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«PREP Catalog Table of Contents Section I: Program Objectives and What to Expect Section II: Admissions 1) Requirements for Admission 2) How to Apply ...»

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PREP Catalog

Table of Contents

Section I: Program Objectives and What to Expect

Section II: Admissions

1) Requirements for Admission

2) How to Apply

Section III: Program Requirements and Academic Standards

1) Laboratory Research

2) Course Requirements

3) Workshops, Seminars and Meetings

4) Official Transcripts

5) Obligation to Provide Information to the Program

6) Withdrawal from the Program

Section IV: Vacation and Other Time-Off

1) Vacation and Holidays

2) Sick Time

3) Leaves of Absence

Section V: Graduate Division Policies on Conduct

1) Policy on Research Misconduct

2) Policy on Professional Conduct

3) Policy on Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

Appendix I: Resources and Support

Appendix II: Student Safety and Security

Appendix III: Einstein Policies and Procedures

Appendix IV: Student Records and Privacy Rights of Students (FERPA)

–  –  –

The objective of the Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) is to prepare individuals from groups underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral sciences for successful completion of PhD or MD-PhD degrees in biomedical sciences, through well-designed academic enhancements and extensive research experiences. The program serves to further develop the scholarly potential and improve research skills of PREP scholars.

During this one-to-two year program, PREP scholars work as apprentice scientists in a research laboratory of a member of the Graduate Division faculty, who also serves as their mentor. As apprentice scientists, PREP scholars will be involved in independent research projects that will allow them to experience the fulfillment of discovery as scientists. PREP scholars are expected to learn to develop their own hypothesis and design experiments to test these hypotheses. PREP scholars are also expected to participate in student development and education activities while in the program, spending 75% of the time involved in research and research related activities, and 25% of time dedicated to further academic development.

The PREP policies and guidelines are described herein and are meant to facilitate the productive and efficient progression of a scholar from admission into the PREP to completion of the program.

In addition to the guidelines presented within this document, each scholar is expected to meet any requirements imposed by the Program Director(s), and to uphold the standards of professional behavior expected of all members of the College of Medicine and the scientific community.

PREP Catalog (rev Nov 2015) Section II: Admissions The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination and encourages applications from qualified scholars regardless of race, religion, color, creed, age, national origin or ancestry, citizenship status, sex, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran or disabled veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic predisposition/carrier status, or any other characteristic that is protected by any applicable law, ordinance, or regulation.

1) Requirements for Admission An applicant for the Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) at Einstein, must have obtained a baccalaureate degree in a biomedically relevant science from an accredited U.S. college or university by start date of the program. The Bachelor’s degree must have been received less than 36 months prior to submission of the PREP application. The applicant may not be currently enrolled in an advanced degree program at the time of application to the PREP.

The Graduate Division admits PREP applicants with diverse undergraduate training in a biomedically relevenat science. It is generally expected that applicants will have successfully completed undergraduate courses in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics (including calculus), and physics, with advanced courses and laboratory work in biology, chemistry and physics or have successfully completed an undergraduate engineering curriculum. A course in biochemistry is strongly recommended. Successful candidates for admission will generally have had some bench research experience.

All applications to the PREP must be submitted directly online. Details of the application procedure are described on the Prospective Students page of the Graduate Division website, www.einstein.yu.edu/phd.

Letters of Recommendation Two to three letters of recommendation are required, preferably from individuals with direct knowledge of the applicant’s qualification for postbaccalaureate training.

Standardized Tests Applicants are not required to submit standardized test scores for an application to PREP. However, applicants may elect to submit standardized test scores (GRE or MCAT) as part of their PREP application.

Graduate Record Examination If applicants elect to submit official scores for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), they should be within three years prior to the PREP admissions deadline (School Code 2997).

Inquiries about the GRE should be addressed directly to the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540 MCAT If applicants elect to submit official scores for the MCAT, they should be within three years prior to the PREP admissions deadline.

Inquires about the MCAT should be addressed directly to the Association of American Medical College, Washington, DC 20001 Transcript A transcript or academic record is required from each college or university attended and listed in the Education Section of the PREP application.

PREP Catalog (rev Nov 2015)

2) How to Apply All applicants apply to PREP at Einstein directly to through the Einstein Graduate Division in the Biomedical Sciences, not to individual departments or labs. Applications for admission to PREP at Einstein are available online from the Graduate Division website (www.einstein.yu.edu/phd) after September 1st, for entrance the following June.

In addition to the online application, applicants must submit two to three letters of recommendation (online only), and official transcripts (uploaded to online application). Although not required, applicants may submit GRE scores (school code 2997) or MCAT scores.

It is the PREP scholar’s responsibility to ensure that the Graduate Division office receives all required materials by the deadline date.

Admission to PREP at Einstein is contingent on completion of the undergraduate degree. Scholars who are admitted to PREP at Einstein will matriculate the following June for the start of the program and the final undergraduate transcript showing that the Bachelor’s degree has been conferred is due before program start date.

The official transcript must be mailed to:

–  –  –

There is generally one date of matriculation for PREP scholars (June), although in some cases a PREP scholar may start in August. We do not accept PREP scholars to enter the program mid-year.

Inquiries regarding the Einstein PREP or the application process can be sent to: prep@einstein.yu.edu PREP Catalog (rev Nov 2015) Section III: Program Requirements and Academic Standards Generally Each scholar is expected to familiarize him/herself and to comply with the rules of conduct, academic regulations and established practices of the Graduate Division and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The admission of a scholar, his/her continuation in good standing, and completion of the program are entirely subject to the disciplinary powers of the PREP Director(s) and the Graduate Division and to the scholar's maintenance of high standards of ethical, professional, and scholarly conduct. The PREP Director(s) may dismiss any scholar who is considered to be unfit for continuation in the PREP or for infringement of these policies and standards.

A PREP scholar will be registered for six (6) credits per summer, fall and spring semester comprised of a combination of laboratory research, workshops, and required course(s) for credit.

1) Laboratory Research Once a PREP scholar begins the program, he/she will meet with several faculty members based on their scientific interest. The PREP scholar will then identify a faculty member with whom he/she would like to apprentice for the duration of the program.

The PREP scholar is expected to engage fully in all the aspects of the laboratory.

A Laboratory Research grade is provided three times per year (for the summer, fall and spring semesters) for each year the scholar is in the program. This grade is recorded on a transcript. The grade options for Laboratory Research are: S – Satisfactory, U – Unsatisfactory, and NI – Needs Improvement.

Change of Laboratory If it becomes necessary for a scholar to change his or her research laboratory, or a mentor seeks to dismiss a scholar from the laboratory, the scholar or mentor must notify the PREP Director(s) immediately.

2) Course Requirements The Graduate Division has three course Blocks in which various graduate courses are offered: fall semester Block I and Block II, and spring semester Block III.

 Responsible Conduct of Research Each PREP scholar must successfully complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course. This is a critical course that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) mandates must be successfully completed by all PREP scholars, without exception. PREP scholars are automatically registered for the course which is taught in Block II of the fall semester. Each scholar must attend all sessions of the course in order to receive a grade of Pass.

 Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher Each PREP scholar must audit the course Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher, typically offered in Block III. A PREP scholar must participate fully in the audited course (i.e. complete all assignments and exams, attend all course sessions, etc.). No credit or final grade will be granted for auditing a graduate course.

 Each PREP scholar may register for one graduate course per Block (not including RCR). Course registration for PREP scholars is done via audit and an Audit Registration Form must be submitted to the Graduate Division’s Office of the Registrar. If a PREP scholar wishes to take a graduate course for credit, PREP Catalog (rev Nov 2015) permission must be obtained from the PREP Director(s). Scholars are not permitted to take graduate courses for credit without permission from the PREP Director(s).

Registration for Course Audit In order to register to audit a graduate course, an Audit Registration Form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Division’s Office of the Registrar (Belfer Bldg. Room 202). The Audit Registration Form is available in the Graduate Divisions office.

A PREP scholar must participate fully in the audited course (i.e. attend all course sessions, complete all assignments and exams, etc.). No credit or final grade will be granted for auditing a course.

When auditing a course, please be advised of the following:

 Final date to register for “audit” is the last day of the add/drop period as indicated on the Graduate Division Academic Calendar. No admittance to the course can be made after this date.

 Last day to withdraw an audit from a course is the last day of the add/drop period (see Academic Calendar).

 The Audit Registration Form requires the signature of the course leader and the PREP Director.

 No credit or grade will be granted for auditing a graduate course.

 Audited courses are reflected on the transcript with a grade of AU (Audit).


Plagiarism is the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit. All documents prepared as part of a scholar’s academic or research activities must be free of plagiarism.

This includes but is not limited to written examinations (in-class or take-home), manuscripts, and reports to the faculty mentor or PREP Director(s).

For in-class or take-home examinations in graduate courses, unless otherwise clearly stated in the instructions for the particular examination, it is fully expected that the scholar will work alone and without any assistance from students or sources.

Special Accommodations:

A scholar who requires special accommodations for exams or other required work must present appropriate documentation to the Office of Academic Support and Counseling (OASC). The documents will be reviewed and, if approved, notification will be sent to the Graduate Division office. The scholar and course leader(s) will then be notified by the Graduate Division office.

3) Workshops, Seminars and Meetings Each PREP scholar must attend regularly scheduled PREP workshops with the PREP Director(s) and is registered for this workshop. A “PREP Scholars Workshops” grade is provided three times per year (for the summer, fall and spring semesters) for each year the scholar is in the program. This grade is recorded on a transcript. The grade options for PREP Scholars Workshops are: S – Satisfactory, U – Unsatisfactory, and NI – Needs Improvement.

Each PREP scholar is also expected to attend Work-In-Progress and departmental seminars of the College.

Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) – PREP scholars are required to attend this annual conference for “underrepresented minority students and students with disabilities to pursue advanced training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).” (http://www.abrcms.org/index.php/abrcms/general-information) PREP Catalog (rev Nov 2015) Other workshops, seminars and meetings are available for PREP scholars, including career and professional development seminars, lunches and other events with EMSA (Einstein Minority Scientist Association), symposiums, meetings with graduate students, etc.

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