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  1. «Andro Kacharava Alexander Daushvili The Democratic Republic of Georgia: Struggle for Independence 1918-1921 This book in a popular form transcribes ...»
  2. «The Triumph and Tragedies of Japanese Women in America: A View Across Four Generations Taylor Sakamoto Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Clovis, ...»
  3. «Urban Geology in London No. 2  Peterhead Granite pilasters, 39 Bedford Square Ruth Siddall; UCL Earth Sciences 2012  1  ...»
  4. «TRAGIC AMBIGUITY Anthropology, Philosophy and Sophocles' Antt'gone BY Th. C. W. OUDEMANS A. P. M. H. LARDINOIS AND E.J. BRILL L E I D ~ N NEW YORK ...»
  6. «150 / UNIFICATION THEOLOGY & CHRISTIAN THOUGHT held Augustine in high esteem but never accepted his conclusions in toto. Beginning with Arminius, a ...»
  7. «VENICE IN THE 21st CENTURY: A PERSONAL VIEW The Ashley Clarke Memorial Lecture Society of Antiquaries, London 10 November 2012 Ambassador Antonio ...»
  10. «Changing Perceptions of Daniel: Reading Dan 4 and 5 in Context By R. Glenn Wooden Acadia Divinity College Nova Scotia Introduction The book of Daniel ...»
  11. «WRITING THE DEVELOPMENTAL HISTORY OF A COMMUNITY IN GEORGIA Understanding the history of a community - its development over time - is an important ...»
  12. «Backcountry Trails Background Backcountry trails in the Whitefish Range represent a historic resource that largely predates both the present day road ...»
  13. «Peter J. Thuesen Contents Illustrations xiii Introduction: Doctrine of Discord: Predestination in American Christianity 1 1. The Predestinarian ...»
  14. «TO HELP OR NOT TO HELP Darley, J. M., & Latane, B. (1968). Bystander intervention in emergencies: Diffusion of responsibility. Journal of Personality ...»
  15. «CITY OF HOUSTON Archaeological & Historical Commission Planning and Development Department PROTECTED LANDMARK DESIGNATION REPORT LANDMARK NAME: ...»
  16. «published in Mezzogiorno - Federico II - Mezzogiorno: Atti dei Convegni di Federico II (Roma, Editore De Luca, 1999), pp. 61-78 Hiroshi Takayama, ...»
  17. «On the Diachrony of Complex Predicates in Dutch: Predicative and Nonpredicative Preverbs Corrien Blom Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam It has been ...»
  18. «Orchestrating the ‘many-tongued chorus’: Using music to analyse polyphony in Fred D’Aguiar’s The Longest Memory and Caryl Phillips’s ...»
  19. «Climate change: observations, projections, and general implications for viticulture and wine production1 Gregory V. Jones 1 Climate Change, ...»
  20. «Paraconsistent set theory by predicating on consistency Walter Carnielli and Marcelo E. Coniglio Department of Philosophy Institute of Philosophy and ...»
  21. «Sissle & Blake’s Shuffle Along New World NW 260 Shuffle Along was a miracle. In the spring of 1921 hardly anyone believed that a musical written, ...»
  22. «Variable Selection in Data Mining: Building a Predictive Model for Bankruptcy Dean P. Foster and Robert A. Stine Department of Statistics The Wharton ...»
  23. «Chapter 2 Physiology of the Right Ventricle Robert Naeije, Ryan J. Tedford, and François Haddad One must inquire how increasing pulmonary vascular ...»
  24. «4 Predicting Bugs from History Thomas Zimmermann1, Nachiappan Nagappan2, and Andreas Zeller1 1 University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2 Microsoft ...»
  25. «Missouri University of Science and Technology Scholars' Mine Faculty Research & Creative Works Marvell's watery maze: Digression and discovery at Nun ...»
  26. «This work is held under copyright by the author. It has been published with the intent of being available free for the enrichment and enjoyment of ...»
  27. «Art History 4930 Global Baroque Art Syllabus Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, Ph.D., Associate Professor University of Florida, Spring Semester, January ...»
  28. «Deciphering aspects of Azaria Mbatha's worldview located in specific religious themes and images employed in his work Leigh Jansen Dissertation ...»
  29. «Peronism and the Secret History of Cultural Studies: Populism and the Substitution of Culture for State Prepared for delivery at the 1997 meeting of ...»
  30. «Paul Eggert: The Bushranger's Voice: Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang (2000) and Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter (1879) Author: Paul Eggert ...»
  31. «Site Visit Report for Brown’s Ranch Trail SystemScottsdale AZ Prepared for: Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Association Background and History ...»
  32. «SUGGESTED CITATION Interview with Annie Thelma Jamison and Marion William Jamison, Jr. (btvct09074), interviewed by Charles Houston, Orangeburg ...»
  33. «User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction 8: 131–152, 1998. © 1998 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. Using Decision Trees ...»
  34. «PEER REVIEW HISTORY BMJ Open publishes all reviews undertaken for accepted manuscripts. Reviewers are asked to complete a checklist review form ...»
  35. «E E E E “eutypon28-29” — 2013/2/19 — 20:47 — page 1 — #5 Εὔτυπον, τεῦχος № 28-29 — Ὀκτώβριος/October 2012 ...»
  36. «STRICT PREDICATIVITY1 Charles Parsons The most basic notion of impredicativity applies to specifications or definitions of sets or classes. If a set ...»
  37. «Video transcript 00:00 MAIN TITLE: END OF THE LINE - The Electric Train Staff (ETS) System 00:10 OPENING SEQUENCE: KIAMA RAILWAY STATION, PASSENGERS ...»
  38. «THE EVANION COLLECTION ELIZABETH HARLAND Reprinted from The British Library Journal, vol. 13, no. 1 (Spring 1987), pp. 64In 1895 the British ...»
  39. «Interpretive Trail Design Greylock Glen Adams, MA Planners: Elissa Favero, Sarah Meserve, Rachel Segretto Clients: Donna Cesan, Doug Stefancik, Town ...»
  40. «H2020 Model Grant Agreement for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (H2020 MGA MSC-ITN — Multi) Version 2.1 1 October 2015 ...»
  41. «DOI: 10.1111/ejop.12050 Logic and Ontology in Hegel’s Theory of Predication Kevin J. Harrelson Abstract: In this paper I sketch some arguments that ...»
  42. «1 HINTIKKA VS. FREGE ON THE LOGIC OF BEING Ignacio Angelelli 0. INTRODUCTION* Hintikka blames Frege and Russell for having established in the ...»
  43. «Historical Fantasy, Speculative Realism, and Postrace Aesthetics in Contemporary American Fiction ´ ´ Ramon Saldıvar * Since the turn of the ...»
  44. «IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 20, Issue 10, Ver. VI (Oct. 2015) PP 60-74 e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. ...»
  45. «An initiative of the National Academy of Public Administration, and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Bobst ...»
  46. «Leeds Studies in English Article: Richard Rastall, 'Music and Liturgy in Everyman: Some Aspects of Production', Leeds Studies in English, n.s. 29, ...»
  47. «Foucault, Franks, Gauls Il faut défendre la société: The 1976 Lectures at the Collège de France John Marks Humanity does not gradually progress ...»
  48. «A review of the history and process to date, and recommendations for future development. FINAL Kathleen Clements Clements Consulting May 20, 2016. ...»
  49. «B. 818 East 2nd Street The Marvin L. Bishop home is the first multi-story brick home constructed in Casper. It was designed after Mr. Bishop's ...»
  50. «Published by Nepal Rastra Bank Office of the Governor Baluwatar, Kathmandu Nepal Phone: +977 1 441 0386 Fax: +977 1 441 0159 Email: ofg@nrb.org.np ...»
  51. «Panophonia Steven Connor A talk given at the Pompidou Centre, 22nd February 2012. In The Tuning of the World, Murray Schafer announced that we were ...»
  52. «ABSTRACT The Indian derivative market has achieved tremendous growth over the years, and also has a long history of trading in various derivatives ...»
  53. «UNIVERSITY OF GOUR BANGA (Established under West Bengal Act XXVI of 2007) P.O.: Mokdumpur, Dist.: Malda, West Bengal – 732 103 Prospectus FOR ...»
  54. «NatioNal HumaN RigHts iNstitutioNs History, Principles, Roles and Responsibilities Rights Human Professional Training Series No. 4( Rev.1) Human ...»
  55. «Edited by David Hanley W Pinter Publishers London & New York Distributed exclusively in the USA & Canada by St Martin's Press BETWEEN CONFESSIONALISM ...»
  56. «A checklist of the Odonata of the Cape Verde Islands E. AISTLEITNER, W. BARKEMEYER, G. LEHMANN & A. MARTENS A b s tr a c t : To date, 14 species of ...»
  57. «Queen's Gurkha Signals History The Origins: The Gurkha Signals Holding and Training Wing British Army signalling can find it origins in the Royal ...»
  58. «Document Revision History Document Revision Level Revision Date Version A, ECO 82749 June 2014 CareFusion CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH 22745 Savi ...»
  59. «Functional Diversity and Traits Assembly Patterns of Benthic Macrofaunal Communities in the Southern North Sea Mehdi Ghodrati Shojaei, Lars Gutow, ...»
  60. «Sterling Forest® State Park Comprehensive Trails Plan and Environmental Assessment FINAL David A. Paterson, Governor Carol Ash, Commissioner New ...»
  61. «The Empire Service: the voice, the discourse of the master and ventriloquism Andrew Hill CRESC The Open University a.hill@open.ac.uk The BBC’s ...»
  62. «THE STATUS OF FASHION: TOWARDS AN AUTONOMOUS EXISTENCE By Camille Bélanger B.A. Art History, Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec, 2011 A major ...»
  63. «This article presents a new and highly accurate method for branch prediction. The key idea is to use one of the simplest possible neural methods, the ...»
  64. «Futures 44 (2012) 590–599 Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect Futures journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/futures De-growth: ...»
  65. «There is a story circulating in rhetoric and composition that some time in the late 1970s the author died-or maybe just dissolved into the semiosis ...»
  66. «Journal of Instruction-Level Parallelism 1 (1999) Submitted 12/98; published 5/99 Prediction Outcome History-based Confidence Estimation for Load ...»
  67. «NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICAN VENTRILOQUISTS Ryan Howard As a by-product of my study of the history of American puppets and marionettes in the ...»
  68. «NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICAN VENTRILOQUISTS Ryan Howard As a by-product of my study of the history of American puppets and marionettes in the ...»
  69. «PEOPLE MENTIONED IN WALDEN: WILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING II NOTA BENE: When Annie Dillard bought a goldfish to keep her company in her cabin on Tinker ...»
  70. «and Predictable Crashes Benjamin Chabot, Eric Ghysels, and Ravi Jagannathan November 2014 WP 2014-27 Momentum Trading, Return Chasing, and ...»
  71. «The establishment of the ZerOrigIndia Foundation is predicated on a single premise, namely, that our decades-long studies indicate that there are ...»
  72. «A Year in the Life of a Cub Scout.Boy Scout.Venturer Strengthening Youth, Families, and Neighborhoods A National Program-Outcomes Study Conducted by ...»
  73. «Seattle Waterfront Historic Streetcar Technical Evaluation Prepared By: LTK Engineering Services Prepared For: The City of Seattle June 2013 Table of ...»
  74. «Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society. Volume 10, Part 2 COLLECTIONS OF THE MINNESOTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY VOLUME X. PART II. ST. PAUL, ...»
  75. «This volume is published thanks to the support of the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission, by the Sixth Framework Network of ...»
  76. «Launceston Historical Society Inc. Newsletter No 131 September ISSN 1036-7950 PO BOX 1296 LAUNCESTON TAS 7250 “Bringing together people with an ...»
  77. «Thomas Becket and the Quest for Martyrdom Kim Beaver This paper was written for Dr. Kevin Shirley’s History of England course. When studying the ...»
  78. «Propaganda in the Prepared Parliamentary Speeches of 1455-1461 RUSSELL BUTCHER Propaganda, perceived by many as a twentieth-century phenomenon, has ...»
  79. «Abstract. Stateful pirate decoders are history recording and abrupt pirate decoders. These decoders can keep states between decryptions to detect ...»
  80. «Abstract. Stateful pirate decoders are history recording and abrupt pirate decoders. These decoders can keep states between decryptions to detect ...»
  81. «Juan Murcia Seismic Analysis of Santa Maria del Mar Church in Barcelona. Juan Murcia Seismic Analysis of Santa Maria del Mar Church in Barcelona. ...»
  82. «QUT Digital Repository: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/ Brisbin, Christopher A. and Raxworthy, Julian R. (2008) Veranda Urbanism : projecting the veranda ...»
  83. «Akiko IKEDA Historians tend to find the origin of nationalism or imperialism of England in the sixteenth century, which would become efflorescent in ...»
  84. «“Pre- Collaboration”: The Political Activity and Influence of Chen Bijun in Wartime China, January 1938–May 1940 JOSEPH K. S. ...»
  85. «W A R, W I T C H E S A N D T R A I T O R S : C A S E S F R O M T H E M P L A’ S E A S T E R N F R O N T I N A N G O L A (1966–1975)* BY INGE ...»
  86. «An Option-Theoretic Prepayment Model for Mortgages and MortgageBacked Securities Andrew Kalotay Andrew Kalotay Associates, Inc Deane Yang Polytechnic ...»
  87. «Abstract 445 I. Introduction: The Choice of the Law-Making Venue 445 II. European Law-Making Venues: An Institutional Landscape Shaped by History 447 ...»
  88. «The Reformation in the Croatian Historical Lands The Reformation in the Croatian Historical Lands Research Results, Challenges, Perspectives 2 The ...»
  89. «Journal of the History of Biology 29: 29-77, 1996. Factors Shaping Ernst Mayr’s Concepts in the History of Biology THOMAS JUNKER No organic being ...»
  90. «Accounting 2 (2016) 1–10 Contents lists available at GrowingScience Accounting homepage: www.GrowingScience.com/ac/ac.html Human capital ...»
  91. «ABSTRACT The name of maritime sociology has been present in the Polish scientific discourse for some decades now. In the text the author proves that ...»
  92. «Refiguring La Malinche: Female “Betrayal” as Cultural Negotiation in the Short Stories of María Cristina Mena By Andrea Powell Wolfe Like La ...»
  93. «Apple Inc. Outsourcing in China: iSweatshop Jenny O'Donnell starjen222@ufl.edu Dr. Ferguson, PUR4203 12.8.15 O’Donnell 2 Table of Contents ...»
  95. «ISSN 2299-632X Bankoteka Special Issue Exhibition The history of central banking – Poland and the USA 185th anniversary of Polish central banking ...»
  96. «Taunya Lovell Banks∗ “Memories, like history, constantly undergo revision . . . .”1 I. INTRODUCTION There is an old cliché: the winners write ...»
  97. «The Treason Trials of Aaron Burr and Jefferson Davis— A Comparative Activity Prepared by Charlotte C. Anderson For use in conjunction with “The ...»
  98. «Constitutional Requirements for a Treason Conviction— A Primary Sources Activity Prepared by Charlotte C. Anderson For use in conjunction with ...»
  99. «Cannabis Treatments in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Historical Review Ethan Russo SUMMARY. Cannabis has an ancient tradition of usage as a medicine ...»
  100. «ROTUNDA 10/14/2009 6:37 PM A Comparative Historical Analysis of War Time Procedural Protections and Presidential Powers: From The Civil War To The ...»
  101. «Copyright © 2005 by the author(s). Published here under license by CECI. The following is the established format for referencing this article: ...»
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