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«KOTARA HIGH SCHOOL Lexington Parade, Adamstown, NSW 2289 Phone : 0249433044 Fax : 0249421049 Email: kotara-h.school Keeping in Touch ...»

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Lexington Parade, Adamstown, NSW 2289

Phone : 0249433044 Fax : 0249421049

Email: kotara-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Keeping in Touch


Principal’s message to students and parents

HSC Trial Exams- Feedback

The HSC Trial exams for Year 12 were held in the last two weeks of Term 2. These exams are very

important to the students as they get a clear picture of exactly where they are in relation to standards expected in each of their subjects. We have sent a letter to all HSC parents with feedback from the „Trials‟, information regarding important dates for the rest of this year will come out later in the term.

UBE School Visit Week4/5 a group of students from Newcastle‟s „sister city‟ in Japan have come to visit. This is an event sponsored by Newcastle City council. Many thanks for our staff member Sue Crowe and our Students for stepping up and taking billets at the last minute. Sue planned the itinerary for the 8 visiting students and two adults and has done a marvellous job.

UBE High School On top of the „sister city‟ visit our annual Sister School visit by students from UBE high school is also upon us. We will have another group of students from UBE high staying with us in week 5.

Hakodate In addition to this there are two year 10 students visiting from Hakodate. They are here for one term and I can report that after 4 weeks of being at Kotara High they are almost Aussies.

Student numbers In 2013 we expect to run 7 classes in Year 7. This will be total of 196 students. We had unprecedented interest in our school from students who are „out of zone‟ with well over 100 expressing a desire to attend Kotara High. Mr Dibben Mr Barnett and myself interviewed most of these young people and were very impressed by the maturity of these young men and women.

The selection panel has met and placed our „non locals‟ on a waiting list. This is always a difficult task and one that must be done with some sensitivity, particularly in situations where there are siblings attending Kotara High.

Subject selections Our Year 10 students have made their subject selections for Year 11 and 12. We are in the process off placing these on „lines and determining the timetable for next year.

Many parents attended the information evening with Ian West our Board of Studies Liaison Officer who was very helpful.

The best advice for students is to “choose those courses in which they are interested, perform well in, and which provide a suitable background for their future careers. ” [UAC News, Vol 6 – issue 4] What if my child can‟t get all his/hersubjects?

–  –  –

Term 3 is a very busy time in schools with the seniors both 11 and 12 preparing for final exams. We are all well aware of the pressure on our students at this time. If you have any concerns about your child please don‟t hesitate to contact their student adviser.

Junior Electives Our Year 8 students are also in the process of choosing their electives for the next two years. I m pleased to say that we have a wonderful array of subjects for students to choose.

Major Works This is an extremely busy time for our year 12 students who have a major project or practical component to their HSC.

We currently have 83 major projects in the last few days of production. They will be locked away for marking starting Monday The Principal P Sheargold

–  –  –

The PD/H/PE staff would like to welcome Emma Jackson to the staffroom. She will be an intern for Term 3 under the expert guidance of Mrs Julie Dalton. She has already developed many useful resources for the PD/H/PE Program and is proving to be an asset to the staffroom.

This Term some Yr 10 students are finishing off their unit on „Squash‟. Those who have not paid their school fees need to do so ASAP. The Yr 8 „Bush Dance‟ unit has been quite successful this Term, with many students demonstrating exceptional skills and enjoying some new dances.

As a general reminder, the PD/H/PE staff expects all students to be in full school sports uniform for EVERY practical lesson. This includes appropriate supportive footwear. If there is a legitimate reason that your child cannot be prepared for participation with the appropriate uniform, please send a signed letter with relevant details and a change of clothes so that they can still participate in the lesson.

The PD/H/PE staff have now settled into the new staffroom quite nicely and students seem to have figured out where to locate us. We would also like to thank the General Assistant, Greg Osborne for his work on the new volleyball court in the main quad.

Kotara High School has been selected as an intervention school in the „Physical Activity for Everyone Program‟. Jarrod Weiss will be assisting PD/H/PE staff to implement the strategies of this program through providing guidance, training and resources. Further information on this program will be supplied in future K.I.Ts.

–  –  –

Good luck to the Aerobics girls who will be competing at the Nationals in August. Results will be in the next KIT. Sport presentation will be held in November and I am currently getting all the information together to ensure that all our talented young athletes are rewarded for their efforts.

In September we will be entering 4 teams in the Schools Athletics KO at Glendale. The Olympics are inspiring a younger generation to be active. Year 7 will be involved in a touch gala day at the end of term this is organised by the year 10 PASS elective class.

Open Girls Soccer Team Results – The Open Girls Soccer Team made it to the final 16 teams in the state last Term, which was a fantastic achievement. Unfortunately, they were defeated by Cheltenham Girls high School 3-2 extra time. The game was quite close and our goals were scored by Payge Condon and Maddison Thornton. The girls have performed very well over the course of the competition and KHS should be very proud of them.

AEROBICS – Aerobics State Final Results nd Kotara High School – Impact came 2 in Secondary Stage 1 at the State Finals and are currently th training for Nationals on 19 August. Impact - Tanayha Cook, Amy Donnely, Jemima Crane, Isabella Parker, Tyler Dietrich, Sophie Hayes, Maddi Rivers.

Kotara High School – Kinetics came 1st in Secondary Stage 2 at the State Finals and are currently th training for Nationals on 19 August. Kinetics - Maddy Prietto, Ellie Kingston-Hogg, Eryn Chesney, Zoe Katopodis, Sally Bendich, Sarah Stanton and Verenna Brown.

Starstruck Audience Excursion KHS students went to the Entertainment Centre again this year to support our wonderful dancers in the Starstruck dance eisteddfod. Seated in the front rows, we could almost reach out and touch our dancers - or at least they could clearly hear our loud cheering! It was another wonderful day and our dancers did a great job. We are looking forward to seeing another spectacular show next year!

Mrs KikerLibrary News

Thank you to all those students, staff and parents who have collected stickers for th Woolworth‟s Earn and Learn program which concluded on the 12 of August. If you still have some you can send them in to school until the end of the month to be counted towards the purchase of library resources. We have collected many times what we did last year so it has been worthwhile to be involved.

Year 7 students are completing their book trailers and we will be having a film festival in classes in the next couple of weeks after which our focus will change to non-fiction and research.

Next week is Book Week and September is Get Reading month in this National Year of Reading, so it is a good time to think about the benefits of being able to read. Indigenous Literacy Day is held on the th 5 of September and the library will hold a fundraising book sale to support it. Donations of books to add to the sale will be gratefully received. There will be other activities throughout the school to focus on Indigenous literacy issues and other related themes. We also have the Get Reading guide free to pick up in the library for anyone who would like one.

Get Reading!

Liza Moss Teacher Librarian

–  –  –

Year 11 Geography and Mr Mogg spent Friday 15th June exploring the natural environment of Dudley Beach. The class bussed to Dudley, walked to the beach and carried out fieldwork on the eucalypt, rainforest, estuary, sand dune and heath vegetation communities. The main aim of the day was to observe the interaction that occurs between all of the elements of the environment.

The highlights of the day, apart from the fieldwork, were (in no particular order):

 Lachlan’s beach hat.

 Barbecued sausage sandwiches on the beach.

 An impromptu game of beach cricket.

The excursion had been postponed due to rain, but the second attempt saw brilliant sunshine and warmish weather. An enjoyable and exhausting day was had by all.

Mr G Mogg ROBOCUP JUNIOR HUNTER REGIONAL 2012 RoboCup Junior is a project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international robotic events for young students. It is designed to introduce RoboCup to primary and secondary school children, with the focus on the junior league, fun and education. RoboCup is an international effort whose purpose is to foster Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.

The initiative also serves as a basis for project-oriented education.

RoboCup Junior Australia is a national robotics competition for schools. This is a unique event that excites and motivates students. Participants in RoboCup Junior Australia events may choose Robot Dance, Rescue or Soccer.

–  –  –

12 students in 4 teams from Year 8 and 9 students were select from Kotara High to participate in the RoboCup Junior Hunter Regional 2012 competition. Our students only had limited time to develop their skills before the competition. The teams competed in RoboCup Rescue; which was an obstacle course with a set time limit.

Even though the odds were stacked against our competing teams, Kotara High Team C was ranked 6 after the elimination rounds and semi-finals. This was an outstanding effort when taken into account there were 34 competing teams with a large representation of schools who specialised in robotic education. Congratulations to all our students and their efforts.


–  –  –

Already it‟s been a Busy Term For the technologically minded.

Year 12 are finalising their major projects in industrial technology Timber and design and Technology. Students have been designing and constructing a project of their choice.

Together with their folio this mark will go towards their HSC. We hope their hard work has paid off.

The electronics department has acquired a new 3D router which enables A CAD drawn object to be cut to scale, providing accurate models and prototypes for design work.

The junior classes have begun new subjects this semester, and are fortunate enough to be doing interesting things like bridge building, toy making, ring making, DVD racks and wind chimes.

–  –  –

nd On Thursday the 2 of August 32 Kotara High School students went to Broadmeadow basketball stadium to compete in the Science and Engineering Challenge. On the day Kotara High competed against seven other schools in the Hunter region in a series of Science and Engineering based activities. Such activities included the creation of a catapult, hovercrafts, bridges and aeroplanes.

At lunch time, Kotara was placed in seventh position out of eight. However, as the day continued students found their stride and climbed up to third place by the end of the day. We came in behind St Mary‟s and Hunter Valley Grammar, two schools who have gone on to nationals in the past. The students at Kotara High School had an excellent time and represented their school with pride and good sportsmanship.

–  –  –

Bryce Blackmore (supervising staff member) Hospitality News On Monday the 30th June, Year 12 Food and Beverage students transformed a classroom into a fully operational Cafe as part of an assessment event for Hospitality.

The task required students to prepare and serve both food and beverages (including coffee, hot chocolates, milkshakes etc) to a minimum of 4 customers each. The day was arranged into 4 separate service periods and a roster was drawn up for waitpersons and maitre d' in the cafe and plating supervisors, coffee and cold beverage assistants and cleaning assistants in the kitchen. Our ‘customers’ were Year 7 Technology, Year 9 Food Technology and Year 11 Hospitality students.

Thank you to the students and their teachers (Mr King and Mrs Regent) for being such willing participants on the day!

In the lead up to the big event, the Hospitality students were responsible for drafting a floor plan of the cafe, folding over 100 napkins, polishing cutlery and glassware, ironing tablecloths, preparing centrepieces etc. On the day, the students’ job roles included greeting and seating their customers, presenting menus, taking orders, preparing and serving food and hot and cold beverages, clearing plates and glasses using the 3 plate technique, farewelling customers and resetting the restaurant for the next service.

The students performed incredibly on the day – displaying excellent teamwork in the kitchen and presenting as very professional and efficient waitpersons in the cafe. You should be very proud of your achievements Year 12 – well done!

In addition to running the cafe, the Year 12 students also prepared a variety of food for the debating function to be held the following day. In between their rostered roles, they prepared over 100 sausage rolls, over 100 mini quiches, 120+ biscuits, 80+ cupcakes and prepared an assortment of sandwich fillings. Again – well done Year 12!

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