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Prep 2017

Orientation Booklet

Newhaven College Values Declaration

Values are beliefs, qualities or traits that are considered worthwhile; they are our highest priority; they are

the driving force in our lives; they are what govern our behaviour and the choices we make. At Newhaven

College, after consultation with staff, students and parents, our core values were decided upon, defined

and declared. These are:

Respect - Treat oneself, others and the environment with care and compassion. Embrace the values and beliefs of others.

Excellence - Seek to accomplish worthy and admirable outcomes in everything you do. Approach life with resilience and perseverance. Embrace challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.

Be accountable for one’s own actions, resolve differences in constructive and peaceful Responsibility ways, contribute to the community and behave in an environmentally sustainable way.

Honesty - Be sincere and seek the truth. Be truthful to yourself and others.

Empathy - Be open to others and their cultures; accept and respect diversity within a democratic society. Understand the beliefs and experiences of others.

As members of the Newhaven College Community, we are all accountable to these values and should strive to fulfil them in all that we do.

Welcome From the Principal It is with great pleasure that I welcome all our Prep students to Newhaven College. What an exciting journey they are about to embark upon. I know for some parents this is a difficult time, but rest assured that Newhaven’s focus is on providing a safe and nurturing environment in which individual students are valued and encouraged to develop the highest standards in personal and academic achievement.

The College has a strong tradition and culture which values the individuality and character of each student.

This is achieved through teaching and learning which embraces the ways in which children learn and takes account of their individual talents and the varied experiences that students bring with them.

The College strives to meet the individual needs of every child and to foster their special talents and interests.

In Prep, as our students begin their formal learning journey, the College encourages their desire to learn by stimulating their curiosity and developing learning activities directly related to their interests. The school aims to provide equality of opportunity regardless of language, cultural background or gender.

Parental involvement is valued and parents are encouraged to enrich the curriculum by sharing their skills and participating in all facets of school life. This high level of parental participation enhances the community spirit existing within the school. I trust your association with our schoolis a happy and valued one for us all.

–  –  –

It is with much pleasure I welcome our new Preps and their families to Newhaven College. Together with the Principal, Gea Lovell, I too acknowledge this milestone in your child’s education. Starting school is an important step in your child’s life. The Prep year establishes the foundations for your child’s learning and the Junior School staff strive to ensure that your child’s first school experiences are positive. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey and also the start of a strong partnership between home and school - parents and teachers working together in the best interests of the child.

To assist with the smooth transition to school I offer the following suggestions:

 Be prepared for the first day. Have some practice runs before school starts. Encourage your child to organise their uniform and bag before the big day. Ensure your child has a balanced breakfast and pack healthy snacks and lunch.

 Encourage your child to dress themselves so they can manage taking their jumper off and on. Label all belongings clearly and show your child where their name is on the item. Ask the teacher where lost property is held.

 Avoid a rush, particularly on the first day. Allow yourself time to say goodbye. You may stay a little while to ensure your child feels secure but once they have settled, offer a short and reassuring goodbye. Arrive in plenty of time to collect your child from school at the end of the day.

 Establish a routine with a set bedtime to enable your child to get enough sleep.

 Check your child’s school pouches every day for newsletters and notes.

 Take time to listen to your child at the end of the day. Don’t press them to tell you every detail of their day, but allow them to reflect on what occurred.

Starting Prep takes time to get used to – in the first few days your child will experience new places, people, rules and responsibilities. This can be both exciting and overwhelming. Some children can be quite tired at the end of the day as they become accustomed to school life. This is normal!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to our current Prep Teachers, Mrs Linda Austin, Mrs Fiona Smart or myself. Open communication is essential, and no question is too trivial.

I wish you and your child a long, happy and productive education at Newhaven College.

Ralph ArceoHead of Junior School

ralph.arceo@newhavencol.vic.edu.au Phillip Island Road Campus 1770 Phillip Island Road, Phillip Island 3923 Telephone (03) 5956 7505 Fax (03) 5956 7131 Curriculum At Newhaven College we strive to develop and implement high quality, diverse and engaging educational programs which nurture and develop the intellect of our students. The curriculum offered in the Junior School is designed to lay the foundations for future learning. Learning experiences for all students are meaningful, relevant and challenging. The curriculum caters for a variety of learning styles, thus enabling students to reach their potential.

Literacy has a high priority in the Junior School. Teachers aim for all students to be fluent and competent readers, writers and speakers, and they work towards this from the beginning of Prep.

In Numeracy, students develop knowledge and skills in number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. Prep students engage in practical, hands on activities using a variety of materials.

Generally, students will engage in Literacy and Numeracy activities in the mornings.

At Prep level our Key Learning Areas include:

 English  Mathematics  Integrated Studies, including History and Science  Information Technology  Circles (students well being)

Specialist teaching areas are:

–  –  –

Monday 14 November to Friday 18 November 2016 (Week 7) Individual appointments for interview.

The Uniform shop will be open Monday 12.00 - 4.00pm and Thursday 8.30am -12.00pm.

For other times, please phone Noone Imagewear on 9769 9093.

Our Prep Teachers will visit each child at their Preschool during this week.

Monday 21 November 7.00pm – 8.00pm (Week 8) Parents’ Session in the Junior School. This will be an information session for parents, to provide information and answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday 23 November 11.00am – 1.00pm (Week 8) 2017 Prep students will then go to the Prep rooms to meet our Prep teachers, and participate in a range of activities until 12.00pm. Parents can accompany their child to the Prep room and are then invited to morning tea in the Assembly Area from 11.00am - 12.00pm.

At 12.00pm our 2017 Year 6 buddies will join us for a shared BYO picnic or sausages in bread lunch until 1.00pm. Parents are welcome to eat their lunch with the students.

Wednesday 30 November 9.00am – 11.00am (Week 9) 2017 Prep children will be participating in activities in the Prep classrooms. Please ensure your child is in comfortable clothes suitable for physical activities.

Tuesday 6 December 9.00am – 1.00pm (Week 9) Prep 2017 Orientation morning in the Junior School.

Children will need playlunch and lunch.

Tuesday 31 January - First day of School 2017

–  –  –

It is an advantage if your child can ….

 Look after his or her belongings and be able to recognise them  Take care with other people’s belongings and put things away after using them  Share equipment in a small group  Exercise some self-control when required to wait for a request to be fulfilled  Say please and thank-you at appropriate times  Do up buttons and zips, put on and take off a jumper, take shoes off, put them on and do them up  Flush the toilet without assistance and wash his/her hands after using the toilet  Say his/her name, address and phone number  Communicate verbally so that people outside the family can understand  Recognise basic colours  Listen to simple verbal instructions and carry them out  Use a handkerchief or tissue to blow their nose  Open his or her lunchbox and drink bottle  Finish a drawing without being distracted  Remember short songs and rhymes  Run, skip, hop, climb and catch a big ball, and take turns on outdoor equipment  Play with other children reasonably socially  Apply sunscreen to face, neck and arms  Enjoy listening to stories without becoming restless Before the First Day  Practice getting up, eating breakfast and getting dressed for school  Be positive about school – don’t say you will be sad when they start On The First Day  Don’t rush  Don’t get to school too early – 8.45am is a good time  Be positive  Say you will see them at lunchtime College Uniform Newhaven College offers uniform for purchase through an external provider, Noone Imagewear, who operates a shop in the Administration wing at the Phillip Island Road Campus and can be contacted on 5909 0980 during opening hours (normally 12.00pm to 4.00pm on Mondays and 8.30am to 12.00pm on Thursdays during school term).

Uniform can also be purchased at their outlet in Beaconsfield: Shop 4 Beaconsfield Hub, 52-62 Old Princes Highway, Beaconsfield (Phone: 9769 9093), which is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

For a Junior School Price List Order Form, please visit our website, www.newhavencol.vic.edu.au and select For Parents Uniform Shop.

–  –  –

Jacket (Optional) - the College winter jacket over Jumper - The College jumper may be worn as an the jumper when outside, and to and from school. outer garment.

Shoes - Must be black, leather and lace up. Velcro Jacket (Optional) - the College winter jacket over is encouraged in Prep – Year 2. the jumper when outside, and to and from school.

–  –  –

Beanie (Optional) - College navy beanies can be Scarf (Optional) - College navy scarves can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. purchased from the Uniform Shop.

–  –  –

Important Information for Boys and Girls  Shoes are to be black leather school shoes (velcro recommended for Prep to Year 2).

 Prep students also need a school art smock and a pouch (available from Uniform Shop).

 The school hat must be worn in Terms 1 and 4 anytime students are outside. Students without a hat during these times will need to adhere to our ‘no hat, no play’ rule and sit in a designated shady area.

 Newhaven College school backpacks are compulsory – no other bag is permitted.

 Newhaven College library bag is available from the Uniform Shop.

 It is essential that all uniform items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Beginning School in 2017 Term dates can be found on our website, www.newhavencol.vic.edu.au. Select News & Dates Term Dates and Calendar Term Dates 2017’ Term 1

–  –  –

Once At School  It is important for children to become independent early in the year. Preps need to be able to unpack and pack their own belongings.

 Lunch is an important occasion to a young child. Children should only be given what they can reasonably eat. At school they will be encouraged to eat their lunch and to bring home what they cannot eat. Food must NEVER be shared.

 Pack food in containers and packaging that students can open easily, and make sure they know which food is playlunch and which food is lunch.

 Children are taken to the toilet before playlunch and lunch during the first few weeks to become familiar with the surroundings, to avoid congestion and to establish hygiene routines.

 We encourage children to play with their classmates. There are always teachers on playground duty, who will particularly monitor our newcomers in their early weeks of school.

 Teachers are always willing to help sort out problems. Some problems only surface at home and unless the teacher is told, we can’t help. Always discuss any concerns as early as possible.

 Children should be encouraged to begin taking responsibility for their own belongings.

 Check bags and pouches daily for any notes from school or entries in your child’s Student Record Book. Please note on your copy of the College calendar, the dates and events that are important for Prep children.

 Talk to your children about the best things that happened each day and always be enthusiastic and positive about the work your child has produced.

Buddy Program The Buddy Program involves Prep students and their Year 6 buddies meeting on a regular basis. The program assists Prep students to settle into their new school surroundings, and feel safe and secure right from the start.

Indeed, Prep and Year 6 students learn from each other. The Buddy Program makes life easier for Preps at the beginning of the year as they have someone who can look out for them in the playground. The benefits of the program are not just limited to Preps. Year 6 students feel an increased sense of responsibility and achievement. They take their responsibility very seriously and perceive themselves as role models in our school community.

Thank You All staff at Newhaven College wish you and your child a wonderful educational experience. We look forward to creating a strong and supportive partnership between home and school.

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