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«16.42 OPEN SESSION The Chairman opened the meeting and invited comments for the Open Session. Yvonne Seaton, on behalf of the WI, spoke of their ...»

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Four Marks Parish Council

Minutes of the Full Council

Wednesday 16th March 2016 commencing at 7.30pm

At the Village Hall, Four Marks

MEMBERS PRESENT: Cllr Janet Foster (Chairman) Cllrs Tim Brake, John

Hammond, David Mills, Derek Seaton, Simon Thomas and

Anne Tomlinson

IN PART: Cllr I Thomas, Cllr D Jackson (District Councillor)

ATTENDING: Sarah Goudie (Clerk), 1 member of the public

APOLOGIES: Cllr Kellie Knight

16.42 OPEN SESSION The Chairman opened the meeting and invited comments for the Open Session.

Yvonne Seaton, on behalf of the WI, spoke of their desire to plant 90 bulbs on the grass verges on the entrances to the Village in commemoration of the Queen’s 90th Birthday. However they had been informed by Highways that they require a Licence to Cultivate and £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. She asked if the Parish Council would be prepared to apply for the Licence from Hampshire County Council, and for the Parish Council to cover them to carry out the planting as desired. It was agreed that the Parish Council would apply for the licence to cover all grass verges in Four Marks, and confirmed that the planters would be covered by the Parish Council’s public liability insurance. The WI were thanked for their Community Involvement.

Cllr Brake signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the meeting.

The Chairman closed the Open Session at 7.40pm. Standing orders were applied.

16.43 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr Kellie Knight sent belated apologies for not attending the meeting due to illness, the Chairman accepted her late apology. Cllr Ingrid Thomas had sent her apologies for the first part of the meeting due to a clash of meetings at Penns Place. Cllr Deborah Jackson had also sent her apologies for the same reason.

16.44 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST There were no declarations of interest received.

16.45 COUNCIL MINUTES  The Minutes of the Full Council meeting held on Wednesday 17th February 2016, were proposed as a true record by Cllr Tomlinson, seconded by Cllr S Thomas, and signed by the Chairman.

 Matters arising:

o Cllr S Thomas asked if there was any further update on last month’s matters arising to see if any progress had been made on locating the water pipe under the Lymington Bottom/A31 junction, the Clerk confirmed that the map she had did not show it. However Cllr Mills had been in conversation with a local resident who thought they knew of its location and he agreed to speak further to them and see if it could be located.

o Speed watch signs. No further progress on this as Highways had not responded to the Clerk’s request and Mr Pullen had not been back in touch, the Clerk agreed to speak to him to progress.

16.46 PLANNING  A summary report on the Planning Committee Meeting on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 was given by Cllr S Thomas, the Planning Committee Chairman, on the following key


- Land to rear of 1-3 Gloucester Close. Despite major objections, which had been summarised for the Chairman to speak at Committee and Mr Shakespeare’s very detailed submission, the Reserve Matters had been approved. However there was a condition that all permitted development rights are removed. Cllr Hammond queried how this is monitored. This information is recorded in the Planning Department, however it was noted that these conditions are sometimes missed and reliant upon knowledgeable members of the general public to raise concerns where applicable.

- 89 Winchester Road, a small permitted development application, however concern was raised that the plans did not show the new dwelling on the land to the rear of the property therefore a true reflection had not been shown.

- 68/70 Lymington Bottom Road. A Medstead application of a cul-de-sac and back land development, which the Parish Council are objecting to in full support of neighbours and Medstead Parish Council to ensure that this application is refused and attempt to prevent setting a precedent.

- 100 Winchester Road. Four dwellings had been granted permission, however the developer was able to remove need to provide Developers Contributions, which was of grave concern, and what was even more worrying, no-one had a right to see the viability report, which did not have to be disclosed

- Cllr I & S Thomas attended a Devolution workshop at the HCC offices, but as the situation is changing daily, what was reported then is now ‘out of date’. The main concerns were that this is just a way of devolving services down to Parish level that the Local Authority can no longer afford to provide. It was still hoped that Cllr Roy Perry would be able to speak at the APM next month, and would hopefully have an update at that time.

 Planning Application: Reference: 25256/036, variation of Condition 23 to Planning Permission 25256/032, Land at Friars Oak Farm, Boyneswood Road, Medstead As this is an administrative change to reflect the Government relaxing the requirements to adhere to the code for sustainable homes, it was agreed that no further comment need to be made.

 Planning Application: Reference: 31790/001, detached dwelling with detached garage after demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings.

No objection.

16.47 OPEN SPACE A summary report on the Open Space Committee Meeting on Wednesday 2nd March was given by Cllr Tomlinson, the Open Space Chairman as per the circulated Minutes.

Cllr Tomlinson confirmed Friday 25th March as the official planting day for the hedging /tree plants supplied by the Woodland Trust, and asked for all available to attend, tea and cakes would be provided. The Clerk was asked to check what equipment should be brought. The Clerk also confirmed that a meeting had been scheduled at Charles Church to talk about protective fencing and provision of a formal access onto the Recreation Ground.

- Cricket. A meeting for formally wind up the Four Marks Cricket Club had now taken place. The Clerk had prepared a cheque for the container and agreement had been reached for the donation of the equipment to the Parish Council. The Clerk had one key to the container and would ask for any other keys to be sent to the Parish Council on receipt of the cheque. The Clerk would get the machinery serviced ready for use and the key to the container would be held by the Parish Council and Groundsman. All clubs would need to go through the groundsman for use of the equipment. Details to be discussed further at the Open Space meeting.

Alton Cricket Club would be using the pitch to play ‘colts’ cricket this year, for a fee of £20 per match. Then it was hoped that ladies and colts would play the following year, with the hope that enough enthusiasm would be generated in time to reestablish a Four Marks Cricket Club. Cllr S Thomas commented favourably on this outcome.

- Tennis. Cllr Seaton had taken on the responsibility of attempting to get funds and grants to assist the Tennis Club in replacing the fencing. He needed in principle agreement from the Parish Council for release of funds for up to £4,000 from the Benian’s Trust if required, so that together with promised funds from both District Councillors and hopefully the County Councillor, together with funds already held, he could put this against money being requested. It was proposed, in principle, by Cllr Tim Brake, and seconded by Cllr S Thomas, and agreed by majority vote, that he could use a portion of the Benian’s Trust as a guarantee to request grants from other sources.

The Clerk also advised that the Landscape Group had come back with a counter offer of £6 per lift, and asked if the Parish Council were agreeable to signing the contract and agreeing to the £1 per lift increase. The Clerk felt that staying with the Landscape Group would be beneficial, and therefore it was RESOLVED to sign the agreement and agree to the re-submitted proposed increase.

The Clerk was also delighted to announce that the Parish Council Teenage Assault Course project had been voted in second place and therefore would be the recipient of £10,000.00. The Clerk was thanked for her assistance with securing this award.

16.48 FINANCE  The Clerk apologised that it had not been possible to send out a reconciled set of accounts by the start time of the meeting as the bank account had only been received that day. A reconciled copy of the receipts and payments for the month ending 29th February 2016 was circulated at the meeting, together with the transactions to date.

It was RESOLVED to agree the accounts as presented.

Cllr Seaton referred to the grant to Streetwatch and asked if they could come to a Parish Council meeting and update the members of their current situation. The Clerk agreed to contact Mr Bonter.

 As per our current Financial Regulations, a Councillor who is not a bank signatory or a member of the Finance & GP Committee should be checking and signing off the bank reconciliations each month. It was agreed to wait until the May meeting when all appointments are decided to designate a Councillor to take on this task.

At 8.35pm Cllr Jackson entered the meeting.

At 8.40pm Cllr I Thomas entered the meeting.

16.49 CORRESPONDENCE/PARISH NOTICES  It was agreed that a December meeting should be re-instated on the schedule, however due to the third Wednesday’s proximity to Christmas, it was suggested that the December meeting should take place on the second Wednesday, and the Clerk should book the Village Hall accordingly, however should the Village Hall not be available, Cllr Foster agreed to check if there would be a room available at the Church.

It was also agreed that the Open Space meetings should continue monthly, and the Finance Meetings should be held quarterly on the second Wednesday or as appropriate.

 Unfortunately the CAB representative had not been able to attend the meeting, but after discussion it was RESOLVED to approve a grant of £1,000, and that this should be taken into consideration when budget preparations are made for the next financial year and budgeted for accordingly. However, it was agreed that the representative should still come to the meeting and advise members how this would be spent and give more detail on their services and any further information on how Four Marks people had benefitted.

 Late correspondence :

The Clerk had been asked if the Parish Council would grant permission for a collection to take place at Oak Green for Christian Aid Week, on Saturday 21st May, this was agreed.


Cllr D Jackson reported that following the Council meeting in February, the District Council had decreased the Council Tax bill by 2%. The Neighbourhood Plan had been adopted and the Steering Group had been commended, and the referendum had been confirmed for 5th May 2016.

Cllr Jackson reported she had sat in the Ward Councillors chair at the Planning Committee on two occasions on the past month for reserved matters for both the Lymington Barns application and the 1-3 Gloucester Close and following clarification of the rather grey area surrounding what actually constituted Commencement of Works, it was hoped that the conditions from now on would be more clear cut.

Commencement of works at the Friars Oak development had been delayed until preconditions are met.

Cllr Seaton queried who pays for the publicity of the Neighbourhood Plan and the Referendum, and how was it done. It was confirmed that EHDC calls the referendum and are responsible for its publicity.

Cllr Ingrid Thomas circulated the following report below prior to meeting.

Much of my time this month has been spent on highways issues. I attended another meeting in Winchester organised by Mark Kemp Gee to discuss the looming problems of four large building sites possibly working at the same time on our small roads and lanes. We were presented with a report which had been commissioned by Hampshire Highways looking at the effect on the junctions onto the A31.

The results came as no surprise to Roy and I as we have been saying for some time now that the junctions at Boyneswood Road and Lymington Bottom Road will not be able to cope.

Highways department are now going to look at possible solutions, some of those mentioned in the report are nonsensical but we made our views very clear. Unfortunately the 75 houses to be built by Cala homes at Lymington Bottom Road were omitted from the report so the numbers have to be redone after which we can discuss the proposals properly and in detail in consultation with the community.

Part of the report also looked at possible solutions to the safety of pedestrians on Boyneswood Road Bridge. No permanent solution has been found but there are negotiations taking place to build a separate pedestrian bridge, let's hope that the Watercress Line appreciate the dangers and are reasonable. EHDC have stated and discussed with the WLG (the developer of the 80 homes behind Friars Oak) that there will be a raised kerb over the bridge to protect pedestrians and WLG have agreed to this interim solution. This is supported by Mark Kemp Gee despite highways officers’ apparent acceptance of a virtual footpath. Safety of residents is paramount.

Road safety issues are also being discussed at the Shrave. There are planning applications for two more housing sites in back gardens along there. Angela Glass who is EHDC Planning Portfolio Holder and I have written to Hampshire Highways in strong terms requesting that they should as a matter of urgency work to make the access to the Shrave safer.

This month saw the reserved matters passed for both the 69 homes at Lymington Barns we will now be discussing the conditions with Miller Homes. The 10 at Gloucester Close were also accepted, whilst we might not like this site and fear for what will happen to wildlife marooned in the SINC there was little choice once the outline permission was granted.

We are nearing the end of building on the land north of Brislands Lane, I have attended many liaison group meetings which seem to have been of value, groups will also be formed for other sites in the villages. The last houses seem to look particularly huge and out of place dominating the smaller houses in Brislands Lane, Officers have checked levels against original plans, sadly all the Officers involved in the original decision have now left.

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