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«Annwn The continuing adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Game rules, story, and system created by James and Jamie Snodgrass ...»

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The continuing adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round


Game rules, story, and system created by James and Jamie Snodgrass with special thanks to; Stuart

Castergine, B.J. Craft, Ashley Taft, and Pat Weekly.

Edition IV 12/05/2014


(The continuing adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table)

An Introduction to L.A.R.P.ing

An Overview of the Traditional Story.

Constructing A Character




Gaining Experience

Losing X.P.

Soul Points

Soul Point Feats:

Experience from Items

Constructing Items

Deconstructing Items



Everyman Skills

Brigand Skills

Craft skills

Knowledge Skills

Special Skills

Smithing skills

Smithing Items

Alchemy skills

Alchemical Substances

Tinkering & Tinkering Items

Fighting Skills

Magic Skills

Spell List By School

Arcane Magic Spells and Descriptions

Divine Magic spells and Descriptions

Thaumaturgy Spells and Description

Ceremonial Magic Rites

Arcane Ceremonial spell rites

Divine Ceremonial spell rites

Thaumaturgy spell rites

Combat Rules

Game Safe Objects and weapons

Making a Basic L.A.R.P. Weapon

Character Sheet

Miscellaneous Rules List and Cheating

The Player's Bill of Rights.

–  –  –

L.A.R.P. is an acronym for “Live Action Role Playing”. If you are unfamiliar with role-playing games, tabletop or live action, then it can be explained as an elaborate game of “let’s pretend.” Larping consists of elements common in improvisational theater, historical re-enactments, and martial art weapon sparring. If you are familiar with tabletop role-playing games, you may have had the common argument of “well if this was with real swords and not with dice, I’d kick your butt!” L.A.R.P.ing is the chance to prove it, safely.

Even if you are unfamiliar with role-playing games, you are probably familiar with video games. A character in a role-playing video game performs tasks and fights enemies in an attempt to reach set goals. As the game progress, the experiences of the player character (P.C.) are recorded in the form of points (experience points, or “X.P.”) that allow the advancements of skills and abilities. L.A.R.P.ing is similar to a video game without the benefit of electronics. With simple indications, such as costumes, make-up, and masks, the player is encouraged to imagine the enemies and surroundings described by the game officials. A set of rules governs the behaviors of different types of adversarial and helpful plot driven characters (non-player character or “N.P.C.”). The P.C. constructs the personality of their character and responds to the constructed world of imagination, as they believe their character would. (Keep in mind; the character has lived in this imagined world of monsters and magic all their life).

Unlike a video game, the player is expected to perform given tasks and fight for real (in a controlled and regulated environment.) A P.C. may choose for his/her character to speak in an archaic manner or with an accent. The P.C. may wish to incorporate psychological habits or conditions they do not posses themselves, in real life. The player is encouraged to be original, as long as their originality conforms to the game rules. Above all, the object is to have fun, allow others to have fun, and maybe get some exercise.

An Overview of the Traditional Story.

Our game is set in the Celtic “other world”, after the tragic ending to the story told by Geoffrey of Monmouth. The story we follow is an amalgam of all the tales, emphasizing the Celtic traditions, with Geoffrey’s work as the spine. Most people are familiar with the Sir Thomas Mallory telling of the tale, but where Geoffrey and Sir Thomas differ, we side with Geoffrey.

The basic version of the traditional story we adhere to is as follows:

Part 1 (The coming of Merlin) The villain King Vortigern had been forced to side with the invading Saxons after his nobles were all murdered, while under a flag of truce, at the “Night of the Long Knives”.

Vortigern was allowed to live as a puppet King. Vortigern’s intention was to build a fortress to someday retake Britain.

While attempting to build his fortress, the wall had collapsed several times.

Vortigern’s wizards informed him that the walls would only be made strong enough to stand if they employed a rarely used Celtic human sacrifice of a boy with no father. The wizards found Merlin, rumored to have no father, and brought him before Vortigern.

Merlin was able to convince Vortigern that his wizards were wrong. He proceeded to prove that the reason the walls would not stand was that beneath the walls was an underground pool, and beneath the pool were Two embattled dragons. The white dragon, a representation of the Saxons, and a red dragon, the representation of the true King’s line, (Who Vortigern had poisoned and then banished his children to steal the throne) would fight until the white dragon was defeated. Vortigern dug up the dragons and they finished their fight. Merlin was held captive by Vortigern for a short time, and then disappeared from Vortigern’s custody.

Part 2 (The coming of Uther Pendragon) The sons of the old king, Constantine III (a roman emperor of Britton) came of age and traveled from Brittany (in south France) to Britton, with many men at arms, and took Britton from Vortigern. The eldest brother, Ambrosias, held the throne for two years before assassins, sent by Vortigern, poisoned him. Uther, the younger brother, took the thrown and vanquished Vortigern. Uther then turned his attention to uniting the Bretons.

Part 3 (The coming of Arthur) Uther united much of Britton. He was the High King with subordinate lesser kings. (Tolkien fans could understand this as Aragorn compared to the king of Rohan).

After conquering his enemies, Uther called together the nobles of the land, including Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall and his wife Igrena. Uther made many advances toward Igrena until Gorlois was offended enough to take his wife and leave without notice (a serious breach of court etiquette and protocols).

Uther made war on Gorlois with rudeness as his excuse, but truly, he lusted for the lady Igrena. Gorlois was well provisioned in both his castles, with him in one and the lady Igrena in the other, at Tintagle. Frustrated at the lack of success against the Duke, Uther was nearly out of his mind with desire. One of Uther’s knights suggested that he consult the wizard Merlin that had served his brother Ambrosias.

Merlin gave himself, Uther, and Uther’s knight a potion that gave them the appearance of Gorlois and his two companions. They rode into Tintagle and Uther satisfied his desire with Igrena. As circumstances would have it, Gorlois was killed in battle that same night.

As a condition for his help, Merlin said that a child would be conceived that night and when it was born, Uther was to give the child to Merlin. Igrena was married to Uther and had a son as Merlin predicted. They named the child Arthur and gave him to Merlin the night he was born.

Part 4 (The Sword In the Stone) Merlin took the new born Arthur to be raised by a noble and good knight named Ector. Ector had a son, Kay, who was less than a year older than Arthur, and trained them both to be good knights. Merlin visited often, and instructed Arthur in the ways of magic.

During this time, Uther had died leaving no heir. The land fractured and the nobles quarreled and occasionally warred for control of the empire. To quell this division, Merlin conspired with Dubric, Archbishop of Caerleon. The two conspirators proclaimed a tournament to determine the high Kingship. On Christmas, when all had gathered for the tournament, a sword appeared, in the courtyard. Set in an anvil and a square stone.

The stone bore an inscription, to the effect, that who so ever draws the sword would be king.

Arthur had traveled to the tournament as squire to his adopted brother Kay. During the course of the tournament, Kay’s sword was broken and Arthur was sent to fetch him a new one. The merchants were out of swords due to the events, and in desperation, Arthur drew the sword from the stone and took it to Sir Kay. When Sir Ector discovered this, Kay reluctantly admitted it was Arthur that drew the sword. Merlin and the Archbishop told all gathered the true tale of Arthur, and after months of argument and continuous challenges to Arthur, the archbishop Dubric crowned Arthur high King.

Many magical adventures ensued and Arthur united all of Britton, and then turned to conquer Rome.

Part 5 (The fall of the Round Table and Arthur)

Arthur had united the land in peace and although a Christian, he adopted some Celtic traditions, including a more equal gender perspective to insure the villainy done by his father to his mother Igrena not be repeated.

Arthur had forced all enemies to yield, and had established land in France as part of his domain as well. The petty Roman tyrants of the day demanded tribute from Britton, so Arthur left Britton in the charge of his Queen Gweniver and his nephew Sir Mordred, and marched into Europe.

Arthur dispatched the Romans at every turn and was poised to take Rome itself, when he received word that Mordred had told the kingdom Arthur was dead and he was king now. Mordred also married the Queen (Treason) and had an adulterous affair.

After receiving the news, Arthur withdrew his forces from Rome and returned to Britton with over sixty thousand men. Out numbered greatly by Mordred, Arthur and his men fought until nearly all on both sides were dead. Mordred thrust Arthur through the chest with a spear, and Arthur cut off Mordred’s head in one swipe.

Part 6 (Beyond Camelot) After the battle with Mordred at Camlann Arthur, now mortally wounded, had his knight Percival reluctantly return his sword Caliburn (Excalibur in Latin, not the same sword Arthur had pulled from the stone) to Nimue the lady of the lake. Arthur was then carried to Avalon where the veil between this world and Annwn, (the other world) was thin enough that his wounds might be treated by magic.

Here, with the tragic losses and hope of Arthur’s return, the traditional story ends, and the fiction that is our story, begins.

The Story and Chronology of Annwn After the fall at Camlann Sir Galahad, the purest of all knights, attained the Grail and asked to be relieved of the material matters of this world. This prayer was answered in an interesting way. Galahad was transported to the land of Annwn, the other realm of existence. All the Knights of the Round Table that stood with Arthur traveled there with him, even those that had fallen at Camlann. Not long after arriving, Arthur and his men united to save their new world from the evil death being named Cromm Cruach. Cromm killed the good king of Annwn, Arawn, and started what would become known as “The War of the Veil”. Aided by the evil Fey King, Oberon, Cromm plunged the world into chaos.

Oberon was transformed into an undead dragon or “dracolich” by Cromm, and is the most powerful undead creature known. Arthur and his men stood against the forces of Cromm. Gawain and Arthur eventually slayed Cromm, but with his dying curse Cromm sealed the veil. The curse can only be lifted when all of Annwn is under Arthur’s command. With the Curse of Cromm the last of all enchanted beings and magic was forced back to Annwn from earth. No magic remained on earth. This caused “The Magic Flux”. The unbalancing presence of all magic and magic beings trapped on Annwn caused the way magic worked to change thus plunging all of Annwn into confusion. Annwn is a vast world, much larger than Earth, but Arthur used the disadvantage of the enchanted beings allied against him to his advantage. He established his capital city of New Camelot and used force of arms to secure the eastern seaboard of Albion (the continent on which New Camelot is located). The west is a vast land of endless enchantments and peril, known as “The Frontier”. Exploring the frontier has been stalled due to war with the frost giants in the north. Arthur cannot withdraw forces from his current war with the frost giants, so he has sent out a call to the kingdom for adventurers to gather at the nearest outposts, to begin the exploration of the frontier. He promises lands and titles will be given to those proven worthy.

Constructing A Character

A starting character begins with 700 available X.P. to spend on skills or race choices. They receive 5 gold, a normal weapon, shield, and suit of armor. If the player does not have the “G.S.O.” (Game Safe Object) to use the items, or chooses not to use them, they may sell them to the Narrators for in-game money. The player must choose a name for the character, but not a class. (There are no character classes in this game. All character creation is based off of skills and up to the individual player to customize as they see fit.) Then the player must decide what skills to purchase. They may wish to purchase a variety of skills or to focus their efforts on one vocation. After these basic choices have been decided the player is encouraged to construct a back-story for the character. It is not a good idea to start off with some elaborate back-story of greatness. If your character is such an accomplished hero, why do you only have 700X.P.? Allow the greatness of your character to happen in the game world, with their deeds developing through actual game play. A good rule of thumb when constructing a back-story for your character is “K.I.S.S.” or “ Keep It Simple, Stupid!” *Players may have as many characters as they wish, and are eligible at Narrator discretion to have a permanent N.P.C. that only they play. 3 or fewer player characters per player is the recommendation, and all characters played by the same player must be absolutely identifiable as different from any other characters played by that player.



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