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«[Updated 28/10/15] Print and Society in Early Modern England Reading List The Reading List follows the schedule of lectures and supervision topics. ...»

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[This is the reading list for 2015-16. It will be updated over the summer and a revised one

issued in time for the start of the 2016-17 academic year.]

[Updated 28/10/15]

Print and Society in Early Modern England

Reading List

The Reading List follows the schedule of lectures and supervision topics.

However, many books cover several topics, so you need to read around, and need to make

regular use of items in the opening section, ‘Introductions’.

You should do some reading on every topic, not just those you select for supervision essays.

• At the end, there are additional sections listing reference works and examples of early modern • library catalogues.

It is well worth browsing the open shelves in the UL Rare Books Room: all shelfmarks below • beginning with ‘B’ are to be found there.

Likewise, browse the best journal in the field, The Library (B990): it’s the journal that most • often occurs in this Reading List.

One abbreviation is used here: CHBB: The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain [plus • volume number – vols. 3, 4, and 5].

Shelf-marks are provided (in many cases) for the UL, but not for the Seeley Library.

• No item on this list is prescribed in a formal sense: the aim is to offer a range of relevant • reading. Do track down and recommend further works. This list will be updated periodically.

Another good place to browse: English Faculty Library, class E325: basement, half-way along.

Essential online resources:

ESTC – English Short Title Catalogue (all books before 1800) EEBO – Early English Books Online (texts of most books before 1700) ECCO – Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (texts of many books 1700-1800) ODNB – Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Essential textbooks:

The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain [CHBB] Vol. 3, 1400-1557, eds. L. Hellinga & J. B. Trapp (1999) Vol. 4, 1557-1695, eds. J. Barnard & D. F. McKenzie (2002) Vol. 5, 1695-1830, eds., M. F. Suarez & M. L. Turner (2009)

Also very good is:

Suarez, M. F. & H. R. Woudhuysen, eds., The Book: A Global History (2013), chs. 6, 11-16, 18, 20, 22a.

700.1.c.201.179 (NW1). [Comprises part of their Oxford Companion to the Book (2010). B271.33]

Recommended starter books:

The following are not textbooks but are recommended as absorbing routes into this paper:

Cambers, A., Godly Reading: Print, Manuscript, and Puritanism in England, 1580-1720 (2011) Chartier, R., The Order of Books: Readers, Authors, and Libraries in Europe between the Fourteenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1994) Ezell, M., Social Authorship and the Advent of Print (1999) 730.4.c.95.782 (NW3) Loveman, K., Samuel Pepys and his Books: Reading, Newsgathering, and Sociability, 1660-1703 (2015) Raymond, J., Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early Modern Britain (2003) 1 & 2. Introductions: approaches to print Although our paper is about the English-language press, this section includes general material on early modern printing and textuality throughout Europe Balsamo, L., Bibliography: History of a Tradition (1990), chs. 1-5. 9851.b.200.10 (CW room) Barnard, J., & D. F. McKenzie, eds., The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Vol. 4, 1557-1695 (2002).

B260.18 Blair, A., Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age (2010) Briggs, A., & Burke, P., A Social History of the Media from Gutenberg to the Internet, 2e (2005), chs 2-3.

200.3.c.200.123 (SW5) Chartier, R., The Order of Books: Readers, Authors, and Libraries in Europe between the Fourteenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1994) Crick, J., & A. Walsham, eds., The Uses of Script and Print, 1300-1700 (2004) Darnton, R., The Case for Books (2009), Pt 3, esp. ‘What is the History of Books?’

Eisenstein, E., The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 2 vols. (1979). B220.7-8. One-vol. abridgement:

The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe (1983; 2e 2005). Also her ‘Some Conjectures about the Impact of Printing on Western Society and Thought’, Journal of Modern History, 40 (1968) Eliot, S., & Rose, J., A Companion to the History of the Book (2007), chs. 1-4, 16, 31-2, 35, 38, 40. 850.b.277 (WR) Febvre, L., & H.-J. Martin, The Coming of the Book, 1450-1800 (1976 [1958]) Finkelstein, D., & McCleery, A., An Introduction to Book History, 2e (2013), chs. 1, 3, 4, 6 Finkelstein, D., & McCleery, A., eds., The Book History Reader, 2e (2006), chs. 2, 3, 7, 17, 18, 23, 34.

850.b.281 (WR) Gadd, I., ed., The History of the Book in the West, Vol. 2 (2010) [a reader], chs. 3, 4, 7, 11, 14, 16, 17 Gaskell, P., A New Introduction to Bibliography (1972) Grafton, A., ‘The Importance of Being Printed’, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 11 (1980) Hellinga, L., & Trapp, J. B., eds., The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Vol. 3, 1400-1557 (1999).

Johns, A., The Nature of the Book: Print and Knowledge in the Making (1998) King, J. N., ed., Tudor Books and Readers (2010) Love, H., ‘Early Modern Print Culture: Assessing the Models’, Parergon, 20 (2003), repr. in Finkelstein and McCleery, eds., The Book History Reader, 2e (2006) McGann, J. J., A Critique of Modern Textual Criticism (1983) 700.1.d.95.262 (NW1 corridor) McKenzie, D. F., Making Meaning: Printers of the Mind and Other Essays (2002) 864.c.137 Pettegree, A., & M. Hall, ‘The Reformation and the Book: A Reconsideration’, Historical Journal, 47 (2004) Pettegree, A., The Book in the Renaissance (2010) Shevlin, E. F., ed., The History of the Book in the West, Vol. 3, 1700-1800 (2010) [a reader], chs. 7, 10, 14, 15, 17, 18 Suarez, M. F., & M. L. Turner, eds., The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Vol. 5, 1695-1830 (2009).

B260.19 Suarez, M. F., ‘Historiographical Problems and Possibilities in Books History and National Histories of Books’, Studies in Bibliography, 56 (2003-4) Suarez, M. F. & H. R. Woudhuysen, eds., The Book: A Global History (2013), chs. 6, 11-16, 18, 20, 22a.

700.1.c.201.179 (NW1). [Comprises part of their Oxford Companion to the Book (2010). B271.33] Tanselle, T., Literature and Artifacts (1998), Pt I. 9851.c.253.123 (CW Room)

3. Analysing output: genres, formats, paratext, editions, printruns

Bennett, H. S., English Books and Readers, 1475-1640, 3 vols., (1952-70) B851.2-4 Barnard, J., ‘The Survival and Loss Rates of Psalms, ABCS, Psalters, and Primers from the Stationers’ Stock, 1660-1700’, The Library, 21 (1999) Genette, G., Paratexts (1997) Kesson, A., & Smith, E., eds., The Elizabethan Top Ten: Defining Print Popularity in Elizabethan England (2013) 730.2.c.201.34 (NF3) McKenzie, D. F., ‘The London Book Trade in 1668’, in his Making Meaning (2002) 864.c.137 (WR) Neuberg, V., Popular Literature: A History and Guide (1977) Tanselle, G. T., Bibliographical Analysis: A Historical Introduction (2009). B200.8


Capp, B., Astrology and the Popular Press: English Almanacs, 1500-1800 (1979). B160.4 Raymond, J., ed., The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, vol. 1, Cheap Print in Britain and Ireland to 1660 (2011) 727.13.b.201.1 (NW3) Spufford, M., Small Books and Pleasant Histories: Popular Fiction and its Readership in Seventeenth-Century England (1981) Watt, T., Cheap Print and Popular Piety, 1550-1640 (1991)

4. Literacy and reading

Anderson, J., & Sauer, E., Books and Readers in Early Modern England (2002) 850.c.595 Baron, S., The Reader Revealed (2001) 2003.10.209 Cambers, A., Godly Reading: Print, Manuscript, and Puritanism in England, 1580-1720 (2011)

Corns, T., ‘The Early Modern Search Engine’, in N. Rhodes & J. Sawday, eds., The Renaissance Computer:

Knowledge Technology in the First Age of Print (2000) Craik, K. A., Reading Sensations in Early Modern England (2007) 730.4.c.200.535 (NW3) Cressy, D., ‘Books as Totems in Seventeenth-Century England and New England’, Journal of Library History, 21 (1986) Jackson, H. J., Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books (2001) 850.c.585 (WR) Jardine, L., & Grafton, A. ‘Studied for Action: how Gabriel Harvey read his Livy’, Past & Present, 129 (1990) Raven, J., H. Small, & N. Tadmor, eds., The Practice and Representation of Reading in England (1996)

700.1.c.95.1403 / 9006.c.3695 Rivers, I., ed., Books and Readers in Eighteenth-Century England (1982) 850.c.396 (WR) Rivers, I., ed., Books and Readers in Eighteenth-Century England: New Essays (2001) 544.14.c.200.8 (NF4) St Clair, W., The Reading Nation in the Romantic Period (2004) Sharpe, K., Reading Revolutions: The Politics of Reading in Early Modern England (2000) Sharpe, K., & Zwicker, S., eds., Reading, Society, and Politics in Early Modern England (2003) 542.1.c.200.4 (NF4) Sherman, W. H., John Dee: The Politics of Reading and Writing in the English Renaissance (1995) Sherman, W. H., Used Books: Marking Readers in Renaissance England (2008) 740.4.c.200.1022 (NW3)


Cressy, D., Literacy and the Social Order (1980) Fox, A., Oral and Literate Culture in England, 1500-1700 (2000) Schofield, R. S., ‘The Measurement of Literacy in Pre-Industrial England’, in J. R. Goody, ed., Literacy in Traditional Societies (1968) Spufford, M., ‘First Steps in Literacy: the Reading and Writing Experiences of the Humblest Seventeenthcentury Spiritual Autobiographers’ Social History, 4 (1979)

5. Publishing, bookselling, and the marketplace

Bell, M., ‘Women in the English Book Trades, 1557-1700’, Leipziger Jahrbuch sur Bochgeschichte, 6 (1996) Blagden, C., The Stationers’ Company: a History (1960) Blayney, P. W. M., The Stationers’ Company and the Printers of London, 1501-1557, 2 vols. (2013) Bracken, J. K., & J. Silver, eds., The British Literary Book Trade, 1475-1700 (1996) R718.60: sample the many case studies in this volume Ferdinand, C., ‘Constructing the Frameworks of Desire: How Newspapers Sold Books in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries’, Prose Studies, 21 (1998) Handover, P. M., Printing in London (1960). B260.3 Lindenbaum, P., 'Authors and Publishers in the Late Seventeenth-Century: Brabazon Aylmer and the Mysteries of the Trade', The Library, 3 (2002) McKitterick, D., A History of Cambridge University Press, 3 vols (1992-2004), vols. 1-2. B260.5.6-7 Feather, J., The Provincial Book Trade in Eighteenth-Century England (1985) Feather, J., A History of British Publishing, 2e (2005), Pt I. B801.29 McKenzie, D. F., The Cambridge University Press, 1696-1712, 2 vols. (1966). B260.5.2-3 Plant, M., The English Book Trade, 3e (1974), Pt I. B260.6 Raven, J., The Business of Books: Booksellers and the English Book Trade, 1450-1850 (2007) 864.c.147 Raven, J., Bookscape: Geographies of Printing and Publishing in London before 1800 (2014) Raven, J., Publishing Business in Eighteenth-Century England (2014) 227.2.c.201.338 (SW6) Smith, H., Women and Book Production in Early Modern England (2012) 730.4.c.201.412 (NW3) Steinberg, S. H., Five Hundred Years of Printing (1959), pts 1-2. B212.8 Treadwell, M., ‘London Trade Publishers, 1675-1750’, The Library, 4 (1982) Primary source: John Dunton, The Life and Errors of John Dunton (1705) – on ECCO

6. Pamphlets, pamphleteering, polemic, and the ‘public sphere’ Bayman, A., Thomas Dekker and the Culture of Pamphleteering in Early Modern London (2014) Calhoun, C., ed., Habermas and the Public Sphere (1992), Intro., and Ch. by Zaret Como, D. ‘Print, Censorship and Ideological Escalation in the English Civil War’, Journal of British Studies, 51 (2012) Freist, D., Governed by Opinion: Politics, Religion, and the Dynamics of Communication in Stuart London, 1637-1645 (1997) Fumerton, P., & Guerrini, A., eds., Ballads and Broadsides in England, 1500-1800 (2010) Goldie, M., ‘The Revolution of 1689 and the Structure of Political Argument’, Bulletin of Research in the Humanities, 83 (1980) Halasz, A., The Marketplace of Print: Pamphlets and the Public Sphere in Early Modern England (1997) King, J. N., ed., Tudor Books and Readers: Materiality and the Constitution of Meaning (2010). Chs. by Clegg & Walsham 730.2.c.201.1 (NW3) Lake, P., & Pincus, S., ‘Rethinking the Public Sphere in Early Modern England’, Journal of British Studies, 45 (2006) Lake, P., & Pincus, S., ed., The Politics of the Public Sphere in Early Modern England (2006) Knights, M., Representation and Misrepresentation in Later Stuart Britain: Partisanship and Political Culture (2004) Knight, M., ‘London Petitions and Parliamentary Politics in 1679’, Parliamentary History, 12 (1993) Knights, M., ‘London’s “Monster” Petition of 1680’, Historical Journal, 36 (1993) Knights, M., Politics and Opinion in Crisis, 1678-1681 (1994) Nevitt, M., Women and the Pamphlet Culture of Revolutionary England, 1640-1660 (2006) Peacey, J., Politicians and Pamphleteers: Propaganda during the English Civil Wars and Interregnum (2004) Peacey, J., Print and Public Politics in the English Revolution (2013) Peacey, J., ‘The Hunting of the Leveller: The Sophistication of Parliamentarian Propaganda, 1647-1653’, Historical Research, 78 (2005) Raymond, J., Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early Modern Britain (2003) Zaret, D., Origins of Democratic Culture: Printing, Petitions, and the Public Sphere in Early-Modern England (2000)

Case study: coffee houses:

Berry, H., ‘An Early Coffee House Periodical and its Readers: the Athenian Mercury, 1691-1697’, London Journal, 25 (2000) Berry, H., ‘”Nice and Curious Questions”: Coffee Houses and the Representation of Women in John Dunton’s Athenian Mercury’, Seventeenth Century, 12 (1997) Cowan, B., The Social Life of Coffee: the Emergence of the British Coffeehouse (2005) Cowan, B., ‘What was Masculine about the Public Sphere?: Gender and the Coffee House Milieu in PostRestoration England’, History Workshop Journal 51 (2001) Pincus, S., ‘“Coffee Politicians Does Create”: Coffeehouses and Restoration Political Culture’, Journal of Modern 67 (1995)

7. Authorship, patronage, anonymity, and intellectual property

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