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«AGENDA Time Item Who Process Connection Time Call to Order 7:00 A. Jason Rodriguez Reflection Agenda Review/Chair Update 7:05 B. Information (5 min) ...»

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Friday, October 28, 2016. 1381 S. First Street. San José. CA



Time Item Who Process

Connection Time

Call to Order

7:00 A. Jason Rodriguez


Agenda Review/Chair Update

7:05 B. Information (5 min) Closed Session 7:10 C. Discussion (15 min)

• Executive Director Review Public Comment 7:25 D.

Financial Statements FY 1516 7:30 E. Dan Moors & Karla Plag Presentation/Action (25 min)

• Resolution 2017.04 FY 1516 Audit Armanino LLP Fund Development Report 8:00 F. Eric Bonesteel Presentation (5 min) Treasurer’s Report 8:05 G. Jonathan Noble Presentation (10 min)

• Q1 Financials

• Organizational Standards: Board Bylaws

• Conflict of Interest Forms Board Development 8:15 H. Chava Bustamante Action (5 min)

• Resolution 2017.05 Board Member Election Program & Strategy Report 8:20 I. Jorge Gonzalez Presentation (10 min)

• Strategic Plan Update Program Spotlight: Family Support Laura Diaz 8:30 J. Presentation (15 min) ED Report 8:45 K. Poncho Guevara Information (10 min)

• Program Update

• Resolution 2017.06 LIHEAP Contract Consent Agenda 8:50 L. Approval (5 min) Board of Directors Meeting minutes August Program & Strategy Committee minutes September Audit Committee minutes September

–  –  –

Members of the public may speak to the Sacred Heart Community Service Board of Directors about any item that is on the agenda during the Public Comment period, or items that are not on the agenda and are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Sacred Heart Community Service during the Public Forum period.

If you wish to speak to the Board of Directors, please refer to the following guidelines:

Fill out a Speaker’s Card and submit it to the Board Secretary. Please do this before the meeting.

• The Board Chair will open the public hearing and call your name. Each speaker generally has two minutes to speak. The amount of time allotted to • speakers may vary at the Chair’s discretion, depending on the number of speakers or the length of the agenda.

Please be advised that the Board is unable to discuss or take action on issues presented during Public Forum.

• In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, those requiring accommodation for this meeting should notify the Administration Office 24 hours prior to the meeting at 408-278-2160 Board of Directors Resolution 2017.04 FY 2015-2016 Audited Financial Statements The Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Community Service at its regularly scheduled meeting on October 28, 2016 hereby accepts the Audited Financial Statements for the year ending June 30, 2016 and the Management Letter presented by Armanino LLP.


Jason Rodriguez Board President Board of Directors Resolution 2017.05 Board Member Election The Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Community Service (SHCS), at its regularly scheduled meeting on October 28, 2016, hereby elects the following Board members to serve on the Board of Directors effective November 1, 2016.

Low-Income Representatives:

Maria Rico (commencing first term through 2019) Steve Herrera (commencing second term through 2019) Jorge Gonzales (commencing second term through 2019)

Public Sector Representative:

State Assemblymember Evan Low recommending the appointment of Jonathan Noble (commencing second term through 2019)

Private Sector Representative:

Molly McDonald (commencing second term through 2019) _____________________________

Jason Rodriguez Board President Board of Directors Resolution 2017.06 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) contract with California Department of Community Services and Development The Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Community Service (SHCS) at its meeting on October 28, 2016, hereby resolves to enter into contract number 17B-3037 with the State Department of Community Services and Development and the people listed below are authorized to sign the contract and any subsequent amendments, invoices, reports, and related documents on behalf of SHCS to same for the Board of Directors.

–  –  –

I, Jason Rodriguez, President of the Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Community Service, of San José, CA, hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true and correct copy of the record of the action taken by the Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Community Service, by vote of the members present, as the same appears in the Official Minutes of said Board as its meeting of October 28, 2016.


Jason Rodriguez Board President


Friday, August 26, 2016 Sacred Heart Community Service – Fiesta Room 1381 South First Street. San José. CA MINUTES


Board: Chava Bustamante, Jorge Gonzalez, Steve Herrera, Felicia Madsen, Bridgit McGarry, Molly McDonald, Jonathan Noble, Jason Rodriguez, Gary Serda Staff: Lydia Guel, Poncho Guevara, Chad Harris, Matt King, Graciela Mann, Jill Mitsch, Lorena Sánchez-Castañeda, Darren Seaton, Lily Tapia, Rachel Wright Guests: Maria Rico, Tim Alexander A. Call to Order/Reflection The meeting was called to order by Jason Rodriguez at 7:09am.

Poncho Guevara read a quote from MLK Jr. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” SHCS has been having a conversation in our country about people feeling the weight of oppression and violence. Its really important to reflect on black lives matter B. Agenda Review/Chair Update There were no changes to the agenda.

C. Public Comment There was no public comment.

D. Board Development Report Chava Bustamante reported that he and Matt King met with Maria Rico recently to discuss an opportunity for her to join the Board of Directors. Mr. Bustamante was impressed with energy and willingness to serve the community. I recommend that if she is willing to serve on the board we put her name in nomination.

Mr. King shared that we initiated a process of communicating with our action and adviosory committees that we were looking for a low-income rep. Maria’s name came up. She is still deciding if she wants to make this committment. Chava expressed his hope we could impress her. Ms. Rico shared she’s been a part of SHCS for 4 years as a leader, mostly in the education and immigration committees.

Mr. Rordiguez welcomed her and noted that other board member terms are ending and put out the call again to bring some names forward that you think would be good editions to the SHCS board. If you are terming off, who would be a good replacement and what role would you like to continue to play? We’ve thought about having and emeritus board. We’ve been trying to cycle in new leadership on the board in terms of executive and committee leadership roles as well. Next time we’ll talk succession planning.

E. Finance & Administration Report Megan Doyle reported on the Finance and Administration Committee meeting yesterday. We looked over financials from the last fiscal year (year end in June). Overall it looks really good, with a net surplus for the year with stronger performance from foundations and individuals than anticipated and marginally less than projected from corporation, schools and organizations.

They were aggressive goals, so kudos. The government grant revenue exceeding expectations was due to the immigration outreach contract. These grants are really money in, money out, so not a big difference to the bottom line. For the year we filled most all open positions, so personnel expenses were just about maxed, which has not been the trend line for us in recent years.

She reported that we had achieved some savings from an early renewal of health benefits, but this is probably an anomaly, as benefit costs are rising.

Mr. Rodriguez asked for clarification on the budget variances. Mr. Guevara explained that at the onset of the fiscal year we had estimates for several contracts, but as the numbers came in those numbers both income and expenses hit our books. Our energy contracts provided a little over 1.6million in revenue and the impact on our unrestricted funds to pay for those programs was appoximately 36K. We also were awarded the immigration contracts for administrative relief outreach work which was reflected on the income side under gov grants, and program expenses under subcontracts and personnel, netting out at break even, but this contract was not in our original budget.

For example we get a contract that we are approving now, but we get the final numbers later on. The energy program contract last year was 1.6 million financial revenue, not counting the financial assistance we provide. Even after additional funding was allocated under the Low-Income Weatherization Program funds, it ends up costing the org about $30 K to our bottom line. This year about $36K, very little for the numbers of families it impacts.

Ms. Doyle explained that the other big expense included facilities and technology expenses due to addressing some deferred maintenance, and other things that needed to be fixed like broken doors and replacing a server. The Committee felt comfortable with that. Cautionary note is that the some of the surplus is already designated to certain things. The cash surplus will be determined in October with the audit. Molly will be the board rep on the audit committee. But we will vote as a board in October on the audit and get a final number on the net surplus.

Ms Doyle noted that the Armanino LLP auditors were present at the very inspiring Pack-a-Back packing day along with several Board members. She pointed to the balance sheets and its good news, with an increase in assets year over year. While accounts payable is larger than it was last year, we don’t have any problem in collecting and our line of credit is 0. Our auditrs will have us relaese our 135K reserve. These were set aside in case there were any issues with our Rapid Rehousing grant reimbursements, but we are in the clear and it was done out of an abundance of caution. Cash is strong, we are liquid, we are showing and increase in cash year over year.

Darren Seaton introduced Resolution 2017-01 to appoint the Audit Committee. (mot: M. Doyle/Sec: J. Gonzalez) passed by consensus.

Organizational standards Mr. Seaton reported that as a requirement of our Community Service Block Grant contract, we are accountable to meeting 58 organizational standards. The good news is that we are in compliance with the nearly all of the standards. Fianace and Administration reviewed our progress to fulfilling these standards. In the handful of cases we have not completed the standard, it has mostly to do with documentation of our compliance. Several of the things we need to have board action on and approval. For example, a whistle blower policy exists, it is in the employee handbook, but the state needs to see that the board has reviewed it at some regular interval. There are a few more we need to look over and make sure we are compliant. A few examples of areas we need to strengthen: consumer input – we have to have systematic way of getting customer satisfaction data and then we have to have a systematic way of bringing it back to you. We have regularly done customer satisfaction surveys, but the last 2 years we have fallen out of proctice as we have emphasized other data needs. Another example is hiting a ROMA trainer to analyze our strategic plan. Mr. Rodriguez asked about the timing of hiring the consultant and Mr Seaton responded that it will be done in alignment with our 3 year strategic plan cycles. Mr. Guevara noted that there were less than a dozen that we needed to take a look at or demonstrate compliance via board subcommittee or full board action. For example, the discussion of succession planning at the June meeting was documented in the minutes and will fulfill the requirement after the adoption of the minutes today. More of these will be coming forward in the next few months. Other tiems we need to keep on the radar screen: reviews of the financials, strategic plan updates, fiscal policy review every 2 years, completeing the community needs asessment and community action plan every 2 years, ED review and compensation reviews, board training, etc.

Mr. Gonzalez asked if these standards are imposed by external forces. Mr. Guevara responded that they were developed by the US Dept of Heath and Human Services with broad input from the community action network. And that elements we have embraced such as a membership model are consistent with values of engagement and leadership development reflected in community action.

Ms Doyle retierated that Finance and Administration brought up the things board needs to take action on, we were performing well on the budget related items.

CSBG Dashboard Mr. Guevara noted the considerable investment into the Salesforce database integration and consolidation will allow us to track our progress on our community action plan. Chad Harris has spearheaded our efforts to develop these dashboards to better respknd to the state. Mr Harris noted that now we can update our reports very easily, see data across strategies and have statistics that represent our whole population. Steve Herrera asked if advocacy would be a focus and Mr. Harris shared that the next iteration of the software development will focus on our organizing and engagement efforts. We are already collecting data, but not into the integrated system. Mr. Guevara noted how essential these database investments were to making our Community Action Plan real, especially to demonstrate our National Performance Indicators of leadership development and engagement.

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