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«FDAAM Network Annual Report 2011 FDAAM — Foundation for the Development of Mutual Help Associations 2011: Year of Romanian-Belgian volunteerism In ...»

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FDAAM Network

Annual Report 2011

FDAAM — Foundation for the Development of Mutual Help Associations

2011: Year of Romanian-Belgian volunteerism

In 2011, in the broader framework of the European Awareness in the network grew uniformly through the


Year of Volunteerism, local organizations and partners use of specialized communication tools, both online

from the FDAAM network marked a year of Romanian- (Bank of materials, monthly newsletter and weekly You are holding in your Belgian volunteer work, with fewer resources, but with alerts) as offline (regional and national training workhand the FDAAM annual increased solidarity, communication and co- shops, local visits, distribution of information packages, report. A modest report participation for the purpose of local health improve- CLS-ADAM days of common action). which reflects the activity ment across Romania. during the last 12 Not lastly, 2011 was the year when our local organiza- months.

tions have learned to establish partnerships, to join You can find an alphabetSince the beginning of the year FDAAM was contractical overview of every networks of support and even create their own countered directly by numeruous Belgian committees in order CLS and ADAM who parts where these were missing by establishing and to deliver formation, information and coaching services, were involved in the FFS supporting social organizations of men, women, young for the benefit of their correspondent partners in Roma- program.

–  –  –


In Romania  Bordești School;

 Bordești Kindergarten;

 Bordești Townhall;

 ASP Focșani.

In Belgium:

 Gabriëlafonds, Tessenderlo.

Activities and results:

 Monthly activity in the local women group ( OLF Bordești);

 “Stop Violence” campaign;

 Charity actions (offer general use goods for people indicated as social cases);

 Constume making by the women group for school celebrations with indiscriminating themes (gypsy population);

 Ecological actions (cleaning the woods arround Bordesti; cleaning the Hero’s Monument in Bordesti);

 Sportive activities with the local children and youngsters (coss, relay race, cycling etc.

Development plans:

 Micro-projects regarding health awareness;

 Projects for increasing the interaction between the women in the local group ( OLF Bordești);

 Micro-projects for local beneficiaries, children and youngsters;

 Micro-projects to encourage the local development and investment;

 Micro-educational projects (in school and in the kindergarten).

Delta points (to be improved):

 Attracting more adult volunteers, their constant involvement in the activities of CLS Bordești;

 Attracting funds for the development of micro-projects.

Participation in the network: National FDAAM Training for CLS-ADAM (oct 2011, Moldovița/Suceava).

–  –  –

Activities and results:

 21 March 2010, National Day for Down Syndrome - organized at the town’s sports club having as beneficiaries children with disabilities; they have participated in sports competitions with awards and a trip in the near forest. After taking lunch outdoor, the children assisted at a artistic show put on by the secondary school and high school pupils. The artistic program included songs, poetry and games. It was a very appreciated activity by all the participants. Special guests: town’s mayor, local councilors, teachers, pupils, parents, and medical staff.

 February 2011, Health week in schools and kindergartens - common project for educational social actors and health practitioners. Activities:

- For a healthy life - vegetables and fruits cooking workshops;

- Sports activities;

- Discussions with parents regarding children’s diet;

- Volunteer stomatologist and physicians have thought children how to brush their teeth properly. The 1’st class pupils have been given toothbrushes and toothpastes, sponsored by the Belgian partner Dilbeek.

 June 2011: On the World day of fight against drugs, pupils volunteered to spread flyers to the youngsters participating at the Festival of songs and dance from Cehu Silvaniei;

 11-21 July 2011: Pupils volunteered to involve in the activities carried out by Flemish Scouts at the summer camp organized by the local school. The scouts enjoyed learning more about Romania by travelling around, visiting nearby towns such as Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca, taking part at Romanian music festivals or traditional celebrations, preparing traditional food from both Romania and Belgium, making friends and connections.

 Occasionally, for Christmas or Easter, the pupils from high school, elementary school and kindergarten, they visit the elder people from the Down Syndrome Association and the Rainbow Association and offer them small presents or put up small acts to entertain them;

 The initiative group started the procedure of the official recognition of the Local Council for Development as NGO. A space from the town hall was received in order to arrange inside of it as a room for medical equipment renting service, as well as for different treatment to be offered by CLD volunteers.

Development plans:

 Arrange the new place for a permanent service of volunteers;

 Continue the project The education week in schools;

 Mark certain events by organizing specific activities (health, education, culture, social assistance);

 Accessing grants/ financing lines by applying projects in the benefit of the ones in need, in order to raise the community well being;

 Organize an emergency fund by regular payments or contributions in order to help the sick ones without any money.

Delta points (to be improved):

 Regular meeting, raise the visibility in the community, better promotion of activities and more volunteers from different social groups (for ex., unemployed youngsters, students);

 Create GLT, OLF, OLB.

Participation in the network: National Training OLF/OLB (august, 2011, Slatina-Timiș/Caraș-Severin) - 3 persons.

–  –  –


In Romania:

 School of Cerchejeni;

 Kindergarten of Cerchejeni;

 Blândești Town Hall;

 ASP Botoșani;

 Hospital of Sulița.

In Belgium:

 Tessenderlo Romanian Committee, Belgium.

Activities and results:

 Monthly activities within the local initiative group strictly on health matters (directly coordinated by the family doctors Corina and Eduard Gurău);

 Charity (distribution of aid materials by the mediation the Church of Cerchejeni).

Development plans:

 Micro-projects for raising awareness on health issues;

 Micro-projects for local beneficiaries, children and youngsters;

 Entrepreneurship micro-projects (focus on local development);

 Educational micro-projects (in school and kindergarten).

Delta points (to be improved):

 Attracting more adult volunteers, their constant involvement in the activities of CLS Cerchejeni;

 Attracting funds for developing local micro-projects.

 Development of the CLS towards Sulița.

Participation in the network:

National Training OLF/OLB (august, 2011, Slatina-Timiș/Caraș-Severin);

National FDAAM Training for CLS-ADAM (oct 2011, Moldovița/Suceava).

–  –  –

Activities and achievements:

Own Projects:

 Dental care week (1-8 March) Meeting with the dentist, discussion with GP, theme games with 5 groups of 15 children, interractive workshops with parents/children. Direct beneficiaries: 140 children; indirect beneficiaries: 70 families, 3 local family medicine cabinets and local community;

 Nature’s Health = Our Health (16 April): cleaning the touristic site Ciumârna-Palma (12km): 95 paticipants, 45 waste bags, marking 2 touristical sites. Direct beneficiary: Ciumarna village; indirect beneficiaries: over 2000 tourists that pass through the village during the Easter;

 VIZIDOM – permanent – assistance at home for over 15 elderly people (cleaning, buying medication, household activities);

11 volunteers of APPE; impact: raise the community awareness regarding the elderly people;

 Live beautifully if you eat healthy (20 May) - cooking workshoop: preparing traditional food; 8 cooks/seniors - 8 trainees/ juniors. Impact: youngsters have learned how to cook delightful meals, ―as grandma did‖;

 Enterpreneurial & Multicultural Education Summerschool (July - August) 6 groups of 12 to 14 children and 3 adults have learned - for a week - how to make traditional masks, to paint eggs, to paint on glass, to make small objects or pottery, to prepare natural syrups and marmalade out of forest fruits.

 Diabetes Informative Evening (15 October) - discussion with the GP over the risk factors and diabetes symptoms, measurements of the blood sugar level. Participants: 11 volunteers, 20 persons interested in diabetes;

 Traditional Masks Workshoop (9 December): motivational activity for 16 employees of E-on Group, at the invitation of „Medic’all Events Iași‖, Hotel Best Western Gura Humorului; participants: 2 trainers from APPE and 4 young volunteers; 9 December;

 Christmas Volunteer - Social Responsability Program (November-December). Activities: Christmas in Europe seasonal crafts & ornaments workshop and ―Fii Dar voluntar!”, the fundraising campaign for the benefit of about 104 children from the Social House „Sf. Leontie‖ Rădăuți. Impact: over 2800 children and youngsters involved in the volunteer campaign, exhibition with all the ornaments handcrafted during the program and offered afterwards to children and old people from Rădăuți. Direct beneficiaries: 104 children and 30 elderly people from the social house of Rădăuți; 57 elderly people assisted at the carehome „Sf. Ioan cel Nou‖ from Suceava. Indirect beneficiaries: over 2800 children and youngsters, 80 volunteer coordinators from diffrent schools and NGOs; local community of tparticipants.

Third party programs and projects  Youngsters for Romania – Project organized by ADAM Moldovița, with Belgian youngsters as participants and 2 volunteers from APPE (July);

 Bridges over Time in Europe – Project organized by ADAM Moldovița, with Belgian youngsters as participants and 8 volunteers from APPE (July);

 Training at national level for the development of youth leadership competencies, AGLT, Muncel-Iași; 3 youngsters trained (July -August);

 Training at national level for youth leaders working with disabled children/yougsters, AGLT, Muncel-Iași; 3 youngsters trained (July -August);

FDAAM Annual report 2010 annual Report 2011  Let’s do it, Romania! – national environment cleaning day, September, 42 children and volunteers APPE;

 Play Day in AGLT, 22 Octomber, 6 volunteers and 12 children;

 Entrepreneurship course for young unemplyed people. APPE facilitated the presence of 12 people from Ciumarna și Paltinu at the entrepreneurship course that took place in ADAM Moldovița.

National Competititon:

 Awards in Education – 2011, gala organized by Dinu Patriciu Foundation; Teacher of the year: Ceredeev, founder member of APPE;

 Volunteer Awards 2011, gala integrated in the European Year of Volunteering; finalist: Emilian Ceredeev, GLT 4Kids leader, member APPE;

 National Community Development Projects Contest Your Town in Țara lui Andrei: CIUMÂRNA LOCAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (Project proposed to be selected in December).

Development plans:

 Socio-cultural integration of Ucranian minorities;

 Promotion at a regional and national level of the bucovinian traditions from Vatra Moldoviţei;

 Build a multifunctional site: for exhibitions, games and play days, interactive training/workshoop;

 Development of at least 2 actions of prevention and sustainable development per month, at local and county level;

 Organise cultural competititons with national and international participation - trimestrial;

 Organise the “Entrepreneurial and multicultural education” Summerschool for youngsters and children.

Delta points (to be improved):

 Delegate the responsabilities in the group - January 2012, once with the meeting, a SWOT analysis will be conducted over the activity of the Administration Council and responsibilities will be assigned to every member of the Council;

 Realise as soon as possible an active partnership with a similar EU organisation;

 Raise the number of active volunteer in the organisation;

 Involve as many own volunteers as possible in third party projects or programs;

 Change the community vision over volunteerism;

 Raise the organisation’s vizibility in the national and international media.

Participation in the network:

National FDAAM Training for CLS-ADAM (oct 2011, Moldovița/Suceava)– 3 participants.

–  –  –

Activities and results:

 Collaboration with the Department of Social Assistance, Cluj Town hall; January 2011 - presentation and promotion of the Vizidom service, Town hall will provide customers for this service;

 General Assembly PROIS NV, January 2011 - participation in the action of the North West Regional Pact for Employment and Social Inclusion, founded by ADAM Cluj;

 Collaboration with DGASP, February 2011 - signed a cooperation protocol between ADAM Cluj and DGASPC, which engages the state institution to provide service recipients;

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