will use their abilities and

resources to ensure that the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastal Empire (BGCCE) will be a strong force in the community. By developing a committed Board of Directors the longevity and continued growth of the Club will be guaranteed for all the future generations of young people.

Building a strong and effective Boys & Girls Club depends on building a strong and effective Board and its committees to guide and support the Club. The Board is the foundation from which the Club constructs its programs and services to youth. An effective Board, however, is not created by chance. It is the result of thoughtful planning, continuing work, and an understanding by all Board members and the Executive Director of what constitutes Board excellence.

An effective Board of Directors is an integral part of the Boys & Girls Club. The Governance

Committee helps develop an effective Board through its two major functions:

BOARD BUILDING: Through the recruitment and nomination process, build a Board of Directors that is representative of, and sensitive to, different groups and outlooks within the community being served, and is passionate about the mission of the Boys & Girls Club.

BOARD EDUCATION: Through orientation, continue to offer and evaluate education opportunities so that Board members may fully understand and effectively fulfill the commitments of the Board of Directors.

Committee Job Description The Governance Committee is responsible for the identification, cultivation, recruitment, orientation, activation, education, rotation, evaluation and recognition of Board members.

Identification of Prospective Board Members The Governance Committee outlines what the organization is looking for in a board member by analyzing current board make-up and identifying future needs, and attempt to find the very best person(s) for the job. In this identification process, the Governance Committee informs the entire board what the expectations are for new board members.

The Committee reviews the Board prospects and sets a target number and priority listing of those they wish to invite for the coming year. This list is presented to the Board of Directors for their reviews and comments. Any concerns are directed to the Governance Committee.

Recruitment of prospective Board Members The prospective board member is contacted preferably by a board member, or a Governance committee member and introduces them to the mission of the Club.

There is a fine line between recruitment and orientation procedures. At a minimum, the following is communicated to all prospective board members before they agree to join the board

of directors:

–  –  –

Money: A primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to ensure financial stability.

Therefore, board members can be expected to lead fund-raising efforts, as well as personally contribute.

Effort: The dynamics of a non-profit organization require that the board be directly involved in fund-raising. The financial health of the organization depends upon people-to-people contact, and board members should understand that indentifying and cultivating potential supports is part of their job.

Prospective board members are voted on by the board of directors in accordance with procedures laid out in the Club’s constitution & by laws.

Board member terms are assigned to new board volunteers with procedures laid out in the Club’s constitution & by laws.

Orientation of new Board members The following materials at a minimum are shared with the prospective board member during the

orientation process:

• Most recent audited financial statements.

• Most recent financial statement.

• Most recent budget.

• Resource Development Plan.

• Board of Directors directory.

• Committee roster and responsibilities.

• Constitution and By Laws.

• Board member evaluations.

• Organizational chart.

• Board member job description.

• Strategic Plan.

• Annual Report.

• BGCA literature

By the conclusion of the orientation, new board members will have a sense of:

• The Club’s mission and programs.

• The Club’s finances.

• The Club’s fundraising initiatives.

• The structure of the Board of Directors and staff, and;

• Their roles and responsibilities as a member of the Board of Directors.

Training & Education Program for Board members A functioning and growing board needs continuing education in leadership skills and skills that pertain to the board and the Club. The Governance Committee creates opportunities for such education through events or tools such as “Boardroom Briefs,” skill-building and Governance training modules for use at board meetings.

The committee should also encourage board members to attend the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s “Leadership Conference,” spring National Conference & Meeting, as well as the Area Council meetings.

Evaluation Evaluation is the process of assessing the progress of the board and identifying changes that will bring greater achievement of the Club’s mission. Evaluation is a developmental process, not a report card. The Governance Committee is responsible for giving the individual board members and the entire board opportunities for evaluation and reflection.

The benefits of board self-assessment are numerous, including;

• Refresh the board member’s understanding of roles and responsibilities.

• Identify important areas of board operation that need attention and improvement.

• Measure progress toward existing plans, goals and objectives.

• Shape future operations of the board.

• Define the criteria for an effective and successful board.

• Build trust, respect and communication among board members and with the Executive Director.

• Enable individual board members to work effectively as a team.

Recognition Board members generally participate for unselfish reasons. However, proper recognition for their efforts on behalf of youth is desirable and may encourage continued and even greater service. The following Boys & Girls Club of America National Service Recognition Awards are

available for presentation to eligible board members:

• Service to Youth Award for board members who have served member Clubs for a total of ten years or more and at five-year intervals thereafter.

• Boys & Girls Club Medallion for board members who have rendered unusually devoted service to a Boys & Girls Club over a considered period of time.

• Silver Medallion to a board member for outstanding service to the local Club and the Boys & Girls Club movement in an area or region.

Committee Development Committees are the backbone of an organization. They provide the careful study, and analysis, for the decision-making of the association. Committee deliberations provide the wisdom and the ideas that will help to build the future of the organization.

Orientation of Committee Chairs

It is the role of the Governance Committee in conjunction with the Executive Director to ensure that all Committee Chairs are oriented in basic operation. Committee Chairs set the tone for committee work, ensure that members have the information they need to do their jobs, and oversee the logistics of the committee’s operation. As the committee’s link to the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs frequently consult with, and report to, the Board President and the full board when indicated.

Role of a Committee Chair These are some of the attributes and duties of a good committee chairperson. The chairperson has a major role in the group’s success or failure, serving as leader, counselor, motivator, and

presiding officer. A good chairperson:

1. Starts and ends the meeting on time.

2. Allows the group to get well acquainted. (If possible, the members of the group should have an opportunity during their session to get some things off their minds that are not directly related to the committee’s work. This might be accomplished at an informal luncheon or reception.)

3. Sees to it that as many as possible participate in the discussion.

4. Keeps the discussion directed to the topic and toward the objective.

5. Tries to avoid being an expert, but does take part in the discussion without being too aggressive.

6. Summarizes the decisions from time to time.

7. Maintains a keen awareness of the dignity of every person in the group and encourages positive feedback to each individual.

8. Is seen as sincere and thoughtful by the committee.

9. Summarizes the meeting and the actions to be taken by the members.

10. Works with staff between meetings to make sure that assignments are being handled properly by volunteers.

11. Works with staff to develop meeting agendas. Staff might suggest “pencil draft” agendas with revisions and changes reserved for the chairman. Otherwise, the committee chair might create a pencil draft agenda and check with staff for additions a few days before the meeting.

12. Works with staff to notify committee members of upcoming meetings.

Committee Development What makes a good committee?

Effective committees don’t just happen. They are a combination of the right individuals. A

mission, good leadership, good staff work, and so on. The effective committee:

1. Has a clear statement of its purposes in written form as well as an oral charge by the president or committee chairperson. This can help materially in strengthening the commitment of the group to its assignments.

2. Believes in and respects democratic values.

3. Has a responsible leader who guides the committee process.

4. Has carefully selected members who are interested and qualified.

5. Plans carefully the work to be done.

6. Has a sense of priorities, and works through its assignments one step at a time.

7. Has reasonably compatible members who actively participate in the deliberations.

“Reasonable compatibility” does not exclude the maverick or dissenter who can provide the group with unusual insights. The committee members can usually be depended on to bring into line the too insistent nay-sayer.

8. Works as a team rather than as individual performers.

9. Has adequate agenda, documentation, and minutes.

10. Gets infusion of new blood periodically.

11. Represents the various interests of members.

12. Evaluates itself regularly.

13. Works well with staff.

Board Succession Planning The Board of Directors shall elect the officers of the Corporation annually at the Annual Meeting. Vacancies may be filled or new officers created and filled at any meeting of the Board of Directors. Each officer shall hold office until their successor has been duly elected.

Board Members are elected to a three year term. At the expiration of a term, Board Members may be nominated by the Governance Committee at the Annual Meeting for another three year term based upon willingness of the individual to serve and the committee’s collective evaluations.

(Need to formalize officer rotation) Board Memo from Governance Committee for Prospect Identification Memorandum

–  –  –

From: Governance/Nominating Committee


Re: Recruitment of New Board Members Our Board of Directors ranks among the best in the community, and we are proud of this accomplishment. It is reflected in the level of service provided by our organization, and the number of youth we serve.

In order to keep pace with the growth of our community, the Strategic Plan calls for a continuing growth in quantity and quality of board members.

Recruitment of new board members is a responsibility of every current board member. I am hopeful you will participate.

Below is a listing of the basic requirements for Boys & Girls Club Board Members. Please review them carefully. Suggest for a board position only those people you believe would take these obligations seriously.

Board Member requirements:

1. Attend all required board meetings.

2. Be active on one or more standing committees, as well as any special ad hoc committees to which appointed.

3. Be a financial supporter of the Club at an appropriate level.

4. Provide leadership in agency funding efforts.

5. Provide board leadership responsibilities as requested and as possible (such as committee chairperson, elected officer, etc.)

6. Represent the Club at community events, organizations and with private individuals.

Speak proudly and positively.

7. Be informed about Club programs, policies and services.

8. Be informed about the needs of the community, society and constituents.

Please use the attached form to submit the pertinent information on those individuals you feel have something to offer the Boys & Girls Club as a board member. Please return the form to the Executive Director or any committee member.

Governance Prospect Identification Form Board of Directors Prospect Form Prospect’s Name: ________________________Address:________________________________

–  –  –


1. Prospect’s familiarity with Boys & Girls Club: (agency purpose, goals, functioning, etc.)

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