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«To be completed by all New Hires, Volunteers, Contractors, & Students Policies and Procedures Human Resources Policies & Procedures  are located ...»

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To be completed by all New Hires,

Volunteers, Contractors, & Students

Policies and Procedures

Human Resources Policies & Procedures

are located online in I-REPP

I-REPP is the best place to find information

regarding unit and hospital practices,

policies and procedure.

Do NOT discriminate Employees Hired based

on On


Color Experience

Religion Skills

 ◦

Sex/Wages Aptitude  ◦ National Origin  Ability to fit into JVMC and ◦ Disability WVC culture  Age  Disability Status  Genetics  Equal Opportunity Employer Orientation period  ◦ First 90 days of employment you should receive an evaluation.

 Director should review with you your progress during and at the end of the 90 day orientation period.

◦ Skills Check list and department orientation  Must be completed by 90 days  Ask department director if you do not have a 90 day orientation and Skills Check List ID Badges  Must wear at ALL times ◦ Worn above the waist ◦ Human Resources creates the badges ◦ Used for timekeeping and security doors ◦ Glucometer ◦ If LOST or STOLEN replacement badge cost ◦ $20 Dress Code (HR-A-7)  ◦ Hair should be clean, well-groomed and controlled, and appropriate to the job.

◦ Uniforms are to be worn if department requires them ◦ Open toed sandals are not appropriate in Clinical areas ◦ Flip-Flops/Sandals are never appropriate ◦ Jewelry must be conservative, non-offensive, and worn in moderation. Two piercings per ear is allowed, all others must be removed.

◦ All cosmetic products (including fragrances) should be worn in moderation ◦ Tattoos are to be covered Clothing  ◦ The following types of pants/skirts

are not appropriate:

Denim pants  Leggings  Shorts (including walking shorts).

 Sweat pants  Mini skirts  ◦ The following shirts are inappropriate :

Tank tops  T-shirts  Sweatshirts without collars  Souvenir T-shirts or sweatshirts (excluding  Jordan Valley Medical Center or Jordan-West Valley) Problem Solving Procedures 

1. Address issues or grievances with A. Supervisor or Manager B. Human Resources C. VP over your department D. CEO

2. Or IA

–  –  –

◦ Is unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

◦ When submitting to or rejecting this conduct, the individual’s employment or work performance is clearly affected. The result of sexual harassment is an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

IASIS is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment.

Actions, words, jokes or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated.

It applies to all employees, including supervisors, managers and department heads, directors, physicians and vendors, whether or not employed by IASIS. Under certain circumstances, the policy would apply to agents and non-employees who interact with IASIS employees.

What is the Company’s responsibility?

Act immediately and take every  complaint seriously Conduct a thorough investigation  Keep accurate documentation of  the events and any action taken Ensure non-retaliation  What should the victim of sexual harassment do?

It is helpful for the victim to  directly inform the harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and must stop.

The victim should use the  employer’s complaint process or grievance system in place.

Non-Soliciting Policy (HR Policy HR.109) • ◦ Employees shall not engage in solicitation for any reason during his or her work time or to another employee on their work time.

◦ The only exception will be for events sanctioned by the hospital.

◦ The hospital’s electronic mail system is a business system and not a personal communications network or bulletin board.

◦ Off-duty employees of IASIS, or of an on-site contractor who works at the hospital, are not permitted access to any non-public working areas of the hospital including the emergency area.

Tobacco Free Environment (EOC-E-23)  ◦ Jordan Valley and Jordan-West Valley prohibit smoking or tobacco product use wile on any Jordan Valley or Jordan-West Valley campus  Tobacco use is defined as the burning of any type of tobacco product, as well as the use of oral tobacco products.

 The policy applies to All employees, Patients, and Visitors Staff Rights Policy (HR.112) • ◦ A way to address your rights not to participate in certain aspects of patient care if it conflicts with your cultural values, ethics, or religious beliefs.

◦ Notice Upon Hire Examples

• End of life treatment

• Blood transfusions

• Organ donation ◦ Not Accepted Reasons Refusal to treat patients based on:

Nationality • Religion • Creed • Color • Sexual orientation • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) • ◦ Eligible after one year with 1250 worked hours ◦ Job Protected to:

• Care for child after birth or adoption

• Care for family member with Serious Health Condition  Up to 12 weeks leave

• Military Leave ◦ 30 day Advanced notice if possible ◦ Apply for FMLA with Matrix Absence Management

• Information can be found on the intranet underISO Forms/Department Forms/ Human Resources

• Call 1.877.202.0055

• Website www.matrixeservices.com Lunch Breaks  ½ Hour deducted after five hours worked ◦ No lunches must be approved by Manager ◦ Hospital must pay for missed lunches ◦ Lunches – must be at least 30 minutes of ◦ uninterrupted time ◦ Must punch out if you leave the hospital ◦ If you don’t have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time for a lunch, you much punch a “no-lunch” when you clock out at the end of your shift.

◦ If you forget to clock a “no-lunch,” you must turn in a “no-lunch” form and enter a “nolunch” in API.

Overtime  ◦ Paid at 1.5 times average rate of pay ◦ Average rate of pay includes shift differentials Direct Deposit  Takes up to three pay periods to activate ◦ Sign up at any time ◦ Deposits in bank normally on Thursday ◦ Any bank or credit union that has checking ◦ On your check stub it will read “NON-NEGOTIABLE” ◦ on signature line ◦ Overtime is based on a 40 hour workweek API  ◦ Timekeeping system  Track your own hours  Log in and sign off on your hours each pay period  Request PTO ◦ Must use badge to punch Benefits  o Benefit eligible employees have 30 days from their hire date to enroll in benefits.

o To enroll in benefits you can:

o Call Melissa at 801-601-2361 for help o Enroll online through Lawson on the intranet o Fill out an enrollment form if online is not working Attendance and Punctuality “Scheduled Absences”  ◦ A scheduled absence occurs when an employee has arranged at least 24 hours in advance and has been granted supervisory approval to be absent from work.

Unscheduled Absences”  ◦ Any absence not requested and approved 24 hours in advance (e.g. call-in sick).

No Shows  ◦ Two consecutive shifts missed – hospital will assume employee has quit Caring Commitments We recognize that our talented and dedicated employees are our • greatest assets.

All patients, visitors, staff members, physicians and contractors • are encouraged to submit a STAR recognition card to recognize any deserving individual within the organization.

–  –  –

1.Use wristbands with the alert message pre-printed (such as “DNR”).

2.Remove any “social cause” colored wristbands (such as “Live Strong”).

3. Initiate banding upon admission, changes in condition, or when information is received.

4.Educate patients and family members regarding the wristbands.

6. Educate staff to verify patient colorcoded “alert” wristbands upon assessment, hand-off of care, and transfer.

Preventing Patient Falls!

1 in every 3 adults over 65 fall each year. Proportion  increases to 1 in 2 by the age of 80 ◦ (“Falls Prevention Interventions in the Medicare Population” available at cms.gov) Falls exceed automobile accidents as the number one  cause of accidental death or persons over 75.

Thirty percent of hospital falls will result in injuries,  including 5% serious trauma such as hip fractures. Thus, there are about 52,500 serious injury falls per year in U.S. hospitals

–  –  –

Chemical: A drug or medication used  to control behavior or restrict a patient’s movement and is not the standard treatment or dosage for a patient’ s condition. Note that PRN drugs is only prohibited if med meets definition of drug.

If all 4 side rails are up, or if belts are being used  to keep a patient in bed or from getting up.

Patient’s have right to be free from  restraints, including when necessary only and not as coercion, discipline, convenience, or Medical = NV/NSD (non-violent, non-self  destructive) ◦ Prevent pulling lines Behavioral = V/SD (violent, self destructive  ◦ Danger to themselves or others, after least restrictive alternatives attempted.

Forensic restraints: handcuffs, shackles, or  other restrictive devices by law enforcement.

Orthopedic devices: surgical dressings,  bandages, protective helmets, etc.

Protective equipment: padded side rails,  padded mitts, etc.

Does not include methods that involve the  physical holding of a patient for the purpose of conducting routine physical examinations or tests (crying child for example) Restraints or seclusion can only be used when less  restrictive interventions have proven ineffective & they are needed to protect the patient, staff, or others!

Alternatives to undertake first:

  Promote a safe environment; fall precautions, assist devices, alarms, adjusting light/noise, patient location, 1:1, toileting.

 Promote cognitive, psychological, and physiological well being; orientate patient, ask family to help/stay, eliminate unnec equip, medication assessment, toileting, re-position, physical assessment to identify medical problems causing beh change, diversion activities.

 Promote functional mobility; wear glasses, contacts, hearing aids, strengthening activity, provide pain or other comfort meds These interventions must be documented!

 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal  Law that prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities.

The ADA includes those with hearing  impairments/deaf ◦ Assume nothing, take extra time to make sure understanding is clear) ◦ Maintain good eye contact ◦ Be sensitive to visual environment – avoid bright lights that create glare or make it difficult to read lips ◦ Some deaf people do not read lips; consider and use other methods to communicate.

◦ Family members/friends cannot reliably interpret medical terms and procedures Interpretation machine is housed in the ER/ED  department The nurse follows the procedure for start up  (laminated help sheet with the machine Interpreter will ask for needs (desired services  needed language/physician etc.) Connection is completed within minutes to begin  effective communication Keep machine plugged in so battery does not  drain.

Contact Supervisor if you encounter problems.

 Local sign language interpretation is available as  back-up.

TDY if needed.

 Packets (resource materials) from State Office  Other Languages (Medvix phone number with  code, 100 languages).

Meeting Needs of Disabled Patients  ◦ Handicap stalls, ramps, other assist devices ◦ Increased risk for falls, interventions as noted.

Hospitals must abide by ADA Laws!

 If you encounter issues, you may use the Hotline Number to call in the event: x3662 Sara Phillips Quality Director Sara Phillips Director Quality Management Quality Like Beauty is in the Eye of the  Beholder. We must meet the needs of the 20 year old as well as the 90 year old.

 Quality means different things to different people. They key to quality lies in communication and standardization.

The most frequent complaint from patients relates to the lack of communication from staff and physicians.

 Treat every patient the same way you would your family member (connect with the patient, show them they are not just a number) ISO is a set of standards that drive our Quality  Management System. We use them as our Quality management system. The Core element is standardization.

McDonald’s Hamburgers are the same all over the world because they have “work instructions” for how to cook a hamburger.

We have Standards, Forms, and Policies.

These three things provide directions on how to perform certain processes.

Patient/Client’s Satisfaction - Service Quality  Patient/Client’s Outcomes – Quality of Care (Do  the right thing, for the right patient, at the right time) ◦ Both of these elements now affect our payments.

Processes – Quality of Design  Staff and Physician Satisfaction – Quality of  Service, Design, and Care  Quality Improvement Designed to improve outcomes or processes  Quality Assurance – Designed to keep things the same.

Decreasing the Number of Code Blue Cases by  Implementing Rapid Response Teams that respond to emergency situations before the patient’s breathing or heart stops.

Decreasing the Number of Nosocomial MRSA  Infections by Implementing Strong Hand Washing Programs.

Define the Customer, their Critical to Quality (CTQ) issues, and the Core Business Process involved.

 Define who customers are, what their requirements are for products and services, and what their expectations are  Define project boundaries the stop and start of the process  Define the process to be improved by mapping the process flow Measure the performance of the Core Business Process involved.

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