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«St. Paul's Anglican Church, Lindsay Annual Vestry Report January 30, 2011 45 Russell St. W. Phone 324-4666 Lindsay, Ontario Website - ...»

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St. Paul's Anglican

Church, Lindsay

Annual Vestry Report

January 30, 2011

45 Russell St. W. Phone 324-4666

Lindsay, Ontario Website - www.st-paulsK9V 2W8 lindsay.ca

ANNUAL VESTRY MEETING – January 31, 2010

The Annual Vestry meeting was held after the 10:00 a.m. service on January 31, 2010, with 76 people attending.

Following a light lunch, Rev. Warren Leibovitch opened the meeting with prayer. Copies of the annual Vestry Report,

Annual Vestry Financial Report and the minutes of last years’ vestry were distributed.

Paul Carpentier was appointed Vestry Clerk.

Moved by Norm Davies, seconded by Joan Humphries; “The minutes of the February 1, 2009 Vestry Meeting be adopted as printed.” Carried.

The incumbent, Rev. Warren Leibovitch, stated that he had already discussed his report (also printed in the Annual Vestry Report) earlier in church, and turned it over to the wardens.

The wardens also indicated their comments are written in the Annual Report. Gerald Armstrong spoke briefly in regards to his 6 years as warden coming to an end. He said he was humbled by the support and the sense of Family he was blessed with during this time.

The Lectors’ Report was amended to include Marg Steffler. Moved by Bill Henderson, seconded by Betty Tyndall; “the “Other Reports” printed in the Annual Report be accepted as amended.” Carried.

Carrie Terry, our church treasurer, thanked Marg Brohm, Kay Smith, Norm Davies, Norm Eyre and Bill Witham for all their help. She led a short discussion on signing authority for 2010, the result of which was Vestry approving any 2 of the following 7 people; the wardens (Lutie Anne Presley, Richard Stuckey, Don Brohm, Dave Golding), Carrie Terry, Norm Eyre or Norm Davies.

Carrie presented the 2009 Financial Statement, which shows we ended with a $5,956 shortfall. Moved by Carrie Terry, seconded by Harold Stephenson; “the 2009 Financial Statement be accepted as presented.” Carried.

Carrie Terry presented the proposed budget for 2010, which projects a $496 surplus. There was discussion in regards to keeping $19,000 as a capital account cost against the post office with credit given to administration funds. Peter Payne also asked why new staff where not included. Warren stated we need a year to do Visioning Meetings and to get our plans in place before we move in this area.

Moved by Carrie Terry, seconded by Barb Truax; “the Proposed 2010 Budget be accepted.” Carried.

Moved by Warren Leibovitch, seconded by Paul Carpentier; “the visioning/planning process is not to drag on. Needed positions are to be identified and the money allocated in the 2011 budget.” Carried.

Richard Stuckey presented the nomination committees report. He stated a review of appointed Parish Council and Parish Positions was completed, and a Pastoral Care Representative has been added to Parish Council. Moved by Bill Witham, seconded by Beverly Baxter; “nominations close and that we accept the slate presented in the Nominating Committee Report.” Carried.

Under other business, Barb Truax and Susan Schrier unveiled the 175th Anniversary logo. It was very well received.

Don Brohm spoke about our licenses and leases. The wardens for some time now have been in discussions with the Diocese in regards to the current leases we have signed with the tenants verses those required by the Diocese. We are able to comply with the Glenelg rental properties by absorbing renters’ insurance at a cost of about $200 per unit.

However, we are at an impasse with the Diocese in regards to the commercial property (e.g. post office), as they will not sign the Diocesan lease and the Diocese will not approve any exceptions to Canon 6. Both our area Bishop (Linda Nicholls) and the dioceses’ CAO (Canon E. Hardy) have directed us to comply or we will be in jeopardy of having our insurance cancelled. This could/would result in our wardens and rector having to resign to avoid personal liability, and the diocese could/would appoint an administrator. The only solution appears to be for us to sell the post office building, and a Special Vestry will be held on February 14, 2010 to discuss the same. Vestry was asked to respect the confidential nature of this discussion.

Vestry Report 1 January 30, 2011 Gerald Armstrong did a presentation in regards to the selling of gift cards as a fundraiser. We are able to purchase gift cards at a discount (average 5%) from a number of vendors for re­sale. There are varying minimums by vendor, with the Weston’s group being the highest at $20,000. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Lindsay) has been very successful with this program for a number of years. Moved by Gerald Armstrong, seconded by Art Truax;

“The vestry of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Lindsay authorizes the Wardens to start a Gift Card Fundraising program as soon as appropriate, based on the proposal presented at the January 31, 2010 vestry meeting.

The wardens are further authorized to use cash reserves to fund the program and will be responsible to staff the program appropriately.

A full financial report will be presented as a minimum at the Annual Vestry meeting with appropriate interim reporting to the parish.

The Gift Card program will be examined as part of the St. Paul’s annual financial review and reported on specifically in the reviewers report.” Carried.

Gerald Armstrong then presented a paper he has titled “A Call to Action”. Gerald did a two pronged, in depth analyses in regards to 1) Congregational growth and 2) Financial Sustainability. At St. Paul’s both areas are trending flat despite the significant population growth (predicted 20.6% from 2001 – 2011) in Lindsay, and the fact that operating expenses keep growing. He offered a number of insights and suggestions on how to address the challenge. He also stressed the importance of addressing them in a planned manner with a sense of urgency. Moved by Gerald Armstrong, seconded by Lois Hunter; “the Wardens and Incumbent of St. Paul’s develop an approach to address the two areas of Congregational Growth and Financial Sustainability as strategic initiatives. A team leader is to be chosen for each, and they recruit 4­6 interested members. Goals are to be set and intermediate targets (12 months or less) that can be measured are to be put in place.” Carried.

Clive Berry moved a vote of thanks to Gerald Armstrong for preparing the “Call to Action”. Vestry unanimously supported the same.

There was some discussion in regards to personal liability verses church coverage (under our policy) that might exist for parishioners serving on the boards of community organizations on our behalf (e.g. food cupboard). This is being looked into, as it appears other boards are responsible for their own coverage...

Elsie Stephenson asked that we not forget to find/allocate some money towards areas of need and concern for the seniors, who do happen to be the majority of our congregation.

Warren thanked Gerald Armstrong for the tremendous, above and beyond job he has done as a warden. He also thanked Anne Armstrong for supporting Gerald in his commitment to the job. All vestry members joined in a sincere, extended and well deserved show of appreciation to Gerald and Anne.

Harold Stevenson moved for adjournment. Carried.

Vestry closed with members joining hands and saying the Grace.

Respectfully submitted Paul A. Carpentier Vestry Clerk

–  –  –

Vestry Report 4 January 30, 2011 WARDEN’S REPORT th Happy New Year to everyone! As you know by now, the celebrations of our 175 Anniversary are underway and we hope th that you can find some exciting things occurring in the upcoming year. The recurring ‘theme’ of the 175 celebrations is The PAST, the PRESENT, the FUTURE ----It is customary to celebrate the PAST – where we have been, what we have done and how we have done it – but in so doing we come to appreciate the PRESENT by what our ancestors or those who came before us left us to treasure. We look around at our current parishioners who faithfully maintain the church even through changing values and liturgy.

To look to the FUTURE we must have a vision and a plan – where are we going? How are going to get there? What stepping stones need to be in place? How will we finance the plan?

In an attempt to answer some of these questions the Wardens are planning a “Visioning” Retreat on Saturday, February 12 at 9 am. Everyone’s thoughts and ideas are welcome. Please plan to attend and share your thoughts.

St. Paul’s has once again been a very busy church in 2010. Our calendar of events included the Pancake Supper, Strawberry Supper, the Fair Booth, Harvest Happening, the Mystery Dinner Theatre, Mens’ Breakfasts, Womens’ Breakfasts, the Lenten Series, our three Wheelchair Services, Community Care Luncheons, the Christmas and Easter programs for the students of King Albert Elementary School, Lay Pastoral Visiting and Outreach efforts have proven to be most successful this year. We served over 120 individuals at our Christmas Dinner to those who would have otherwise th been alone over this Holiday Season. Working throughout this year was the 175 Committee planning special services and events to celebrate our upcoming anniversary in 2011. We thank Paul Carpentier and Phyllis for being a great part of the earning for these special events. Well Done Everyone!

We continued with two major projects that required on-going work,- the severance of the Glenelg Street properties and the Fire Service regulations to bring the buildings up-to-code. These two items are almost complete.

In 2010 the Post Office building was sold and we lost the tenant, Kawartha Participation Projects at the Rectory (St. Paul’s House) after a 30 year association. Some brickwork has been done around the church, 2 sump pumps have been replaced under the Church and a circulating pump on the heating system was replaced.

As to our Wardens, we said goodbye to Lutie Anne Presley in June following the completion of her term and Richard Stuckey stepped down because of his employment demands in September. We thank them for the positive affect they had as Wardens and wish them well in their future endeavours. Replacing one of them as of June was Barb Truax and a second will be replaced at Vestry 2011. We welcome Barb aboard for her second term of service.

th On January 16 we welcomed The Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz and his wife, Lynne, to St. Paul’s as the celebrant to th our first special 175 Service, St. Paul’s Day.

I hope you have had an opportunity to read the articles that have been published in media (The Anglican, The Post and Kawartha This Week) about St. Paul’s. Our historians/scribes, Ross and Pat Smyth, have written excellent documentaries about the ‘life and times’ of our church. These and future articles may be viewed on the website at www.st-paulsth lindsay.ca. The 175 committee has been busy organizing all the special services and festivities for the remainder of this year. Thank You to them!!!

The use of Visa and Mastercard was started in October as an alternative convenience to cash or cheque. This may be used at any of our functions for ticket purchase or offerings, gift cards etc.. In addition, a donation button has been placed on the web site so that you may access these from the comfort of your home.

Our gift card sales were a great addition to our bottom line and we have to thank Bill Witham and Kay Smith for ‘manning’ the table throughout last year to get this up and running.

Our Church School continues to build its ‘Ark’. Drop in anytime and see it when you are at the church!

th 2011 As to Volunteers, where would we be without them!!! They are the mainstay of our community! On May 15, we th honour all volunteers at the 175 Volunteer Appreciation Sunday Service. Our special guest and celebrant will be Bishop Douglas Blackwell and we welcome him back.

What will 2011 hold for us? It will have challenges! With the loss of revenue from two sources occurring in 2010 we will have to address a budget deficit and find new sources of revenue. At the same time there are upcoming maintenance Vestry Report 5 January 30, 2011 issues that will have to be addressed over the next few years. Thus, we need your attendance at the Visioning Retreat mentioned above.

As you know, our Rectory stands idle. Many ideas have come forward as to its future use. To investigate these possibilities and present a business plan to the Wardens, an ad hoc committee has been formed. This group will report back to the Wardens by the end of April. Members of this group are Marg Steffler, Tim Middleton, Art Truax, Mal Hickson and Bill Witham. Their task is daunting so keep them in your prayers.

We know that Reverend Warren works tirelessly to keep St. Paul’s in the forefront of the community with innovative ideas.

We accept these challenges and diligently try to bring them to fruition. Thank You Warren!!

We look for great success this year and thank you in advance for all your support!

–  –  –


The St. Francis study group who meet on the first and third Mondays at 1:30 in the church library have completed Travelling Light by Max Lucado and are now studying the Pastoral Epistles. The evening group who meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays in one another's homes are studying The Purpose Driven Life. Both groups welcome new members.

For more information please phone Bette Witham 324 2654 for the afternoon group and Ethel Morris 324 4445 for the evening group.

Submitted by Bette Witham We had 2 new bible study groups start in 2011.

Men’s Bible Study started in February and they meet on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. over coffee in the library and they were studying the books of James and 1 & 2 Peter.

Women’s Bible Study started in December and meet on Fridays at 1:00 p.m. in the library. They began with a study of the Sermon on the Mount.


–  –  –

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