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«NAME & FIRM OF PERSON(S) DOING TEST: DATE(S) OF TEST: General Notes: 1. This is a generic test procedure for self-contained single zone packaged and ...»

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General Notes:

1. This is a generic test procedure for self-contained single zone packaged and split-system heat pumps and air conditioning units less than 20 tons in capacity. For larger, more complex, or built-up units, use the Standard Commissioning Procedure for Air Handling Units. If the complexity, configuration, or other aspects of a specific project require substitute tests or additional tests, explain on the comments sheets, and attach the additional test procedures and field data. Attach all relevant functional performance verification sheets, and always attach the final signed and dated procedure certification page.

2. In all test sections, circle or otherwise highlight any responses that indicate deficiencies (i.e. responses that don’t meet the criteria for acceptance). Acceptance requires correction and retest of all deficiencies, as defined in each test section under “Criteria for Acceptance” or “Acceptance”. Attach all retest data sheets. Complete the Deficiency Report Form for all deficiencies.

3. This Commissioning Procedure does not address fire and life safety or basic equipment safety controls.

4. To ensure that this Commissioning Procedure will not damage any equipment or affect any equipment warranties, have the equipment manufacturer’s representative review any interventive test procedures prior to execution.

OPERATOR INTERVIEW (Existing Buildings Only):

Determine from a discussion with the building operator whether the heat pump and/or air conditioning units are operating properly to the best of their knowledge. Use the table to note any known problems, and possible solutions. Address each unit. In the 2nd column, write “none” for any units with no known problems. Add sheets as needed.



SERVED Seattle City Light Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Unit Commissioning Procedure, page 1 April 1999

Building Name:

INSTALLED CHARACTERISTICS (From field inspection. Note under response if the feature as installed differs in

any way from the design documents. If an item does not apply, write “NA” for not applicable):

Criteria for Acceptance: Installed characteristics must be in accordance with design intent documentation and/or approved submittals.



1. Is unit single zone (SZ), multizone (MZ), VAV, dual duct (DD), or other (name)?

2. Is unit split system, through-wall, rooftop, or other (name)?

3. Is unit heat pump (HP) or air conditioning (AC)?

4. If unit is AC, is it equipped with a heating section?

5. Cooling coil type (chilled water or DX)

6. Heating coil type (hot water, gas, electric, or other)

7. Heating coil, # of stages

8. Other coils: use & type

9. Does unit have a return, relief, or exhaust fan?

10. Supply fan motor control (none, VFD, inlet vanes, variable pitch blades, etc.) *

11. Return/relief/exhaust fan motor control (none, VFD, inlet vanes, variable pitch blades, etc.) *

12. Is unit equipped with economizer?

13. Condenser type (air-cooled, evaporative, etc.)

14. ARI rated EER or SEER (note which, and rating)

15. For heat pumps, ARI rated COP or HSPF (note which, and rating)

16. Other sections or accessories 17.


* If the motor is driven by a variable frequency drive (VFD), and if VFDs have been selected for functional performance testing, complete the Standard Commissioning Procedure for VFDs.

COMMENTS ON INSTALLED CHARACTERISTICS ITEMS (item #, unit #, comment). Add more sheets as


–  –  –

NAMEPLATE DATA (from equipment nameplates, as recorded in field):

Criteria for Acceptance: Nameplate data must be in accordance with approved submittals.

–  –  –

If any of the equipment nameplate data differ from the design parameters as described in the above equipment

description and in the design documents, note data item and unit number, and comment here:

–  –  –


Instructions: Under each unit write "Y" for yes, "N" for no, "NA" for not applicable, or a number to refer to any needed comments. If other information is requested such as temperature, write the appropriate values. Explain comments in the spaces below the checklists. If a motor is driven by a VFD, complete also the Standard Commissioning Procedure for VFDs. If the motor is VFD-driven, make all supply fan electrical measurements upstream of the VFD, unless directed otherwise, and use a true RMS multimeter for all supply fan motor and drive electrical measurements. Items marked “(VFD)” apply only to motors that are equipped with VFDs. For tests that require running VAV system supply fan motors at full speed, verify that the primary dampers on at least one half of the terminal units served by each AHU are fully open, to avoid duct overpressurization.

Current and voltage imbalance is defined as the greatest difference between the measurement for any of the 3 phases and the average of the 3 phases, that quantity divided by the average of the 3 phases. As an example, if the voltage measurements are 451, 461, and 463, then the average is 458.3 volts. The greatest difference between any measurement and the average is 451-458.3, or 7.3 volts. Then, the voltage imbalance is 7.3 volts / 458.3 volts, or 0.016. As a percentage, this is 1.6%, and would be acceptable by the criteria below.

For all compressor tests, record data as “[left hand compressor] / [right hand compressor]”, where applicable. If a unit contains more than 2 compressors, attach data for extra compressors to this form.

Criteria for Acceptance: All items require answers of “Y” (or “NA”, where relevant) except where other criteria are noted.



General Checklist Items:

1. Casing condition: dents, cracks, leaks?

2. Shipping restraints removed?

3. Unit access per mfctr's instructions?

4. Drainage under unit per mfctr’s instructions?

5. No unusual noise or vibration?

6. Electrical connections tight?

7. Return, outdoor, relief dampers move freely / close tightly?

8. Return, outdoor, relief dampers properly linked? (Observe stroke.)

9. TAB report section for unit reviewed & acceptable (Acceptance: design ±10%)

10. Air filters clean & tight fitting?

11. Room thermostat type ("7" for 7-day, "W" for 2-day, "D" for 24 hour, “E” for energy

management system sensor) Acceptance:

In accordance with approved submittals.

12. Room thermostat/sensor location is satisfactory.

13. Ductwork appears tight, with no obvious leaks

14. Ductwork insulation appears in good condition where visible

15. O&M manual on site

–  –  –

Supply Fan Section:

16. Fan belt tension & condition okay?

17. Fan rotation correct?

18. Fan blades clean & in good condition?

19. Motor contactors in good condition?

20. Motor overload heaters properly sized?

21. Fan motor volts, rated

22. Fan motor volts into motor.

Acceptance: ±10% of rating, all phases

23. Voltage Imbalance into motor, (Vmax,min Vavg ) / Vavg

24. Voltage imbalance into motor is 2%?

25. Fan motor FLA, rated

26. Fan motor full speed Amps, measured at motor (downstream of VFD)

27. Fan motor measured Amps Rated FLA?

28. Current imbalance at motor is 2%?

Return/Relief/Exhaust Fan Section:

29. Fan belt tension & condition okay?

30. Fan rotation correct?

31. Fan blades clean & in good condition?

32. Motor contactors in good condition?

33. Motor overload heaters properly sized?

34. Fan motor volts, rated

35. Fan motor volts into motor.

Acceptance: ±10% of rating, all phases

36. Voltage Imbalance into motor, (Vmax,min Vavg ) / Vavg

37. Voltage imbalance into motor is 2%?

38. Fan motor FLA, rated

39. Fan motor full speed Amps, measured at motor (downstream of VFD)

40. Fan motor measured Amps Rated FLA?

41. Current imbalance at motor is 2%?

Refrigeration Section (facing front: data for

left hand / right hand compressor):

–  –  –

52. Suction line insulated?

53. Coil clean & in good condition?

54. Condensate piping trapped properly & drained to outside or floor drain?

55. For heat pumps: Strip heat locked out during warm-up ("O" for OSA control, "I" for intelligent ramp-up, "N" for no lock-out)

Heat Section (items marked “G” apply to gasfired equipment only):

56. Maintenance access is adequate?

57. Insulation is complete & undamaged?

58. Section is clean & airflow is unobstructed?

59. Adequate clearance from heating elements?

60. Electrical connections tight?

61. (G) Pipe fittings & accessories complete?

62. (G) Gas pilot flame stable when fan is on?


63. All fans are operational?

64. Fan inlet screens are free of debris?

–  –  –


Instructions: All control points listed under each unit refer to sensors and stats that are dedicated to that unit, and for the most part physically located close to or in the unit, not global (building-level) points. For thermostats and humidistats, slowly adjust the setpoint until the controlled response begins (i.e. contact make or break). Note the setpoint when that occurs and the simultaneous measured value on a calibrated instrument held in close proximity to the sensing bulb. If sensor location is improper, explain in comments. If the unit serves more than one zone, check calibration of zone temperature for two sample zones only. Enter other control points that are critical to the control sequence in the blank spaces for each unit, as appropriate. It is not necessary to repeat any calibration that was documented in the Standard Commissioning Procedure for EMSs, but refer to that document where relevant.

Criteria for Acceptance: Temperature sensors, EMS or contact make/break values ± 2 F degrees from measured values. Static pressure sensors, less than ± 0.1” from measured values. Relative humidity sensors, less than ± 10% from measured values.



LOCATION LOCATION OK? VALUE or MAKE/BRK VALUE Outdoor air temp., global (EMS) Outdoor air % RH, global (EMS)

Unit # -__________:

OSA temp or enthalpy Discharge air temp.

Mixed air temp.

Return air temp.

Static pressure Zone temp.

Zone temp.

Unit # -__________:

OSA temp or enthalpy Discharge air temp.

Mixed air temp.

Return air temp.

Static pressure Zone temp.

Zone temp.

Unit # -__________:

OSA temp or enthalpy Discharge air temp.

Mixed air temp.

Return air temp.

Static pressure Zone temp.

Zone temp.

–  –  –

Unit # -__________:

OSA temp or enthalpy Discharge air temp.

Mixed air temp.

Return air temp.

Static pressure Zone temp.

Zone temp.

Unit # -__________:

OSA temp or enthalpy Discharge air temp.

Mixed air temp.

Return air temp.

Static pressure Zone temp.

Zone temp.

Unit # -__________:

OSA temp or enthalpy Discharge air temp.

Mixed air temp.

Return air temp.

Static pressure Zone temp.

Zone temp.


Unit # / Control Point / Comment

–  –  –


The following sections are a series of field tests that are intended to verify that the heat pumps and/or air conditioning units operate as they were intended to operate by the manufacturer and designer. For each test, first determine and record the design operation, and then record the actual field observation. Following each test, in parentheses, are the appropriate response choices or units. If the field observation does not correspond to the intended design operation, also write a comment number that refers to an explanatory comment in the comments section or on attached comments sheets. If a test does not apply, write "NA" for not applicable. If you were not able to complete a test, write "ND" for not done, and explain in a comment.

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