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«Monday, November 29, 2004 BOARD OF GOVERNORS MINUTES Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Governors of Ryerson University held on Monday, November ...»

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Monday, November 29, 2004



Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Governors of Ryerson University held on Monday, November

29, 2004 at 5:00 p.m. in Boardroom, JOR-1410, Jorgenson Hall.


Present: M. Guerriere (Chair), R. Zacharias, L.A. Beausoleil, O. Carroll, C. Lajeunesse,

M. Doucet, B. Evans, P. Gee, K. Garland, A.G. Klei, G. Konigshaus, Z. Khan, M. Lean, P.

Lukasiewicz, D. MacLean, R. Martin, S. Quigley, R. Protti, C. Ribeiro, H. Stairs Regrets: R. Chang, J.C. Eaton, J. Fukakusa,

Others in Attendance:

E. Aspevig, Provost and Vice President Academic L. Grayson, Vice President Administration & Student Affairs A. Kahan, Vice President University Advancement M. Dewson, Vice Provost Faculty Affairs P. Stenton, Associate Vice President University Planning D. Chant, Director, Office of the President J. Winton, Executive Director Financial Services L. Allen, Executive Director Human Resources K. Scullion, Associate Registrar, Systems and Client Services (A) INTRODUCTION (i) Chair’s Remarks The Chair congratulated Ray Protti on his re-appointment to the Board. The Chair pointed out that this is Ray’s first full time appointment to the Board since his previous term was a completion of a former Board member’s term. As a result, Ray will be eligible for an additional full three-year term at the completion of his current term.

Michael Guerriere also reported that Janice Fukakusa has been named one of the top 100 Women in Business in 2004 by the Women’s Executive Network and passed on congratulations to her on behalf of the Board.

Monday, November 29, 2004 Page 2 The Chair thanked Board members for participating in the October 25th Board Dinner. The keynote speaker, the Honourable William Davis, who is a member of the Rae Commission, provided some insights into the Commission’s views on post-secondary education.

The Chair indicated that the Board has retained the services of the Executive Search Firm of Ray & Berndtson, Lovas, Stanley to assist in recruiting new Board members. Michael Guerriere asked members to submit names of potential candidates to the Board Secretary, Shirley Lewchuk, as soon as possible. Interviews with potential candidates will commence in the New Year to fill the one existing vacancy as well as vacancies that will be available in 2005.

The Chair mentioned that the Board Secretariat has been updating the Board website and asked the members to pass on any comments or suggestions to Shirley Lewchuk regarding the site.

At this point Kevin Garland joined the meeting.

Michael Doucet said he would like to raise a couple of matters under “Other Business”.

(ii) Approval of the Monday, November 29, 2004 Agenda The Agenda was approved as presented.

(iii) Approval of the Monday, September 27, 2004 Minutes Michael Doucet pointed out two motions in the September 27, 2004 minutes where the use of the word “recommended” was used instead of the word “approved” (p.7 Appointment of the Auditor; and p. 8 – Appointment of the Actuary). Board members agreed that this change should be made.

The minutes were approved as amended.

(iv) Business Arising from the September 27, 2004 Meeting (a) Letter from Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs re: Replacement of Math Centre In response to Michael Dewson’s letter regarding the Math Centre, discussion ensued regarding the level of math support students across the University receive, as well as the type of math courses that are being supported. Michael Dewson emphasized that more money has been spent on math support this year than in any other year. Errol Aspevig also indicated that he would follow-up further on these queries.

(b) Sports and Recreation Referendum Shirley Lewchuk reported on the results of the Sports and Recreation Referendum stating that of the 2,638 ballots cast, 1,574 voted “No” and 1,058 voted “Yes”. Linda Grayson Monday, November 29, 2004 Page 3 reported that Sports and Recreation would wait at least one term, as per the policy, and then would likely return with a new referendum question. The Board Secretary indicated that the Election Procedures Policy which also acts as a guide for Referenda is now under review. Dave MacLean reported that the RyeSAC Referendum Policy approved by the Board in November 2001 expired on November 17, 2004. The Policy will be reviewed and will come forward to the Board at a future meeting.

(c) Committee Membership Update Shirley Lewchuk spoke to the changes in the membership of the Employee Relations and Pensions Committee, indicating that Dave MacLean would be the student representative on the Committee and Michael Doucet would continue to serve as the faculty representative on the ERPC.

It was duly moved, seconded and carried;

–  –  –

THAT the amended Board Committees’ membership for 2004/05 as presented to this meeting be approved.

(1 abstention – Dave MacLean)

–  –  –

The President noted that the government is giving the Provincial Auditor General more power to audit hospitals and universities. This will include “value for money” audits.

Although in the medium and long term this will have an impact on universities, it is still unclear exactly what the impact will be.

The President reported that there will be two delegations from Ryerson to the Rae Commission on December 8, 2004. The delegations will include a wide cross section of the community. Errol Aspevig briefly reviewed “Ryerson’s Brief to the Postsecondary Review Panel” and spoke to Ryerson’s recommendations with regard to: adequacy of funding levels and the recognition of unfunded BIU’s; research, graduate education, and accessibility in the GTA. Michael Doucet commented that the Ryerson Brief to the Rae Commission was a very sound document.

Dr. Lajeunesse reported that Maclean’s had published its annual report but cautioned that it was only one of many sources that students look at in determining their choice of university. Ryerson did well in a number of areas including being number one in the category “Leaders of Tomorrow”.

Professor Doucet asked the President to comment on the Maclean's Magazine findings, specifically where Ryerson appeared to be listed below the benchmarks established for Canadian universities. The President indicated that he was not clear how statistically accurate this information was and suggested that the 2003 Graduating Students Survey Monday, November 29, 2004 Page 4 was a more in depth and statistically valid report.

The President mentioned the Alumni Achievement Awards held on November 6th which honoured ten distinguished alumni. The evening was very successful and received excellent publicity.

Board members were invited to the President’s Christmas Reception being held in the Computer and Engineering Building on December 14 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The President reported that a sprinkler head had broken on the third floor in the Center for Computing and Engineering on November 26th, creating some water damage. He thanked Campus Security and Campus Planning and Facilities for exemplary work in acting so quickly in attending to the emergency. Questions were asked about the extent of damage to the building as well as insurance coverage. A full costing of damages will be presented to the Board. The building is insured for these damages although it is still unclear whether this will be covered by the builder’s or the University’s insurance carrier.

The President reported that the Business Building agreement with the developer, Cadillac Fairview, will be signed in the next few weeks.

–  –  –

Provost and Vice President Academic (a) Student Administrative System Lori Ann Beausoleil updated Board members on the three parameters she looked at in assessing the SAS Project: making sure the project is delivered on budget; ensuring that it is delivered on time; and ensuring that whatever was agreed upon has been delivered. To date, Lori Ann indicated that all these areas are on track. A more detailed update should be available for the March Board meeting. Ken Scullion also reported that the system should be fully functioning by July 2005 with some elements in place by March. The Chair requested that this be brought forward to the March Board agenda.

(b) 2003 Graduating Student Survey Paul Stenton presented a brief overview of the 2003 Graduating Students Survey which incorporates participation from over 20 universities across Canada. The 2003 survey covers such topics as: student growth and development; student satisfaction; recommending Ryerson to others; financial debt; and employment during the academic year. A detailed report from the survey is provided to Deans and their respective programs. The response rate for the survey is about 51% yielding a statistical error of about 1.7% contrasted with a much smaller sample used for the Maclean’s study which yields a statistical error of approximately10%.

Ray Protti asked if an analysis was available comparing Ryerson to the other 19 universities..

Paul indicated that there was no significant difference among universities but that he would make this information available to the Board.

Monday, November 29, 2004 Page 5 Harriet Stairs asked about Ryerson’s strategies to enrich the student experience. Paul Stenton responded that the survey results are used by each program to review how they involve students and also provides some indication of where more attention should be given. Linda Grayson also reported on a number of initiatives that Ryerson provides in enhancing the student experience beginning with the initial contacts made the summer prior to enrolment in first year.

In response to further questions on negative comments from the survey, Paul indicated that some program areas do try to determine weaknesses specific to them and that he would try to get more information on this.


–  –  –

(a) October 25, 2004 Executive Committee Ramesh Zacharias presented the rationale for the amendments to the By-Laws presented at the October 25, 2004 Executive Committee Meeting.

(i) Amendment of By-Law No. 1, Articles 10 - Appointment of a Chancellor Ramesh Zacharias asked Peter Lukasiewicz to review the considerations and resulting changes that were made to this By-law.

Michael Doucet requested a friendly amendment to Article 10.3, which in its draft form, implied that more than one Chancellor could be appointed at one time. Discussion ensued and the resolution was amended.

It was duly moved, seconded and carried;

–  –  –

THAT as recommended by the Executive Committee the proposed amendment of Article 10 of the General By-Laws as presented to this meeting be approved.

–  –  –

The Chancellor shall be appointed for a term and until his or her successor is appointed. The term of office of the Chancellor shall be three years. An individual holding the Office of Chancellor may be appointed to a second consecutive term.

10.3 Procedure to Select a New Chancellor In order to select a new Chancellor, the Chair shall strike a Search Committee with a mandate to identify individuals to serve as Chancellor and to recommend to the Monday, November 29, 2004 Page 6 Board for appointment one or more such individuals. The Search Committee will be

comprised of:

–  –  –

10.4 Commencement of Term of Office The appointment of a new Chancellor will take effect upon a date determined by the Board.

(ii) Amendment to By-Law No. 1, Article 17 – Audit Committee Ramesh presented the amendment to Article 17 of the current By-Laws.

Lori-Ann Beausoleil suggested that one of the individuals selected have the financial acumen to discharge the responsibilities of the Audit Committee. She also indicated that there needs to be some discussion around Board members and independence. Peter Lukasiewicz suggested that these comments were germane to the Audit, Finance and possibly the Employee Relations and Pensions Committees. Ray Protti spoke to this point and agreed. Peter Lukasiewicz suggested that this issue might be dealt with under Board policies rather than by changing by-laws and suggested that Lori-Ann’s amendments be tabled.

Michael Guerriere suggested that the issue of independence has been addressed adequately by the By-Laws since all members of the Audit Committee are external Board members. Specific to the issue of financial literacy, the Chair recognized the inadequacy of the current By-Law change as a final amendment. It was suggested that Lori-Ann’s suggestions be part of a larger look at Board policies and the original motion should stand.

Ramesh Zacharias reported that at the meeting of the Chairs of University Audit Committees, held at the University of Waterloo on October 4th, financial literacy and independence were seen as a crucial part of a Board member’s education. Michael Guerriere supported the importance of Board members being more financially literate, particularly in fund accounting.

It was duly moved, seconded and carried;

–  –  –

THAT as recommended by the Executive Committee the proposed amendment of Article 17.2 of the General By-Laws as presented to this meeting be approved.

–  –  –

The Board shall select the Board members to serve as Chair and Vice Chair of the Audit Committee in the manner contemplated by Section 15.6.

Monday, November 29, 2004 Page 7 (iii) Amendment to By-Law No. 1, Article 15 – Committees Ramesh presented the amendment to Article 15 of the current By-Laws. A brief question was asked about the absence of the Negotiations Committee in Article 15.6 (b) and (c). The Chair responded that membership for this Committee was specified in another article in the By-Laws.

It was duly moved, seconded and carried;

–  –  –

THAT as recommended by the Executive Committee the proposed amendment of Articles 15.6 (b) and 15.6(c) of the General By-Laws as presented to this meeting be approved.

–  –  –

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