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«NC Police Preparation Level 6 Page 1 of 43 Contents Welcome to Adam Smith College Information about your course Your Curriculum Head Your attendance ...»

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Course Handbook

NC Police Preparation

Level 6

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Welcome to Adam Smith College

Information about your course

Your Curriculum Head

Your attendance at college and part-time employment

Your learning

Credit for previous learning

The objectives and aims of your course

The structure of your course

The content of your course

Short course provision

Progression routes

Assessment of your work

Re-assessment of your work

Submission of your coursework

Cheating and plagiarism

Support for your learning

Your feedback

Your representation

Your comments, complaints or compliments

Assessment Schedule

Confirmation of achievement

Learning Resources

Study skills

Learning styles



Departmental safety policy

3A monitoring policy

College organisation - student attendance procedure

Disclosure check

Sport and Fitness – Code of conduct

College Charter

Page 2 of 43 Welcome to Adam Smith College

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Department of Sport and Fitness. Sport, Health and Fitness is an exciting, varied and expanding sector, with a wide range of career opportunities. The Adam Smith College will provide you with the very best learning opportunities, staff and facilities. We ask you to give your very best to achieve all you can during your time with us.

Your journey into an exciting career starts here.

There is a considerable amount of information contained in this handbook, some of which will be of greater relevance to you as you work through the course than it is at the start of your studies in the College. However, we recommend that you read this Course Handbook through carefully now and then keep it safely - you will need to refer to it throughout your course.

We hope you will find the handbook a useful guide to your course and wish you every success in your studies Bob Neilson Curriculum Head(s): NC Police Preparation Information about your course

–  –  –

His/Her telephone number is: 01592 223485 His/Her email address is: bobneilson@adamsmith.ac.uk Scheduled guidance time: TBC This exciting course had been developed in conjunction with the Scottish Police College, Tulliallan Castle, to develop a tailored programme which addresses the needs of potential new entrants into Page 3 of 43 the Scottish Police Force. It will allow a pathway to the HNC Police Studies course and thereafter existing Police College programmes. This course would suite individuals who have an interest in working with the local community. This course will provide you with the under pinning knowledge required to progress to one of the level 6 courses.

Your Curriculum Head

Each course in the Adam Smith College is assigned a Curriculum Head, whose role is to provide you with advice and support through your course of study. This falls roughly into two categories – guidance related to your studies and pastoral care to help you deal with any difficulties you might encounter of, for example, a personal, financial or health-related nature.

At the beginning of your course you will agree your learning targets with your Curriculum Head. These will be recorded on your Learner Agreement which both of you will sign. Throughout your course, your Curriculum Head will monitor your progress and meet with you regularly during the year to discuss how you are getting on.

Your Curriculum Head will also be available at a set time each week when you can meet if there’s something you need to discuss.

However, if something comes up which has to be dealt with urgently, you can ask to speak to your Curriculum Head at any time. He/she might not be able to meet you immediately – Curriculum Heads have classes to teach and other students to look after – but he/she will offer you an appointment as soon as possible or refer you to another appropriate member of staff.

Your Curriculum Head may not always be able to personally provide you with the sort of help or support you need, in which case he/she might recommend that you are referred to a member of the College’s Guidance or Learning Support staff.

So, if at any time throughout your course, you experience difficulties which are affecting your progress as a student, your Curriculum Head should be your first contact. Please remember that unresolved problems rarely just go away. On the contrary, they tend to get worse the longer they’re not dealt with. So, speak to your Curriculum Head sooner rather than later.

–  –  –

Your success as a student depends on full and regular attendance at all classes. You should inform your Curriculum Head as soon as possible if you have problems with attendance. Our records show that students who do not attend all their classes have a very high risk of failure.1 We recognise that you may need to undertake part-time work, but we strongly advise you not to take employment of more than 15 hours a week if you are a full time student. Should you need to take employment of more than 15 hours per week we recommend you register as a part time student. A full time student is expected to follow their timetable and negotiate work times around it.

–  –  –

Your College course will provide you with constant opportunities to learn new skills and acquire knowledge in your chosen subject areas.

In order to make the most of all the opportunities available, you need to organise and plan your learning and also to manage your time effectively.

You must attend all your timetabled classes. You also need to study in your own time and you should plan to spend several hours a week to fulfil your commitment as a full-time student. You need to allocate time for this in your diary.

Prepare for lectures and tutorials by doing any reading or exercises in advance. Always make some notes – there is usually a handout provided. Review these after the class and ask your lecturer if there is anything you do not understand.

Note assignment deadlines and exam dates in your diary and remember to begin assignments early. You will enjoy researching and planning your work if you allow yourself plenty of time. Make sure you understand what you need to do and plan how you are going to tackle it. Seek advice from your lecturer or Curriculum Head if there is anything that needs clarification.

For full details of regulations about attendance, see the College Attendance Policy and Procedure.

For full details of regulations about attendance, see the College Attendance Policy and Procedure.

–  –  –

Some students have previous experience or qualifications for which they may receive credit on their present course of study. If you have any qualification that may exempt you from part of your course, for example from school or another college, you may apply for Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). Similarly, if you have undertaken work, paid or voluntary, that has resulted in learning skills or knowledge that is equivalent to units you will be studying here, you may apply for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL). Together these are known as AP(E)L and it means you do not have to duplicate study you have done previously. It does not necessarily have to be in your chosen subject, but it must be at the same level as your course of studies here.2

–  –  –

An all rounded education consisting of a set of transferable skills that will form the basis for employment, or allow for progression to the next level of the course. As well as completing the course, as a student of Adam Smith College you will develop various other skills e.g.

employability, soft skills, responsibility and citizenship.

–  –  –

to give you experience of the equipment, materials, processes v༇ and practices currently used in the sport and fitness industry.

to encourage your development of effective learning strategies.

v༇ The structure of your course The course consists of credits; however there are some additional optional units. The course is taught over 3-4 days along with individual study and coursework.

The units you will study are:

–  –  –

D32D12 The Prosecution of Crime in Scotland F40F11 Map reading within Expedition Leadership D11M12 Health and safety in the work environment F7JG12 Sport and Recreation: Developing Volunteers

–  –  –

F3GC12 Information Communication Technology BTEC Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events ZS3914 Preparation for Police Entrance

–  –  –

F37X11 Personal Development: Self in Work Development D81R12 Planning Personal Fitness F5B511 Psychology: The individual in the Social Context Non-assessed Units ZS4547 Introduction to Scots Law

–  –  –

The content of your course

Here are brief descriptions of the units, which make up your course:

Psychology: The Individual in the Social Context This Unit will enable candidates to gain an understanding of a number of psychological processes which individuals experience, by studying selected topics from the key Domains of the Psychology of Individual Differences and Social Psychology. Candidates have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the following key psychological processes: personality; group processes; non-verbal communication;

and altruism. Different ways of explaining these behaviours are considered, as well as the ways in which psychological knowledge is used in practice in everyday life.

Basic Application of Behavioural Science This module enables the student to develop an understanding of basic concepts of psychology and sociology and how they can be applied to different situations.

Spectator Safety The course provides knowledge and practical experience of the skills that stewards require when working at events attended by large numbers of people e.g. sports events in stadiums; open-air concerts etc. It fulfils the regulations and requirements for stewarding as outlined by government in the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (The Green Guide).

Page 8 of 43 The Prosecution of Crime in Scotland Explaining what constitutes a crime in Scotland and the main principles and processes involved in the prosecution of crime.

Map Reading within Expedition Leadership On successful completion of this Unit, the candidate will be able to identify and describe the roles and responsibilities of an expedition leader and to interpret topographic maps to assist in the directional leadership of a group of participants.

Health & Safety in the Work Environment On completion candidates will be able to explain: how common law duties, UK and European legislation affect health and safety issues in respect of employers, employees and the public the principal provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Candidates will also conduct an investigation on potential health and safety hazards in a selected occupation and explain the mandatory procedures applicable to the reporting of accidents or injuries in a selected workplace.

Sport & Recreation: Developing Volunteering The purpose of the Unit is to enable candidates involved in sport and recreation, to develop transferable skills while working in a volunteer capacity. Candidates will develop knowledge of various ways in which volunteers might be funded in sport and recreation, together with the use to which volunteers might be put to best effect. They will also investigate and learn about the legal status of volunteer and their legal obligations. Candidates will then be required to demonstrate their skills in a practical setting and participate in a volunteer capacity over a period of time. They will also be required to evaluate the experience and maintain a log of activity.

Event Organisation In this practical Unit the candidate will develop an understanding of the requirements of event planning; the methods involved in implementation of events and will work with others to apply these concepts in the planning and organisation of, and participation in, a specific event. The candidate will evaluate the success of the event and the contribution of participants to this.

Communication This Unit is about using your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in complex situations in your personal life, at work, and in education.

Information Communication Technology This Unit is about using complex information and communication technology (ICT) independently to access, process, and present information in everyday settings.

Page 9 of 43 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events The course provides knowledge and practical experience of the skills that stewards require when working at events attended by large numbers of people e.g. sports events in stadiums, open-air concerts etc. It aims to satisfy section 4.8 a) of the current Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide) Developing Skills for Employment This is an introductory Unit which enables candidates to develop skills for employment relevant to business. Candidates will identify and evaluate their current skills and attitudes relating to employability and develop the skills and knowledge required to prepare a curriculum vitae. They will also develop the basic skills needed to prepare for and participate in a job interview. As a result, candidates who complete the Unit will have been able to develop skills and techniques which will enable them to prepare for employment but also enhance their prospects of gaining employment. The Unit is suitable for candidates who have not had any previous employment experience.

Planning Personal Fitness This unit is aimed at those candidates who wish to develop personal fitness programmes or who wish to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry. The unit is designed to develop knowledge and skills acquired in Person Well-Being and Fitness and complements knowledge and skills developed in the units Sports Coaching and Resistance Training.

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