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«Americanism Commission Opening: at 2016 in the 9ircle West Room April 30, The meeting was called to order 9:40 AM on ofthe by Chairman Greg K. Gibbs ...»

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Commission and Committee Minutes

Sons of The American Legion

Indianapolis, lN - A

National Executive Committee

Americanism Commission


at 2016 in the 9ircle West Room

April 30,

The meeting was called to order 9:40 AM on

ofthe by Chairman Greg K. Gibbs [NYl

Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel

Roll Call:

Members: Casimero "J.R." Padilla [NM')Absent Gres K. Gibbs fNYl


Iames Borsman flll Gerald Hammerschmidt tKSl

Vice Chairman:

Tom Chebro fGA') Ed Sheubrooks [FL]


Rick Trzcinski [TXl Absent National Assistant Adjutant Dave Stephens flNJ


Past National Commander Casey Lenort (MN]; David Siggers (lN); Michael Sypherd Sr. (lAJ; Randy Guests: fohn Mejia ICAJ;

Eicher [OH); David Stephens (lNJ; Pete Sierminski (CO); I.Bruce Ruthven [NYJ; foe Schulrz flNJ; William Murphy (MA); William Geary (lL); George Koop (lLJ; Richard Pond Jr. [NH); John Waite (VTJ; Gillis Wallace [TN); Lenny Free (NJJ; John Wright [CT); Carl Albern Ir. [NI); Bob Borkovich [VA]; Lyle Chapman (GAJ; Doug Evans [KS); Cliff Boyer [PA]; Bob Hath (AZ).

Reading of the Previous Meeting Minutes:

Chairman Gibbs INYJ stated that the minutes of the Fall NEC 2015 meeting were previously distributed by email. Tom Chebro IGAJ made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed. Second by fames Borgman (lLJ. Motion approved.

Old Business:

Chairman Gibbs INYJ stated there was no Old Business to consider.

New Businessr Chairman Gibbs (NYJ stated National Commander Kevin Collier's (AKJ Project Goals for this year. For the National Emergency Fund -.50 cents per capita. For the American Legion Endowment Fund -.25 cents per capita, and for the Child Welfare Foundation - $1.50 per capita. This equals $2.25 per member. Over $100,000.00 was donated for various programs this morning.

National Commander Kevin Collier IAKJ addressed the Commission meeting. Thank you for what you are doing for the Commission. Communications is strong within the Commission. Thank you for keeping everyone informed what is transpiring between the NEC meetings and Convention. Keep up the great work you are doing!

Chairman Gibbs (NY) explained a new program the Auxiliary has. It is the funior Activities Patch Program.

It is open to all funior Auxiliary members and Sons members that are under 18. This program can go hand in hand with the Five Star and Ten Ideals programs. Members would earn Patches like the Boy Scouts for completing various aspects of the program. This is available on the Americanism Website for anyone interested. After discussion by the Commission, Gerald Hammerschmidt IKSJ made a motion that Americanism Commission promotes the Junior Activities Patch program for our younger members that are interested. Seconded by Tom Chebro [GAJ, and carried.

Chairman Gibbs INYJ read Americanism and Children & Youth activities by the numbers for 2015. Legion Departments requested over 200,949 Americanism and Children & Youth brochures for distribution.3,447 volunteers were recognized for their contributions in supporting missions of Americanism and Children & Youth; an increase of 654 recognitions from last year. American legion Baseball - 67,050 youth came together to form 3,725 teams playing Legion Ball throughout the nation. A record 17t,072 spectators attended the 6 day, 15 game World Series in Shelby, NC, eclipsing the previous record of 110,036 the year

–  –  –

before. funior Shooting Sports - 1,503 individual athletes entered the postal round completion. Boys State

-'1,9,449 par[icipants in 49 programs nationwide, an increase of 132 participants. Boy Scouts - 2,448 Scouting unites were chartered by Legion Post involving 6L,273 young people. Education - Over 1,,2+9,684.00 was amassed during the Legacy Run. 246 students were awarded $545,760.00 in academic scholarships. TFA - 1,511 minor children of 631 veterans received $819,971.00 in cash grants. Family Support Network - 729 request were received through National Headquarters. 0peration Comfort Warriors - 29 OCW grants totaling $198,556.00 provided comfort and therapeutic items. American Legion Endowment Fund - Over 4187,960,00 was received in donations.

The Leading Candidate for National Commander, f eff Frain (AZl addressed the Commission. I know the Commission is doing great work and I look forward to reading the reports on Sunday. He introduced the Candidates for National Vice Commanders 2016 -2017 '


Chairman Gibbs [NY) read two Reso]utions, the first titled SAL Res. 3 - Spring 2016; in Support for Get Out The Vote, the seconded titled SAL Res. 4 - Spring 2016; in Support for the Family Support Network. Motion to accept the Resolutions made by Gerald Hammerschmidt (KS), seconded by James Borgman (lLJ and carried, Chairman Gibbs (NY] reported on the National Oratorical Contest. I had the opportunity to serve as a judge for the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. The caliber of the National Contestants was amazing. Over $135,000.00 was given to the Contestants during the weekend. All contestants were winners in one way or another. The overall winner had the potential to leave with over $20,000.00 to spend on their education or other needs. We need to go back to our Detachments and Squadrons to get more involved with this program. Richard Pond [NHJ stated that New Hampshire has a Junior 0ratorical Contest that they conduct for younger members.

Reports of Committees:

Children and Youth - Chairman Randy Eicher (0HJ reported that the Committee met last night. In addition to the Committee members, they had thirteen guests in attendance as well. Chairman Eicher [0HJ stated that we need to get more attendance at the annual Children & Youth Conference. Every Detachment should send a representative to this Conference. The next one is scheduled for September t6 - 77,2016. Please stress to your Squadrons to submit their Consolidated Squadron Reports. Along with the reports we are looking for photos of the activities as well. There are thirteen Legion Resolutions that the Committee is looking at for support of and will have Resolutions for the National Convention. Motion made by fames Borgman flLl to accept the Children & Youth report. Seconded by Tom Chebro (GA) and carried.

- Chairman Pete Sierminski [C0) reported that a total of 24 grants in the amount Child Welfare Foundation was voted on atthe Fall Conference by the Foundation. The SAL approved 13 ofthese of$640,395.00 grants. Prior to this meeting, $17 4,618.00 has been donated by the Sons for the Foundation. This morning over $78,000,00 was donated for CWF. Indiana leads the nation with over $28,000.00 in donations.

Remember National Commander Kevin Collier's goal of $ 1.50 per capita for CWF. We are approaching the seven million dollar mark in donations. We have new CWF pins for sale, "SONS FOR KIDS"! I hope to see everyone wearing one this weekend. Remember to order your Per Capita Banners if you have exceeded the $1.00 per capita mark We had one Resolution submitted, SAL Res.S - Spring 2016 Titled Child Welfare Foundation donation in the amount of $5,000.00. The funds to come from the 2016 operating budget. We are coming to the end of our fiscal year for CWF. Your donations must be into National Headquarters by 4:0Opm on May 37,2016. Motion to accept the Child Welfare report, including the Resolution made by Tom Chebro (GA), seconded by Gerald Hammerschmidt [KS) and carried.

Chairman Gibbs (NYJ stated that the Commission is looking for submissions from our members pertaining to Americanism programs for the Website and such. I will be working on updating the Power Point presentation for National Convention. I am asking the Commission members to review the previous one and make suggestions to update it and updated photos.

–  –  –

- I have made copies of the Americanism Handbook for the Commission Americanism Handbook members. This is available for downloading on the Americanism website. If anyone has any suggestions or changes, please let us know. The Commission is also on Face Book. Please remember to use social media whenever possible.

For the Good ofThe Sons:

William Murphy [MA) reported that the town of Cohasset, MA Is renaming their Veterans Field in Tom Wigmore's honor.

–  –  –

Reading of the Previous Meeting Minutes:

There being no objections, the minutes of the Fall, 2015 meeting were approved as published.

Old Business:

Children & Youth Conference - William Kelly [FL] reported on the recent conference held here in Indianapolis from September 1B-20, 2015. At the conference the Songs ofLove program was presented.

This is an activity which involves hospitalized children. There was also a Membership Workshop on how to recruit new members for the entire Legion Family when undertaking a Children & Youth program in your local area. The C0TA organization also made a presentation atthe conference. Ronnie Grist (GA) also reported on the conference. Songs of Love is a program in which individualized songs are written and recorded to upliftthe spirits of a hospitalized child. "Rosie's Song" was played forthe attendees. This song was recorded at the recent Children & Youth conference by the Legion Family members in attendance.

Ronnie also reported on the Beads ofCourage program. The different colors on the necklace represent certain procedures that child has endured while in the hospital.

Mission Statement - Chairman Randy Eicher (0HJ read the Mission Statement that was prepared and

agreed upon by the Committee which follows:

"The mission of the Sons of The American Legion Committee on Children & Youth is to formulate, recommend and implement plans, programs, and activities of The American Legion. The Committee's responsibility is to promote the care and protection of the children of veterans; improve conditions for all children and youth with due concern for maintaining the integrity of the family home; prevent social and physical ills of children and youth where possible, utilizing services and cooperating with sound organizations and agencies for children and youth; maintain a balanced program that provides for their physical emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs; and such other purposes as maybe assigned to it by The American Legion and the Sons of The American Legion National Executive Committee; and to assist The American Legion Children and Youth Program in carrying on for God and Country."

A motion made by Randy Eicher and seconded by Ronnie Grist to approve the Mission Statement was carried.

National Endowment Fund- Jim Noble [NJJ spoke on Commander Collier's goal of $0.25 per member. As of ROCKED the Children and Youth programs with donation of $22,449.69 for this April 15, 2016 we have National Executive Committee meeting here in Indianapolis and the Squadrons, Counties, Districts and Detachments made heavy donations for The American Legion Endowment Fund.

The American Legion Endowment Fund has distributed millions of dollars to disabled veterans and children of those who served this great nation; your gifts and donations are added to the trust, which is

–  –  –

administered by The American Legion Endowment Fund Corporation.

Squadrons, Counties, Districts and Detachments, can make their donation checks payable to The American Legion Endowment Fund and place the letters SAL in the memo portion of the check. For those who have noi brought the donations to the NEC meeting, please mail your checks into the Endowment Fund Corporation by May 31,2016.

Last year; The American Legion Endowment Fund Corporation has established tlvo new awards for the SAL.

The Aarry W. Colmery Legacy Award will honor the Detachment with the highest donation to the Endowment Fund for the membership year. The fames A. Drain Founder's Award will honor the Detachment with the highest per-capita donation.

please don't forget to complete the Consolidated Report Forms and forward them to your Detachment Adjutants.

Temnorary Finanical Assistance [TFA] - Michael Cotten (DEJ stated that several articles have been sent out to each Detachment to be filtered down through the squadrons. For those that don't know about the TFA program. Has awarded cash grants to minor children of veterans who are eligible for American Legion membership. These grants help families in need meet the cost of sheltec food, utilities and health expenses.

Resolutions - Ronnie Grist stated he has had a chance to review the resolutions that Chairman Eicher has sent out to committee members. Upon his review of he feels that the committee members should take the opportunity to review them and have some discussion. By mid-May, Ronnie will have had a chance to review them for future discussion.

Chairman Eicher stressed the importance of completing the consolidate report. Also, we plan to complete a final newsletter prior to Nation Convention.

New Business:

Chairman Eicher has 13 resolutions that have been adopted by The American Legion at the National Convention in2016. He requests that each Committee member review the resolutions and be ready to discuss them on the June 5th Conference call'

For the Good of the Sons of The American Legion:

Leading candidate for SAL Nation Commander Jeff Frain (AZJ thanked the committee for the work that they are doing. Next yea4 if elected we have several new items that we'll be working on.

Americanism Commission Chairman Greg Gibbs [NY] tomorrow at 9:30 the Americanism Commission will be meeting.

National Commander Kevin Collier thanked the members for their commitment to working for the good of the children of our country. Additionally, keep up the work you're doing and continue to develop new ideas for the future.

Ronnie Grist discussed the Children and Youth conference in September and talked about the benefits of Detachments sending there Detachment Committee Chairman.

Second Leading Candidate Danny Smith thanked the members for taking time out of there weekend to attend the NEC meeting and the Children and Youth Committee meeting'

–  –  –

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