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«Vancouver Senate VANCOUVER SENATE MINUTES OF 14 NOVEMBER 2012 Attendance Present: Prof. S.J. Toope (President and Chair), Mr J. ...»

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Vancouver Senate





Present: Prof. S.J. Toope (President and Chair), Mr J. Ridge (Secretary), Mr T. Ahmed, Dr R. Anstee, Dean G.

Averill, Dr K. Baimbridge, Dr J. Belanger, Principal H. Brock, Mr B. Caracheo, Dr G. Chapman, Prof. B. Craig, Mr

B. Craig, Dr W. Dunford, Mr P. Edgcumbe, Dr D. Farrar, Mr D. Fernandez, Ms. V. Goyal, Dr S. Grayston, Mr S. Haffey, Dr W. Hall, Dr P. Harrison, Mr M. Hunter, Dean M. Isman, Dr I. Ivanov, Mr T. Jefferson, Dr S. Knight, Dr U. Kumar, Dr B.S. Lalli, Ms M. Leong, Dr P. Leung, Ms N. Liu, Dr P. Loewen, Prof. B. MacDougall, Dr W McKee, Ms M.

McKenna, Mr W. McNulty, Ms S. Morgan-Silvester, Dr K. Patterson, Dean S. Peacock, Dr N. Perry, Principal J.

Plessis, Dean pro tem. S. Porter, Dr A. Riseman, Mr C Roach, Dr L. Rucker, Mr A. Sihota, Dr D. Simunic, Dr S.

Singh, Dr R. Sparks, Dr B. Stelck, Ms S. Sterling, Dr S. Thorne, Ms K. Tyson, Dr M. Vessey, Dr D. Witt, Mr E.

Woo, Mr J. Yang, Ms L. Zhu.

Regrets: Ms E. Biddlecombe, Dean M.A. Bobinski, Dr L. Burr, Mr B. Caro, Dr P. Choi, Rev. Dr S. Farris, Dean B.

Frank, Prof. B. Goold, Rev Dr M. Hagemoen, Dean pro tem. E. Hall, Dean R. Helsley, Dean J. Innes, Mr P. Lee, Dr D. Lehman, Ms K. Mahal, Dr F. Marra, Dr P. Marshall, Principal L. Nasmith, Dr D. O’Donoghue, Dr I. Parent, Dr R. Reid, Ms T. Rosseel, Dean C. Shuler, Dean R. Sindelar, Dean G. Stuart, Mr M. Thom, Mr D.

Verma, Dr L. Walker, Dr R. Wilson, Dr R. Windsor-Liscombe, Dr R. Winter.

Guests: Mr A. Arida, Mr I. Burgess, Dr A. Kindler, Mr P. Ouillet, Mr D. Shorthouse.

Recording Secretary: Mr C. Eaton Call to Order The President called the third regular meeting of the Senate for the 2012/2013 Academic Year to order.

Agenda Under the Rule 20 (d) of the Rules & Procedures of Senate, the Chair accepted the request of the Provost to add the consideration of the “BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk” under Other Business.

Tributes Committee


The Chair of the Tributes Committee, Dr Sally Thorne, presented.

Sally Thorne } That Senate approve the Memorial Minute for Dr Richard Anstee Katherine T. Brearley, that it be entered into the Minutes of Senate, and that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased.

Vol. 2011/12 11/12 - 1 VANCOUVER SENATE 12/13 - 2 MINUTES OF 14 NOVEMBER 2012

–  –  –

Dr. Katherine T. Brearley was born in Calgary and moved to White Rock as a young girl. After high school, Dr. Brearley completed her BA at UBC in English, French and History in 1935, her professional year in Education in 1936, and her MA in English in 1939. She taught at Semiahmoo Secondary School in Surrey from 1937 to 1947, before going on to earn her PhD at the Université de Paris. Dr.

Brearley returned to UBC in 1950, where she was in charge of the Women’s Residence from 1950 to 1954, and Assistant Dean of Women from 1959 to 1962.

In 1969, Dr. Brearley was promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of French, and Senior Faculty Advisor in the Faculty of Arts. She served in these roles until her retirement from UBC, upon which she became Associate Professor emerita. The Kay Brearley Service Award is given annually to the student or nonstudent whose service to the Women’s Athletic program has been judged to be exceptional. Dr. Brearley was both a member and Chair of the Women’s Athletic Committee for many years. She had a genuine interest in students, and was committed to encouraging student involvement and leadership. In addition to her many other contributions to UBC, Dr. Brearley served on the Senate from 1975 to 1981 as a representative of Joint Faculties.

A textbook case against mandatory retirement, Dr. Brearley returned to high school teaching at Little Flower Academy from 1981 to 1988. After retiring from LFA, she volunteered with neighbourhood agencies and remained active with UBC Retired Faculty. Dr. Brearley also became an accomplished painter of watercolours, her works being shown at venues such as “Artists in our midst”.

–  –  –

Senate Membership The Registrar informed Senate that in response to the call for nominations issued at the October 17, 2012 meeting of the Senate, we received one (1) nomination from Dr Don Witt to the Senate Nominating Committee. Therefore, Dr Witt is acclaimed elected to the Committee until 31 August 2014 and thereafter until replaced.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

–  –  –

Business Arising from the Minutes Senator Knight asked about the ownership of massive open online courses being offered by UBC through Coursera.

Dr Farrar replied that to date, four faculty members are interested in developing courses under Coursera and that those faculty members were not functioning under the collective agreement for this activity.

Remarks from the Chair With regard to labour relations, the President informed Senate that mediation had resulted in an agreement being reached with Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) local 2278 and that the Faculty Association negotiations have been suspended; UBC is moving to interest arbitration for February 2013 with the Association as there are significant differences between the Faculty Association and UBC for both compensation and contract language. Further, the Board has ratified agreements with both CUPE 116 and 2950.

Professor Toope noted that the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) met the week of October 22nd and continued an initiative started last year, “Universities on the Hill”, where the leadership of AUCC met with senior government officials, ministers, and members of Parliament. Meetings focused on core budgets for granting councils, international education, and support for aboriginal education initiatives.

Finally, the President described his trip to India as encouraging and successful. While there, the Prime Minister announced that UBC’s Dr Nemy Banthia will be heading the Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence, a collaboration between UBC, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, and private-sector partners in Canada and India.

Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas

–  –  –

Admissions Committee The Chair of the Committee, Dr Robert Sparks, presented.



See Appendix A: Policy V-52

–  –  –

Senator Sparks reminded Senate of the history leading to the proposal. He noted that at the September Senate meeting, Policy J-52 was rescinded and at that time the Senate Admissions Committee suggested that while J-52 was no longer needed, improvements to our admissions policies were still warranted. These improvements related to offering timely offers of admission to applicants, enabling a more holistic approach to admission considerations, and harmonizing what we do for BC/Yukon students with those from outside of British Columbia and that these were the changes being brought to Senate at this time.

Dr Sparks drew Senate’s attention to the extensive consultation on this proposal.

The Committee Chair advised that the key components of the proposal were as follows:

- The use of final Grade 11 grades as substitute for interim Grade 12 grades not available by April.

- Re-introduce the conditionality of offers to mitigate the risks of making offers based on earlier grade information.

- Addressing significant variances between English course and Provincial Examination grades by allowing the use of only examination marks when there is variance of 20% or greater.

With regard to Policy J-52, Dr Sparks explained to Senate that the Okanagan campus was still considering what approach it would take and that he hoped the Okanagan Senate would quickly come to its own policy decision in this area.

Senator Baimbridge asked if institutions that made earlier offers did so conditionally.

With permission of Senate, Mr Andrew Arida, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, answered that yes, most institutions made conditional offers and those that did generally specified conditions.

–  –  –

predictive than grade 12 grades, but the error rate was rather small and that he trusted that the Senate Admissions Committee would review this as needed. Dr Anstee suggested that if we moved to earlier offers we would not be able to use 2nd term grades and 1st term grades were not verifiable; he suggested that this would need to be looked at should we move towards early offers. Finally, Dr Anstee spoke in favour of conditionality in general as it supported the idea of students still studying in Grade 12 and noted that he was pleased that faculties were empowered to set needed thresholds for those conditions.

It was confirmed for Senator Belanger that the English Provincial Examination language was new to the proposed policy and did not represent a current practice.

Professor Toope noted that in his six years as President of the University, the number one complaint he has heard from the community has been the slowness of our admission decisions. He expressed his appreciation for this policy improving that situation.

–  –  –

The Chair noted that this represented around $18000 in new funding. The Development office worked hard to ensure new funding for students. This is the most difficult period of time for our development office. Donors are talking about liquidity issues despite having good finances.

Professor Toope commented that while UBC was seeing is continued extraordinary support for the University, donors who give smaller gifts may be feeling less able to give. Further, many donors of larger gifts are less interested in endowments.

–  –  –

Senator Leung explained the rationale for the prize and its terms.

By general consent, the citizenship criterion was amended to read “Must be a Canadian citizen.”

–  –  –

Report from the Provost FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2011/2012 AND BUDGET OUTLOOK The Provost introduced Mr Pierre Ouillet, Vice-President Finance, Resources and Operations, who presented.

NB: The University financial statements for 2011/2012 are available from the Secretary.

Mr Ouillet gave an overview of UBC’s financial statements and then spoke of our outlook for next year. He noted that as in past years, tuition increases are limited to inflation, the Provincial grant is flat, and inflation remains a pressure on our budget. For the next two years, cuts in the Provincial grant are expected: 1% for next year and 1.5% the year after. The Vice-President described this as problematic as the University’s other main source of revenue – tuition- was capped and collective agreement negotiations had and would like continue to involve wage increases.

The Vice-President described the softening real estate market as presenting a problem for UBC;

although we could defer further construction, funds raised were used to provide the liquidity needed for Student housing expansion in light of the Provincial debt cap.

Mr Ouillet went over the planning assumptions used for the operating budget and then the budget projections through 2017/2018 for central and the faculties and potential mitigation strategies for revenue shortfalls. He suggested that revenue diversification was preferable to any cuts, including summer use of campus, the “bridge” program, and flexible learning.

VANCOUVER SENATE 12/13 - 7 MINUTES OF 14 NOVEMBER 2012 With regard flexible learning, Mr Ouillet suggested that UBC needed a thoughtful strategy that reflected our strengths and what kind of university we want to be. Most students want degrees, others want credits, and some just want to enhance their lives. UBC needs to understand these needs by segment and provide corresponding opportunities.

Senator Hall noted that the faculty breakdown would require a significant amount of funding from International students but some faculties do not have access to that revenue stream as they have limited capacity for new students.

The Provost replied that the financial situation varied by faculty. Sauder, for example, may not want to grow internationally. Pharmacy now has government funding to expand its class. Overall, we are comfortable with where the faculties will be but strategies will be different for each.

–  –  –

Senator Edgcumbe asked how international student tuition was allocated.

Dr Farrar replied that at the undergraduate and graduate professional degree level, 2/3rds went to their faculty but revenue would be shared if students took classes outside of their faculty. For doctoral students, there was no distinction made between domestic or International students.

In response to a question from Senate Knight, the Provost advised that in the short term, the bridge program was the most promising opportunity for revenue diversification. If UBC decided not to move in that direction, cuts would need to be made.

Senator Anstee asked how the Start an Evolution campaign affected the budget.

Mr Ouillet replied that the bulk of our donations were for capital projects and supporting activities that are time limited, not for longer-term endowments.

The Provost suggested that in addition to attracting and supporting more international students, UBC will need to better understand the online learning universe. Dr Farrar opined that there was a major disruptive event coming to online education akin to how digital media affected the record industry.

Mr Ouillet added that he did not think online learning would directly reduce our costs but suggested that excelling in this field may give us the opportunity grow new revenue sources. The focus of UBC will be to see that our students have the best experience possible and then how can we use and capitalize on the knowledge gained externally.

–  –  –

The Provost replied that this idea was still being considered.

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