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«B-1 THE PRESBYTERY OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA STATED CLERK'S REPORT William A. (Bert) Sigmon, Stated Clerk April 28, 2015 The Stated Clerk presents ...»




William A. (Bert) Sigmon, Stated Clerk

April 28, 2015

The Stated Clerk presents the following:


CA 1. THAT Michael Bailey, Bert Sigmon, and Robbin Buchanan be requested to prepare

the minutes of this Presbytery meeting for approval at the July 28, 2015 Presbytery meeting.

CA 2. THAT the minutes of the January 31, 2015 Stated Meeting of Presbytery be approved as submitted. (The full set, including appendices, of these minutes is available for review at the Stated Clerk's table.) CA 3. THAT the April 28, 2015 report of the Administrative Commission for the New Vision, Conover New Church Development be received and entered into the permanent record of the Presbytery. (Stated Clerk Attachment 1) CA 4. THAT the April 28, 2015 Report of the Administrative Commission for the West Asheville Presbyterian Church be received and entered into the permanent record of the Presbytery. (Stated Clerk Attachment 2) CA 5. THAT the April 28, 2015 report of the Administrative Commission for the First Presbyterian Church, Franklin be received and entered into the permanent record of the Presbytery. (Stated Clerk Attachment 3) CA 6. THAT the Administrative Commission for the First Presbyterian Church, Franklin, having completed their work, be dissolved effective Tuesday, April 28, 2015, with the thanks of the Presbytery for its good work.

CA 7. THAT the April 28, 2015 report of the Administrative Commission for First Presbyterian Church, Hendersonville be received and entered into the permanent record of the Presbytery. (Stated Clerk Attachment 3) CA 8. THAT the April 28, 2015 report of the Administrative Commission for First Presbyterian Church, Swannanoa be received and entered into the permanent record of the Presbytery. (Stated Clerk Attachment 3) CA 9. THAT the April 28, 2015 report of the Cullowhee Campus Ministry Board be received and entered into the permanent record of the Presbytery. (Stated Clerk Attachment 4) B-2


10. The 105th Stated meeting of the Presbytery of Western North Carolina will be held on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Hendersonville, North Carolina.

11. THAT the 2015 Presbytery of Western North Carolina Directory will be available in the lobby of the Anderson Auditorium for Ministers, Christian Educators, Clerks with Temporary or Stated Supply Pastors, and Committee Moderators.

12. THAT copies of the Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), approved by the 221st General Assembly, were distributed at the

October Presbytery Meeting and can also be downloaded from the PCUSA website:


–  –  –

14. THAT the first training of the new four-year cycle of training for clergy and volunteers for Sacred Trust Relational Boundaries was held on Thursday, April 16,

2015. There were 68 in attendance.

–  –  –

16. THAT the following Session Records for 2014 were submitted and approved on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at a Session Records Review held at the First Presbyterian Church, Morganton.

–  –  –

New Vision continues to be a witness for Christ in Conover, NC as it also continues in pastoral transition. The PNC has begun the process of reviewing PIFs coming in from the Presbyterian search system. They received training from Associate Presbyter Anita Bernhardt on what to look for and how to narrow down candidates in the process. CLP Dennis Stamper continues to serve through preaching and pastoral care of the congregation. Mark Osborne continues to help with lay leadership duties by sharing preaching duties when needed and leading the Wednesday mid-week education and worship experience. Attendance has remained steady as lay leaders and members continue to work in supporting the congregation.

Calvin Arrowood, Administrative Commission member and Elder at Southminster Presbyterian in Gastonia, led a Deacon’s training session on February 27-28th. Through the training, the deacons were reminded of their role in caring for the congregation and shared new ideas on ways to reach out to those in need. The congregation was struck by the death of long-time member and supporter Michael Cline on February 6th after a long battle with cancer. Michael was a member of the Steering Team and active in many areas in the life of the church, including VBS. His death was a tragic loss to the New Vision family, who supported the Clines graciously during this time. Their support was witnessed by others in the community as the way to ‘be the church’. Michael’s family requested memorials be made to the Pack-a-Bag program at New Vision which resulted in donations of over $1,500 being received.

Word was received from the Presbytery of the return of supported missionaries Gary and Marlene VanBrocklin in late May. Gary is the former pastor for Latino support at New Vision. Their return is already being planned with a lunch following service on the Sunday they will be here. The congregation is very excited.

New Vision’s strength continues to be their love and concern for each other. This congregation, though especially challenged with struggles over poor health, illness, unemployment, underemployment, and financial instability, knows how to support one another in tangible, practical, and prayerful ways! They live out the gospel of loving, faithful community relying on the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Respectfully Submitted, Greg Smith Chair, Administrative Commission New Vision Church Conover, NC


West Asheville Presbyterian Church Commission Meeting Date: March 19, 2015 Present: Rev. Kent Smith (West Asheville) and Revs. Lynn Bledsoe and Mark Stanley (COM).

Rev. Kent Smith provided a valuable update on the activities and plans for the West Asheville Presbyterian Church. He was pleased with the progress that they are making.

Of special interest:

- Things continue to improve across the board. Income is up and expenses are down.

- Very attractive new carpet has been installed in the sanctuary.

- A new gas furnace has been installed (no more oil.)

- The Church has received a $25,000 Grant for Restroom renovation.

- The “Heywood Community Fellowship,” a “1,001 Worshipping Communities” project continues to meet for a meal and worship on Wednesdays. They are experimenting with outdoor worship and contemporary music. They are continuing to seek ways to best utilize their Grant for this purpose.

- Rev. Smith is happy and well and enjoying his Ministry.

- October of 2016 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Church.

Plans for the Future:

- Rev. Smith notes that 2015 is an important year for West Asheville. Steady improvement is critical for both worshipping communities.

- Rev. Smith would welcome the assistance of an “Evangelist” who is called to help develop the “Haywood Community Fellowship.” Please continue to provide your prayerful support for these vital congregations.



APRIL 28, 2015 Franklin Administrative Commission Report April 28, 2015 The Franklin Administrative Commission is pleased to report that the Franklin Church continues to move in very positive directions. The Reverend Hunter Coleman has served admirably as supply pastor offering a steady hand at the helm and the Session has continued to display determination in functioning in a very healthy fashion. At a recent session meeting, the Reverend Tempe Fussell was extended a call to serve the church in an interim capacity. Rev. Fussell has received the call with an intended start date of June 1, 2015, pending approval of the Committee on Ministry. The Commission is confident in the future of First Church, Franklin. Therefore, we request of the Presbytery of Western North Carolina that the Franklin Administrative Commission be discharged from further service.

Respectfully submitted, John Lindsay, Chair The First Presbyterian Church of Hendersonville April 8, 2015 In the second half of January, the Administrative Commission developed a framework for a settlement proposal as a continuation of the mediation process that began with a face-to-face meeting on December 16, 2014. Thereafter, the co-chairs and the lawyers for Presbytery put the detailed proposal together, and it was conveyed in full to the mediator on February 17, 2015. At this writing, the Administrative Commission is waiting for a response, through the mediator, from the representatives of the members seeking dismissal to the EPC.

As it has in the past, the Administrative Commission again asks for the prayers of Presbytery that a way may be found to reach an agreement that enables both congregations to undertake the ministries to which they believe God is calling them.

Respectfully submitted, Cam Murchison and Bob Forsythe, Co-Chairs Administrative Commission of Swannanoa Presbyterian Church, April 15, 2015 The Commission has not met recently, since there has been little action regarding the sale of the property. Ongoing property management has been faithfully maintained by Steve Hansel and all financial issues have been handled expeditiously. The survey has been completed for the property and Attorney Mike Begley has taken care of the legal matters which will be reviewed by the Commission in an upcoming meeting.

Information regarding the establishment of bylaws and several names are being compiled for the forming of a Board of Directors for the Piney Grove Cemetery.

The Commission is scheduled to meet on Sunday, April 26th at Swannanoa Presbyterian Church.

–  –  –

Kirk at WCU – Board Report April 12, 2015 We are pleased to report that plans to re-start our campus ministry at Western Carolina University are moving along quickly! The following points will highlight where things stand currently…  We are working through the process of calling our first ministry leader, and things are going well. After reviewing several quality applications, the board decided to focus on three candidates, who seemed to fit our needs best. We conducted Skype interviews with each candidate, and elected to bring two of the candidates to Cullowhee to meet with the entire board in person, and to visit the campus. We have concluded that process, have selected a first choice, and will be making a formal offer this week. We have also decided to offer the position to our second choice, if the first offer is not accepted. It is exciting to have wonderful options for the position, and we look forward to having our first leader start this June.

 If it has not been reported previously, we have formally decided that the name of the ministry will be UKirk at WCU! We are excited to make the formal affiliation with the UKirk program, and trust that the denomination will continue to add benefits and support, to enhance the program.

 The student design team from WCU has just about completed the design plans for the lower level coffeehouse, and the enhancements to the exterior of the building. They have made great progress, and we hope to see the final plans within a week.

 On April 30th, an 18 member mission team from Sharon Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, will arrive in Cullowhee to work for two full days on our renovation project.

There are several contractors in the group, and we are excited and blessed to be the recipients of their efforts. This will be the formal kickoff of our construction, and they are even donating $1,000 to help with our cost of materials!!!

Please continue to spread the word about this exciting new ministry throughout the Presbytery, and any offers of help will be welcomed!!!

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