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«A Journey Through the Technology Showcase Welcome to the 23rd annual NEC Technology Showcase! This year's event continues to take place during ...»

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Your Journey Through the

Technology Showcase


A Journey Through the

Technology Showcase

Welcome to the 23rd annual NEC Technology Showcase! This year's event continues to take place during Digital Signage Week, where industry leaders,

customers, manufacturers, partners, systems integrators, and consultants come together to share the latest trends in digital signage solutions.

You will have a firsthand look at some of the best ways you can use display technology to support your business objectives. It is also an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of how NEC Display interfaces with the entire AV/IT ecosystem in order to create solutions for many different vertical markets and applications.

We are featuring the latest NEC Display innovations in LCD, LED, video wall, and projector technologies coupled with mounts, media players, CMS (content management system), content and other tools from NEC's Alliance Partners in the professional AV and IT industries.

In addition, we will demonstrate how display solutions can be integrated with analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, biometrics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), leading to improved automation and business workflows, better decision-making and collaboration, and greater intimacy with audiences and customers.

And unlike the crowds and noise of a typical trade show, NEC's New York Showcase is designed to provide an intimate setting for attendees to chat at length with NEC and other experts who can help you address your individual business needs!

I am excited about the opportunity to share our industry leading solutions with you. I'd also like to thank the sponsors & partners who have helped elevate our showcase from a technology exhibit to a solutions event focused on vertical applications.

Sincerely, Jennifer Cheh Vice President Marketing at NEC Display Solutions of America The New York Technology Showcase Experience TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome PAGE 2 The NEC Showcase is a platform for integration; demonstrating our Schedule of Events PAGE 4-5 customer-first focus in delivering total end-to-end solutions tailored to Map PAGE 6-7 the specific needs of vertical applications.

Lobby Solutions PAGE 8-9 Restaurant So

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Theater Course attendees will come away with a better understanding of how Laser/Phosphor technology works from the optical standpoint. The class identifies technologies that make up the optical system on different imaging devices. Attendees will also get a glimpse into why and how certain components are used including how NEC projectors fit within this mix.

12:00-1:30pm - Lunch Lunch Sponsors: BrightSign, Datapath Ltd., Milestone AV Technologies, T-Mobile 1:30-3:30pm – Afternoon Break Afternoon Break Sponsors: BrightSign, Cinema Scene Marketing, Impinj, Industry Weapon Inc., Inmotion, Next/Now, Smarter Trash, Inc., The CSI Group 1:30-3:00pm - How To Choose the Right Display Theater Join NEC as they review and educate on how to best determine the right display technology for a variety of applications including laser projection, UHD and LED technology. Attendees will come away with how and why to use one technology over the other and what if any challenges they may face.  5:00-7:30pm - VIP /Consultant Night VIP/Consultant Night Sponsors: BrightSign, Milestone AV Technologies, Peerless-AV, rp Visual Solutions, Scalable Display Technologies, T-Mobile

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Let the sun shine in with these NEC X754HB 75-inch high bright displays. Ideal for a lobby or any window-facing signage where the sun may directly affect the picture quality. Direct LED backlighting combined with an integrated ambient light sensor allows for adaptable panel brightness depending on the lighting, so your image is clearly seen, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Partner: BrightSign, Peerless-AV

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See NEC's latest 24-inch Ultra-Narrow Bezel desktop display, EX241UN, integrated within a Smarter Trash solution.  The Impactor Digital and Impactor 3D provide businesses immediate savings for waste handling operations in high traffic venues, while also providing a new digital platform to generate advertising revenue.  Ideal for a variety of markets and applications including Retail, Amusement, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Restaurant, Cinema, Advertising and Information venues.  Partner: Intel, Smarter Trash, Inc.

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Bundling NEC's UHD display portfolio and OPS systems with Moving Murals' UHD content via the True Definition Network content delivery platform supports client demands for engaging with key audiences. This solution provides 1-Year access to 22 atmospheric UHD/4K channels of Moving Murals content designed to make impressions. Perfect for Retail, Financial, Amusement, Healthcare, House of Worship, Education, Transportation, Corporate, Restaurant, Video Walls, and Advertising venues.

Partners: Chief, True Definition Network, LLC.

Inspire Your Visitors NEC is ushering in a new era of visual experiences with its 55" X551UHD display.  This product using Chief mounts sets new standards in image size and quality with a 55" canvas and 4K UHD resolution.  State of the art innovation delivers stunning imagery and 24/7 runtimes with high end components and LED backlighting.  Ideal for any industrial application, from lobbies to control rooms to conferencing or life size digital signage.

Partner: Chief, Intel Welcome and Check Your Coat Invite visitors in with this 55-inch large screen display solution. Showcasing NEC's V552 in conjunction with Peerless will engage your audience with the full high-definition panel capable of displaying brilliant imagery. Making it ideal for use in applications that require extended use, including retail stores, restaurants, indoor venues, training facilities and corporate boardrooms.

Featuring built-in speakers and an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)-compliant expansion slot, this future-proofs the display and allows for the seamless integration of a computer or other NEC/ third-party component. Because video, RS-232 control and power are passed internally from the display to the accessory, additional cabling is not required, thereby simplifying installations. Engage your audience and welcome them in with this solution.

Partner: Intel, Peerless-AV Restaurant Solutions

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Partners: BrightSign, Chief, Intel, Navori Labs, NEC Corporation of America, Peerless-AV Partner Booth Spotlight Partner Booth - Cardone, Solomon & Associates

Visit Cardone, Solomon & Associates' booth, featuring partner solutions:

From Attero Tech, Bluetooth for ProAV allows Bluetooth equipped devices to easily be used in professional level AV installations. Presenting unD6IO-BT, which features stereo Bluetooth wireless audio input connectivity plus analog audio to Dante in a 2-gang US form factor. The unBT2A features stereo Bluetoooth wireless audio input to analog audio.

Cambridge Sound Management offers QtPro and Dynasound Sound Masking systems as well as Dynasound eavesdropping protection systems. Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions.

The Clockaudio Dante Transporter is an advanced product offered by Clockaudio North America, based on a high performance, pre-configurable hardware platform, that transfers audio and control signals via widely used Ethernet. The Clockaudio CDT100 has a variety of uses including boardrooms, conference rooms, video conference rooms where multiple table microphones and control devices are connected back to the AV equipment. For applications where table microphones are not an option, Clockaudio offers a great alternative and flexibility for reconfiguration with a minimal footprint and without sacrificing sound quality. The C303W-RF Tri-Element Array Hanging Microphone is designed for unobtrusive, all around high quality pickup, necessary in places such as boardrooms, conferencing, court rooms and other venues.

When specifying hanging microphones that need to be completely retractable, and easily disappear from sight, the CCRM4000-C303W-RF is the answer with Retractable, Motorized Ceiling Tri-Element Hanging microphone is optimized for speech intelligibility and features high quality Cardioid capsules that cover a 360 degree pickup.

Innovox Audio brings the latest in Loudspeakers for Video with the Flex Focus, Flex Array, and Flex Synergy. Flex Synergy boasts a horizontal loudspeaker with integrated video camera pocket.

The Synergy speaker is the perfect solution for video conferencing rooms...available with modular video camera pocket, onboard DSP and power, bass module, and exceptional vocal articulation modules. The pair of Flex Focus Vertical line array loudspeakers employ the frequency shaded line array technology, to accurately achieve uniform speech coverage in larger rooms.

Partner Booth Spotlight (continued)

Intevi, Inc. products solve how to best combine live TV and Digital Signage content by delivering digital video streams and template based branding over IP Networks to Displays and Desktop PC users. Intevi Digital Television encoders, gateways, set-top boxes and Management Appliances are perfect for Financial, Amusement, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Corporate, Command and Control, Information Display, Training/Teaching, Digital Signage, Emergency Alerts, Presentation venues.

Stewart Audio highlights the FLX Family of 1/2 rack amplifiers with integrated DSP, 320W, 1, 2 or 4 outputs, 4 analog inputs, Dante 4 x 4 options. 5 models to choose from in varying output impedances. The PoE+ Amplifier Series boast PoE+ Dante amplifiers in low impedance and 70/100V. These are a single cable solution for small zones and digital signage applications with power and Dante signal over CAT6. The MC850 Family of 8 Channel Dante amplifiers - 3 models with 50W per channel low impedance, 70/100V & mixed impedance. Redundant or switched Dante ports, Ethernet control port for reporting and control.

SurgeX offers IP Power Protection and Monitoring; Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination-SurgeX is the only manufacturer that offers ASM technology to completely ELIMINATE surge energy up to 6, 000 Volts without producing harmful side effects; enVision Diagnostic Solutions - Unsurpassed diagnostic intelligence and industrialgrade power protection to identify and control power issues in real time; and UPS Battery Backup - Online double conversion UPS with true sine wave output to protect your equipment from power failure situations.

Symetrix provides Digital Signal Processors for a variety of commercial audio applications. Perfect for Retail, Financial, Broadcast, Amusement, House of Worship, Education, Transportation, Corporate, Restaurant, Command and Control, Video Conferencing, Training/Teaching, Emergency Alerts, Collaboration, Presentation venues.

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Datapath and NEC bring video walls to new levels. With Datapath's video capture and digital display technology, the VSNMicro 600 platform is a bespoke video wall controller that can be used, not only as part of a command and control deployment, but also in smaller more discrete environments. The system has a small footprint and has been designed to be very quiet for deployment in areas that would not support a standard sized wall controller chassis. Integrated with NEC's 3x3 video wall using nine UN551S ultra-narrow bezel large screen displays, this solution is sure to grab attention.

Ideal for Retail, Transportation, Corporate, Command and Control, Advertising, Information Display, Video Walls, Presentation venues.

Partners: Datapath Ltd., Intel, Peerless-AV Outdoor Viewing This 8mm Outdoor LED Video Wall solution by NEC features Green Hippo's Video Tools. AViary Video Tools is a fresh approach to the challenges of displaying ultra-high definition video in a host of environments and applications from corporate AV to installation. The flagship player of the Par4Keet can deliver media at unrestricted and arbitrary resolutions, untying AV professionals from the restrictions of standard aspect ratios. Ideal for Retail, Education, Corporate, Amusement, Broadcast, Advertising, Information Display and Video Wall venues.

Partner: BroadSign, Green Hippo Media Technology, Intel

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Transform Your World Glass-Media transforms customer experiences through the power of digital. Paired with your favorite NEC projector, Glass-Media's proprietary, end-to-end solution (E2ES) empowers brands to bridge the gap between online & physical commerce. This solution incorporates NEC's NP-P502HL in a Menuboard, NP-M403H in an iPhone, NPM403X in a Circle, NP-M403X in a Banner. Ideal for Retail, Restaurant, Amusement, Advertising, Information Display and Menu Boards.

Partner: Glass-Media, Inc., Intel Window Signage Solutions

–  –  –

SRUI's interactive media glass allows you to interact outside of the box. SRUI's solution paired with NEC's PX803UL projector is the storefront display window of the future and retail's new operating system. A state-of-the-art interactive conference table aids in smart thinking, idea generation and productivity. Or, the all-glass interactive kiosk with image display and SRUI's exclusive touch technology applied to 2 sides or more. Ideal for Amusement, Financial, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Corporate, Cinema, Advertising, Information Display, Training/Teaching, Collaboration, Video Conferencing, Presentation and Wayfinding venues.

Partners: Intel, Next/Now, SRUI

–  –  –

A complete command and control operations center solution. This solution is outfitted with Winsted command and control furniture, NEC high resolution displays, Chief video wall mounts, NEC video wall displays, NEC 4K large screen displays and Hiperwall software. Powered on NEC and Intel infrastructure and NEC OPS.

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