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Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Oregon National Career Readiness Certificate

Site Administrator and Proctor Training

Information Packet





Oregon CCWD Training Components:

 Basic Account Management

 Account Management Groups and Batch Loading

 Test Administration and User Guide Training

Revised September 20, 2015 – Oregon Work Ready Communities / Oregon National Career Readiness Certificate Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development The Oregon NCRC is an equal opportunity program. Auxiliary formats are available upon request to persons with disabilities.

Oregon NCRC Site Administrator and Proctor Training Information Overview of Staff Roles Depending on your site’s specific staffing resources, you may have a separate person fulfilling each responsibility or one or more persons fulfilling multiple responsibilities.

Oregon - Site Administrator (Manual references Site Administrator and Test Supervisor) The Site Administrator has overall responsibility for coordinating testing-site operations, including setting up testing rooms and schedules.

The Site Administrator generally administers all test day operations and acts as the Proctor if only one testing room will be used, conducting examinee check-in and the activities within the testing room. He or she provides the continuity and administrative uniformity necessary to ensure that the examinees are tested under the same conditions and ensures the security of the examinations. A Site Administrator backup should be designated.

Oregon – Proctor (Manual references Room Supervisor and Proctors) Each testing room is required to have a Proctor who must serve for the entire session. One or two Proctors if fewer than 25 examinees are testing. An additional Proctor is required for every 25 examinees (or portion thereof) after the 1st 25 in the room. WorkKeys tests may NOT be administered without testing staff present and constantly monitoring the room.

Oregon - Site Administrator Oregon - Proctor

Specific responsibilities include: Specific responsibilities include:

 Read the WorkKeys Internet Version Test  Read the WorkKeys Internet Version Test Administration Administration and User Guide and Supplement and User Guide and Supplement  Attend the WorkKeys Internet Training webinar  Attend the WorkKeys Internet Training webinar and online and online training training  Complete the Test Site Staff WorkKeys Manua

–  –  –

WorkKeys Training Requirements for Site Administrator and Proctors For standardized testing to occur successfully, staff members must understand their responsibilities. It is critical that the same procedures are followed at every test site. Therefore, Site Administrators are required to ensure their testing staffs are trained on how to administer a standardized test at their site.

Required ACT WorkKeys Training (no cost to Oregon NCRC sites)

1. Read the WorkKeys Internet Version Test Administration and User Guide and Supplement and comply with the policies and procedures it describes.

2. Attend the "Introduction to WorkKeys Internet Version Test Administration" training webinar. (See the WorkKeys Notices on the WorkKeys Reference site for times and dates and additional information about the training webinar.) You can also download webinar slides from the trainng site.

3. All site administrators and proctors must complete ACT Required training and completed the Test Site Staff WorkKeys Manual Verification Form before administering NCRC tests.

Optional CCWD Training (no cost to Oregon NCRC sites) Demo realm (Administrator) https://testadministration.org/vtcadmin/goRealmLogin.do?realm=566617744 User ID: Training234 Password: Training234

Demo testing realm (Examinee):

https://testregistration.org/rsp/Login.do?event=go&realm=566617744 User ID: (must use an examinee ID you created in your demo realm) Password: (must use the examinee password you created in your demo realm)

–  –  –

Send Oregon NCRC Proctor Requests or Questions to:

Email: NCRC.proctor@odccwd.state.or.us The Validus Process for Workkeys Assessements

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• Administering a Test to a Single Examinee - how to create an account, register for an assessment, authorize a test, launch the test, and generate an Instant Score Report.

o Self registration o Batch load

Other Issues:

• Account Management Quick Start Guide Account Management is used to reset a disabled account, lock an account, and send a new password to an examinee. The term "account" refers to a person's access to WorkKeys Internet Version.

• Setting Extended Time This Quick Start Guide outlines how to set extended time for a registration. Extended time is used to help meet an accommodation need.

• Looking Up a Password When you look up a password, you can just view it or you can change it, if necessary.

• Launching an Interrupted Test

• Associate User This Quick Start Guide outlines how to associate (or add) a user from another site.

–  –  –

• Oregon Proctor Batch Load Guide and Template. The Batch Load feature allows a site administrator to create a 'batch' of registrations. If you have records in a spreadsheet you can copy and paste that information into an Oregon Proctor Batch Load Template. The "ProcterBatchLoadTemp" download is located at the bottom of the Oregon NCRC webpage in Center Resources at http://www.oregonworkready.com

Oregon Proctor Batch Load Guide

Oregon has developed a shorter, quicker template to do batch loading of groups. You will need to download the "ProcterBatchLoadTemp" an Excel download located at the bottom of the Oregon NCRC webpage in Center Resources at http://www.oregonworkready.com and follow instructions below.

User Batch Load is used to create registrations for several examinees using a spreadsheet. An Administrator

must have one or both of the following roles to use the Batch Load feature:

Validus Registration Loader Admin (Persons in this role may view and manage all batch load files within their realm.) Validus Registration Loader (Persons in this role may view and manage only files they have loaded.)

Before starting the process:

In Validus Administrator, create a new group, or find the group number from an existing group (the number can be found in the right hand column resulting from the Search function in the Group Management tab). A group number is required for the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Instructions

Open the Excel template spreadsheet provided. Using the "test_group" tab:

• Add First name, Last name, and employee number (Job Seeker ID #) for each individual being registered. The spreadsheet will auto-create both a username and password for each individual.

• Enter the group number on the first row under the “groupId” header. The column will autopopulate.

• Once all the information is input, select cell A1, copy the header labels and all the information input for the group, leaving the unused rows unselected.

• Open a Blank Document and "paste special" (values and numbers format).

• Save this new file as a.csv (comma delimited, MS-DOS) file.

• Do not save the template file.

Batch Loading Instructions Log into Validus Administration.

1. Choose the User Batch Load tab on the left side of the screen.

2. Click Create.

3. Click Browse to find the.csv file create in the steps listed above. Select the file and click Open.

4. Click Submit.

The status of the file will be “Not Processed” until it has fully uploaded.

Oregon Proctor Batch Load Guide (Page 2) Monitoring the batch file loading progress There are two methods of monitoring the batch file loading progress: through email notifications and through Validus. Monitoring your batch file is important because you must ensure all examinee records are properly created.

1. Monitor the loading progress through email by making sure your email address is included in the account information on the account you used to load the file.

2. Monitoring the batch file loading progress through Validus: click the Refresh button to check on the progress.

Note: The system checks for new files every five minutes. Files are processed in the order they arrive. The length of time it takes to process your file will depend upon how many files are ahead of yours in the queue. Though it is possible that your file will process within a few minutes, it is recommended that you allow at least 24 hours for your file to be processed.

Once the process is complete, go to the realm and confirm that the group is populated with the appropriate individuals. Reopen the saved.csv file and confirm the usernames match with the individuals in the group.

Disseminating logins and passwords

To make copies of the login names and passwords:

• Select all the rows used in the.csv file, right click and select Row Height.

• Change the height to approximately 25.

• Adjust the Column width to allow appropriate spacing between the data

• Print the spreadsheet page

• Cut the page into strips along the rows.

• Each strip should have the individuals name, login, and password which can be distributed when they check in for the assessment.

Username and password format

• The format for the username is: First initial (capitalized), Last name (capitalized), two digits, and a lower case letter.

• The format for the password is: two uppercase letters, two digits, two lowercase letters.

This helps in distinguishing between lower case L and upper case I (I vs. l), zero and O (0 vs. O).

Important Oregon Site Administrator and Proctors Training Links WorkKeys Reference Site at http://www.act.org/workkeys-private/reference

• WorkKeys Notices

• Administrator Resources

• Manuals

• WorkKeys Internet Version Quick Start Guides WorkKeys Administrator Training Site: https://www.act.org/workkeys/reference/training

• Username: Admin

• Password: Training Optional Training Optional training may be provided by site administrators, peer to peer, or you may schedule CCWD training staff that will guide your group through each of the account management steps within the demo-testing site providing hands on experience.

Before Administering NCRC Tests All site administrators and proctors must complete ACT Required training and complete the Test Site Staff WorkKeys Manual Verification Form before administering NCRC tests. This includes each staff certifying they have read, completed ACT training, and agree to comply with all ACT test administration policies, including those listed in the WorkKeys Internet

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