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«Primus Epic® Communications Management Function (CMF) Gulfstream G350/G450/G500/G550 (Cert Charlie) Global Data Center Services Reference Guide ...»

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Primus Epic®



Function (CMF)

Gulfstream G350/G450/G500/G550

(Cert Charlie)

Global Data Center Services

Reference Guide

Honeywell International Inc.

Global Data Center

15001 NE 36th Street

Redmond, WA 98052 USA

888.634.3330 telephone

425.885.8100 telephone

425.885.8930 facsimile



Document 176-9001-983 Version 1

© 2006 Honeywell International Inc.

Primus Epic CMF Reference Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


GDC Services

Flight Planning Services

Weather Services

Air Traffic Services

Dispatching Services

Messaging Services

GDC Services Access

Telephone Access

Personal Computer Access

Web Access

Datalink Access

General Information

Datalink System

Datalink Avionics

Datalink Infrastructure

Datalink Service Provider

Line of Sight

Epic CMF Configuration

Epic CMF Software

Epic CMF Displays

Display Access

Display Groups

Flight Management System (FMS) Displays

Aeronautical Operational Communication (AOC) Displays

Air Traffic Services (ATS) Displays

System Displays

Display Logs

Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs)

Oceanic Clearance Delivery (OCD)

Oceanic Route Clearance Authorisation (ORCA)

Automatic Position Reports



1 FMS – Flight Plans

2 FMS – Winds and Temperatures Aloft

3 AOC – New Messages

4 AOC – Send Message

5 AOC – Message Log

6 AOC – Times/Fuels

7 AOC – Status

8 AOC – Test

i Table of Contents 9 AOC – Test Log

10 AOC – Terminal Weather



13 AOC – Winds and Temperatures Aloft


15 AOC – Metro Weather

16 AOC – Weather Log

17 AOC – Pre-Departure Clearances

18 AOC – Oceanic Clearance Delivery

19 AOC – Oceanic Clearance Route Authorisation................. 51 20 AOC – NAT Tracks

21 AOC – ATS Log

22 AOC – Flight Report

23 AOC – Automatic Reports

24 AOC – Reports Log

25 System – Datalink Manager

26 Weather Graphics

Appendix A – Air Traffic Services Airports

Appendix B – Datalink Coverage Map

ii Table of Contents Primus Epic CMF Reference Guide Introduction Thank you for choosing Honeywell’s Global Data Center (GDC) as your provider of flight support services. Through the GDC, you will receive efficient flight planning and filing, vital textual and graphical weather reports and forecasts, essential air traffic services, and extensive communication capabilities. As a participant in the FAA’s Collaborative Decision Making program, additional Flight SentinelSM services utilize powerful real-time flight management methods to enhance safety and mitigate the adverse impact of weather and air traffic delays.

GDC Services Flight Planning Services Compute, file, uplink, and update domestic and international flight plans with wind optimized routes, Air Traffic Control (ATC) preferred routes, North Atlantic (NAT) Track routes, Central East Pacific routes ("Hawaiian Tracks"), customer stored routes, and pilotdefined random routes. Flight plans are computed based on performance data provided by the aircraft manufacturer, navigation database information from Jeppesen, and winds and temperatures aloft forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Weather Services Obtain preflight and inflight weather reports and forecasts, including route weather briefings, terminal weather reports and forecasts, winds and temperatures aloft forecasts, SIGMET forecasts, plain language weather forecasts, and graphical weather products.

Air Traffic Services Receive Digital Automated Terminal Information Service (DATIS) reports, Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWIP) reports, Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs), oceanic clearances via datalink, NAT Track Messages, and airport reservations (AROs).

Dispatching Services Obtain aircraft takeoff reports, landing reports, automatic position reports, and flight reports via e-mail, fax, and personal computer for accurate and timely flight following.

Messaging Services Send free-text messages to the GDC, other datalink equipped aircraft subscribing to GDC services, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, fax machines, ACARS network addresses, and AFTN addresses.

1 Introduction

GDC Services Access Telephone Access Call the GDC twenty-four hours a day at 888.634.3330 or 425.885.8100 to speak with a Flight Data Specialist or Flight Control Specialist, aviation professionals able to provide all GDC services.

Personal Computer Access With AFISCOM Express software installed on a personal computer, connect to the GDC computer system via the Internet or dial-up modem in order to directly access GDC services. The latest version of AFISCOM Express, as well as other GDC publications, are available for download at www.mygdc.com.

Web Access Please visit the GDC’s website at www.mygdc.com to access an increasing number of services available from any computer with Web access, including flight planning and filing, textual and graphical weather reports and forecasts, and datalink messaging.

Datalink Access Request GDC services via datalink through Honeywell’s Primus Epic® Communications Management Function (CMF) datalink platform. Datalink, or the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), is a robust two-way data communications system between aircraft and ground systems. A complete datalink communication, which may be generated either manually or automatically, is referred to as a datalink message.

Messages from the aircraft to the ground are referred to as downlink messages and messages from the ground to the aircraft are referred to as uplink messages.

Introduction Primus Epic CMF Reference Guide

General Information GDC services may be accessed via datalink through Honeywell’s Primus Epic® Communications Management Function (CMF) datalink platform. This reference guide applies to Gulfstream G350/G450/G500/G550 aircraft with the Cert Charlie software load, which includes GDC Aircraft Modifiable Information (AMI) table part number GS-CF14121-0316.

Datalink System Datalink Avionics As part of the Primus Epic integrated avionics system, the CMF is a next-generation datalink platform designed for both software flexibility and hardware expandability. The CMF communicates primarily through a Very High Frequency (VHF) transceiver, although optional airborne equipment may include a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) system to provide datalink capability via Ultra High Frequency (UHF) transmissions to satellites. The Epic Multifunction Control Display Units (MCDUs) provide the interface between the flight crew and the CMF.

Datalink Infrastructure By default, the Epic CMF communicates via the ground-based Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) VHF network at a rate of 2400 bits per second (bps). The ACARS network includes the worldwide Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA) subnetwork, China's Aviation Data Communications Corporation (ADCC) subnetwork, the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (AEROTHAI) subnetwork, the Avicom Japan Co. Ltd. (AVICOM) subnetwork, and Brazil's Departamento de Controle do Espaço Áereo (DECEÁ) subnetwork.

Based on position information provided by the aircraft Flight Management Systems (FMSs), the CMF automatically tunes the VHF transceiver to the appropriate subnetwork. Efficient tuning requires that FMS position initialization be completed. In areas where VHF coverage is unavailable, the CMF may use the Inmarsat Aero-H, Aero-H+, or Aero-I satellite-based UHF networks at rates of up to 9600 bps. This provides both packet mode (datalink) and circuit mode (voice and data) capabilities on multiple channels. The CMF switches to and from the L-band satellite-based UHF network based on the availability of ground-based VHF network coverage.

3 General Information Datalink Service Provider As a provider of flight support services, the GDC is at the hub of the system. In addition to performing host processing for CMF datalink message traffic, the GDC has telephone, fax, and network connections to domestic and international ATC facilities, Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), multiple weather providers, and customer flight departments. Customers who choose the GDC as the flight support services provider to their aircraft equipped with the Primus Epic CMF gain significant advantages because Honeywell provides the datalink hardware, software, and services.

Line of Sight All Epic CMF transmissions require line of sight to a VHF ground station or Inmarsat satellite as appropriate. Please refer to Appendix B for a map of GDC datalink coverage.

Establishing and maintaining line of sight is most often a concern when transmitting VHF on the ground due to the curvature of the Earth, high surrounding terrain, and manmade structures. VHF transmissions from many airports are simply not possible because the nearest VHF ground station is below the horizon or blocked by surrounding terrain. Even at an airport with a local VHF ground station, VHF transmissions from certain areas of the airport may not be successful due to manmade structures obstructing line of sight.

In flight, VHF coverage is normally excellent, although coverage limitations may exist in remote areas of the world or at low altitudes.

Transmitting via satellite while on the ground is generally reliable, although line of sight issues may still arise due to surrounding terrain and manmade structures because the Inmarsat satellites are in equatorial geostationary orbits. In flight, the curvature of the Earth is a concern only at latitudes greater than 70° North or South. Except at these high latitudes, satellite coverage while in flight is seamless.

Epic CMF Configuration Configuration of the Epic CMF is performed by modifying certain parameters stored in the Primus Epic Aircraft Personality Modules (APMs). Parameters stored in the APMs, which are also used by elements of the Primus Epic system other than the CMF, include the aircraft registration (or permanent callsign), ACARS airline identifier ("GS" for GDC services), ICAO airline identifier ("GDC" for GDC services), and ICAO aircraft type designator (available at http://www.icao.int/anb/ais/8643/index.cfm). Correct configuration of these parameters is required for proper CMF operation and ACARS routing. APM parameters are configured by creating or modifying an APM settings file using a PC-based software tool developed by Honeywell and provided by the aircraft manufacturer.

General Information Primus Epic CMF Reference Guide Epic CMF Software The Epic CMF uses software developed by the GDC which is referred to as an Aircraft Modifiable Information (AMI) table. This allows the GDC to offer AMI tables with MCDU displays and CMF datalink messages that correspond to its evolving array of services.

This reference guide applies to Gulfstream G350/G450/G500/G550 aircraft with the Cert Charlie software load, which includes GDC AMI table part number GS-CF14121-0316. Use of the AMI table developed by the GDC is required in order to access full GDC services via datalink.

Epic CMF Displays Display Access To access the Epic CMF displays, press the DLK (datalink) function key on the MCDU. If a single new message is available, the new message is accessed directly, or if multiple new messages are available, the NEW MESSAGES display is accessed. Otherwise, the MAIN MENU display is accessed.

Display Groups Datalink functions provided by the CMF are accessible through four groups of displays: Flight Management System (FMS) displays, Aeronautical Operational Communication (AOC) displays, Air Traffic Services (ATS) displays, and system displays.

Flight Management System (FMS) Displays FMS displays provide access to FMS-related datalink functions, such as requesting flight plans and winds and temperatures aloft forecasts for the FMS wind model. These functions require FMS performance initialization to be completed and confirmed.

Aeronautical Operational Communication (AOC) Displays AOC displays are defined by the GDC as part of the AMI table, which allows the GDC to add, modify, or delete displays as needed.

Functions available through the AOC displays include free-text messages, terminal weather reports and forecasts, D-ATIS reports, and Oceanic Clearance Delivery. On the AOC displays, ‘action’ SEND and PRINT prompts are yellow, uplink text blocks and nonmodifiable parameters are blue, and modifiable parameters are green. All other text is white. Additionally, the solicit character for a mandatory entry is a □ (box) and the solicit character for an optional entry is a - (dash). The solicit character for a display prompt is a or (caret) and the solicit character for an ‘action’ SEND or PRINT prompt is an * (asterisk).

5 General Information SEND prompts on the AOC displays are available only when all mandatory entries have been completed. In addition, the current transmission mode is shown above the prompt so the user is aware how the downlink message will be sent. Possible values include GRD VHF (ground-based VHF network), SAT UHF (satellite-based UHF network), and NO COMM (no datalink communications available). SEND prompts also change to SENDING and then to either SENT or NOT SENT as appropriate when line selected. The CMF will attempt to send an AOC downlink message via all available transmission channels and modes for a period of five minutes before NOT SENT is displayed.

Air Traffic Services (ATS) Displays There are no functions currently available through the ATS displays.

System Displays The system displays provide access to various system functions, including datalink region and frequency management.

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