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«User Guide Eco Tastic ® Heat • Vent • Light Model: 11341 Eco Triumph Model: 12343 Eco Sensation Model: 12341 Eco Silhouette Electrical Rating: ...»

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User Guide

Eco Tastic


Heat • Vent • Light

Model: 11341 Eco Triumph

Model: 12343 Eco Sensation

Model: 12341 Eco Silhouette

Electrical Rating: 230~240 V. 50 Hz.

Model: 11341 Eco Triumph Model: 12343 Eco Sensation

Model: 12341 Eco Silhouette


Thank you for buying this IXL Eco Tastic. Even if you have used a Tastic before, there are very good

reasons to read this user guide before using this one:

• You and your family, property and home will be safe from harm.

• You will learn how this appliance may differ from others.

• By using the Tastic fully and properly, you will get maximum life and value from it.

• ur warranty depends on you using the Tastic according to this user guide.

O It will only take you a few minutes, so please read on!

Contents Eco Tastic Range


How it Works

Ventilation Requirements


Flat Roof Installations (with insufficient clearances).... Pg 8 Electrical Requirements

Wiring Diagrams


Replacement Lamps





Record Your Model


Tastic ® Eco Tastic Range 11341 Eco Triumph 2 x 275 W Heat, Vent & Light 15 W CFL Centre Globe Cutout Template Supplied 200 mm Fan, 257m3/hr or 72l/s Model: 11341 Eco Triumph 12343 Eco Sensation 4 x 275 W Heat, Vent & Light 15 W CFL Centre Globe Half Heat Function Cutout 330 mm x 330 mm 200 mm Fan, 348m3/hr or 97l/s Model: 12343 Eco Sensation

–  –  –

NOTE: This product must be installed by a qualified installer.

Read through these instructions completely before commencing installation.

The infra-red lamps heat by direct radiation rather than by heating the air in the room, so the Tastic should be located directly over where drying off occurs.

Locate the Tastic in accordance with the requirements of the current Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 relating to damp situations.

In some installations this may mean that no part of the Tastic may be located directly above any part of a bath or shower recess or enclosure.

For unenclosed showers refer to Wiring Rules conditions.

Switches and other controls must not be located where they can be touched by a person in the bath or shower.

NOTE: Tastic products must only be installed horizontally in ceiling.

• Do not look directly into heat lamps when in use.

• Tastic products are not tanning lamps.

• ake sure the lamps have cooled and power is off to the Tastic before removing lamps for replacement.

M • Do not operate this appliance without the plastic lamp surround in position.

• his appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory T or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

• Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.

• his appliance must be mounted with the lowest point at least 2.1 metres from the floor.

T WARNING: Curtains or combustible material may ignite if in contact with the heater.


Thermal switch:

When Eco Tastic works in FAN OFF mode and the temperature inside the unit reaches 55°C, the thermal switch will switch on the fan automatically. When the temperature drops, the thermal switch will switch off the fan.

Thermal fuse:

When for any reason the temperature inside the unit reaches 93°C, the thermal fuse will cut off power to the Eco Tastic. In such a case the Service Centre should be called to replace the thermal fuse.

Tastic ®

How it Works

The IXL Tastic range has been designed to exacting standards to give you many years of trouble-free operation. To ensure you get the most from your Tastic there are a few simple points to keep in mind.

HEAT LAMPS The IXL Tastic Heat Lamps have no warm up period because the infra red lamps provide instantaneous heat, and are designed to heat you and not your bathroom - that’s the efficient way infra red heat works. You’ll save money and energy, with an average cost of around one cent a shower if used correctly, (based on average 5 minute drying time). Also, to get the full benefit of Tastic’s infra red warmth, stand directly under the heat lamps. IXL’s exclusive clear heat lamps have been designed specifically for this application, and concentrate their heat for maximum effectiveness.

Make sure you have the Tastic model that suits your bathroom ceiling height. This Tastic is manufactured to offer peak performance with bathroom ceiling heights up to 2.4 m for the Triumph 11341, 2.7 m for the Sensation 12343 and 3.3 m for the Silhouette 12341.

The Tastic half heat function is available on the 4 lamp models, and is another energy saver, allowing you to adjust the heat level to suit prevailing conditions or personal preference.


To ensure optimum performance of the exhaust fan, it is essential that there is adequate air flow into your bathroom to help the Tastic’s powerful and efficient exhaust fan to quickly remove steam while you shower. Your Tastic works by drawing steam-laden air from the room, and as with all exhaust fans it is essential that sufficient air inlet is provided. Ensure adequate inlets exist through windows, vents or under the door. Air flow path from inlet to fan should ideally pass over the steam source.

CENTRE LIGHT The centre light in all Tastic models is designed to provide general illumination in your bathroom.

For specific tasks like shaving or putting make-up on, you may need extra lighting to suit your individual needs.

Heat lamps can also be used to provide additional bright illumination for your bathroom. Lighter coloured walls and decor also help brighten your bathroom by reflecting more light.

Tastic ®

–  –  –

See the wiring diagrams on the following pages for supply requirements and maximum loadings for each model. Tastics may be connected to a lighting or power circuit if loading permits. These models are for wired-in installation and wiring must be carried out by a registered electrician. *Switches and a wall plate are provided with the Tastic, attached to the unit. Remove the lamp surround for access.

Do not use this product with any solid state speed control or commercial dimming device.

IMPORTANT: To ensure correct and safe operation of the Eco Tastics it is not recommended to use a second exhaust fan with the Tastic. If a second exhaust fan is to be used it must be wired so that it is controlled by the same fan switch as the Tastic, see circuit diagrams.

NOTE: “S/W A FAN-LOW” connection is the permanent active supply to the unit. It must be provided so the unit can function as it was designed to do so.

* Number of switches depends on your Tastic model.

–  –  –

The Tastic may be installed between joists using the inbuilt clip fasteners. Alternatively, the unit can be installed against a joist using two screws through holes located in the flange (Fig. 4 on page 7), provided that the clearances for the two vertical sides are maintained as per Fig. 3 on page 7.

Depending on your model, the Tastic has a weight of 2 – 3.5 kg (see below). If adequate support is not available for the Tastic, it may be necessary to provide extra strengthening.

Eco Triumph – approx 2 kg Eco Sensation/Eco Silhouette – approx 3.5 kg IMPORTANT: Joists, beams and rafters shall not be cut or notched to install the appliance.

Fitting Triumph Back Draught Flaps

–  –  –

The Sensation and Silhouette lamp surround must be removed prior to replacing lamps. Ensure lamps are screwed well in after replacement to give good electrical contact.

NOTE: Replacement with any other lamps other than those listed below may cause damage to the moulding and void the warranty.

Heat Lamps The IXL Tastic lamps have been specially developed for best performance.

11341 Triumph 275 watts max IXL Cat no. 11300 12341 Silhouette 375 watts max IXL Cat no. 11375 12343 Sensation 275 watts max IXL Cat no. 11300 NOTE: Replace only with genuine IXL approved Hard Glass Infra-Red lamps.

Light Bulb 15 W CFL IXL Cat no. 12280 Light bulb is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Cleaning & Maintenance WARNING: Always make sure the unit is turned off and allow all bulbs to cool before cleaning.

Maintenance of the Tastic is required to ensure the quality of the product and functions are maintained.

It is recommended that the Tastic body, fascia and globes be checked and cleaned every 2 years.

To clean bulbs and lamp surround use a damp cloth with liquid glass cleaner. Surrounds are dishwasher safe.

Cleaning and maintenance will help to preserve the lifespan and performance of the Tastic.

–  –  –

Service NOTE: Do not remove the Tastic from the ceiling. Your Tastic will be serviced in your home.

If service is required, please contact IXL’s Service Centre on 1300 727 421.

Frequently asked questions Q – ill my Tastic heat my bathroom?

W A – o your Tastic is designed to provide infra red radiant heat to warm the body while drying, N when standing directly underneath. It is not designed as a room heater.

Q – an I install my Tastic directly above a shower recess?

C A – or safety reasons it is not recommended to install above shower recess. Please refer to the F current Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 relating to damp situations for further details.

Q – an I replace my 275 watt heat lamps with 375 watt lamps?

C A – ou can only use heat lamps which have been fitted and approved for use in your product.

Y The rating label will state the maximum wattage for your product.

Q – hat is the maximum recommended light globe wattage that I can install in my Tastic?

W A – heck the rating label for the maximum safe wattage for your product.

C Q – hat will happen if I leave my heat lamps on without fan operation?

W A – n certain models (Eco & Easy Duct) the fan will commence operation automatically to keep the O unit operating at a safe temperature. When the unit has cooled sufficiently the fan will switch off automatically. While the heat lamps of Classic Tastic models will operate normally when the fan is off.

Q – hy is my Tastic making noise?

W A – ll Tastics create some noise due to the rapid movement of air through the Tastic.

A Q – an I retro fit a remote control to my existing hardwired Tastic?

C A – o, unfortunately this is not possible.

N Tastic ®

–  –  –

Q – hy do we need a permanent active supply?

W A – his is required for the self ventilating feature on all Eco Tastic and non remote Easy Duct models.

T Q – y Tastic unit’s extraction fan doesn’t seem to be removing all the moisture and steam from M my bathroom?

A – here are a number of factors that will influence the exhaust fan’s performance. Firstly you can T improve your cross ventilation via an open door or window; refer to page 6 of the instructions for details on improving the room’s air flow.

If you live in a traditionally cooler climate, in the winter months during hot showers, you may notice that there is more moisture and condensation build up. If this is the case, you may wish to improve your natural ventilation or invest in an additional exhaust fan.

Bathrooms which have high ceilings, are larger than average, or have an open shower may all require additional ventilation. We recommend that you visit our website for further details and suggestions on effectively ventilating your bathroom.

Q – Can the installer rotate the IXL wall switch mechanisms?

A – es, the wall switches can be rotated by a qualified electrical trades person.

Y Q – an my installer use an alternative wall switch mechanism other than the one supplied with my C IXL product?

A – es, your authorised installer can use an alternative switch mechanism, however it must be Y approved to AS/NZS 3133.

Q – here should I dispose of my 15 watt centre CFL when it’s time to throw it away?

W A – everal states have household chemical collection programs and/or drop-off points that accept S domestic quantities of CFLs and fluorescent tubes for recycling. Other states are considering introducing similar schemes. Please check with your state environment agency and/or local authority to determine if there is a collection point near you and the types and quantities of

lamps accepted for recycling. The following website may be of assistance:


–  –  –

IXL Range: Tastic and Ventilation Within the IXL Tastic and ventilation range there are a number of products and optional accessories

available, these include:

• Tastic 3 in 1: Heat, Light and Fan • Tastic 2 in 1: Heat and Light • Ducted Tastics • Ventilation Fans • Ventilation and Light Units • Eco Tastics • Remote controlled Tastics (Smart Switch) • Easy Duct Thermal Transfer System • Tastic Neo IXL Range: Accessories • Genuine IXL Heat Lamps • Centre Globes • Inline Ducting • Grilles and Fascias For more information or help, please contact Sampford IXL on 1300 727 421 or visit the website at www.sampfordixl.com.au Tastic ®

–  –  –

This Warranty against defects for your newly purchased Tastic product is proudly prepared by Sampford IXL Pty Ltd of 421 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065, phone 1300 727 421.

1. ampford IXL Tastic products come with guarantees that do not exclude the following S

consumer entitlements under the Australian Consumer Law:

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