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«Summit Programme Initiated by China Green Companies Alliance (CGCA) Supported by People‟s Government of Liaoning Province Organizer China ...»

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The 2015 China Green Companies Summit

April 20-22

Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Summit Programme

Initiated by

China Green Companies Alliance (CGCA)

Supported by

People‟s Government of Liaoning Province


China Entrepreneur Club (CEC)


Liaoning Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology

Shenyang Municipal Government

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2015 China Green Companies Summit

Game Changers: Creating New Business Value

Our era is being changed by the drivers of innovation, Game Changers that put creativity into action to create values and address social challenges. They change themselves, they change others, they change the world.

These innovators work continuously to build new business models and systems that produce new business value. This innovation and change has sparked the ability for each individual – old and young –to be a part of this trend creating new social values.

The 2015 China Green Companies Summit will once again gather visionary entrepreneurs, leading representatives of various sectors, and members of the next generation from China and across the world to talk about their new strategies and visions. They will present their thoughts on new technological and strategic hurdles, new business opportunities that address social challenges and new growth models that will change the future.

2 / 17 2015 China Green Companies Summit Supporting Structure Supporting Organizations China Enterprise Confederation / China Enterprise Directors Association China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) ComitéFrance Chine (CFC) Singapore Business Federation (SBF) China Investment Promotion Agency Investment Promotion Planning and Service Center Supporting Embassies British Embassy in China French Embassy in China Embassy of Singapore in China Embassy of Japan in China Embassy of Canada in China Embassy of Germany in China Embassy of Belgium in China Embassy of Finland in China Delegation of the European Union to China

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16:40-17:40 CNBC Telecast Forum: Social Media and a New Way of Life 17:50-19:20 Dinner Buffet 19:30-21:30 Evening Talk: Bodhimanda of Life: Intentions and Balance in Doing Business

–  –  –

10:00-12:30 Plenary Session: Game Changers: Creating New Business Values 12:30-13:30 Lunch Buffet 13:40-15:00 Afternoon Parallel Sessions  In-Focus Forum: Monetary Policy Shifts and the Investment and Finance Landscape  Masters Talk: Wanda‟s O2O Transformation  Corporate „UN‟: An Investment Outlook in a Global Setting  Face to Face: Leading VC‟s and Invested Start-ups  Can You Imagine?: China‟s Next 30 Years 15:00-15:15 Coffee Break 15:15-16:15 Keynote Speeches (plenary) 16:15-16:25 Carbon Neutrality Conference and Lao Niu Donation Ceremony

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18:30-19:00 Thank You Show 19:00-20:20 Dinner Banquet hosted by the Government of Liaoning Province 20:30-22:30 Liaoning Government Meeting with CEC (closed door) Wednesday, 22 April 2015 08:30-15:00 Company Visit: BMW Brilliance Tiexi Plant BMW • Daonong Cup Golf Tournament 2015 08:00-16:00

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 Monday, 20 April 2015 09:00-22:00 Registration 14:00-16:00 Investment Roundtables (parallel)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Roundtable 1: Opportunities in the Health Sector Health is the world‟s biggest industry, with spending on healthcare amounting to about ten percent of the global GDP. Assuming that it will also become the largest sector in China, the country will need to look at how the industry should be designed and planned.

Topics to be discussed:

- The current development and landscape of the health sector

- Challenges and problems in the sector in China

- New models to integrate other industries with the health sector

–  –  –

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Roundtable 2: Investment Trends in Modern Agriculture As China‟s agriculture advances, its growth model will require a thorough transformation and upgrade. The most urgent priorities need to be identified to find ways to modernise and increase efficiency in the agribusiness sector.

Topics to be discussed:

- The current developments in China‟s modern agriculture

- Priority areas for investments

- Impacts of technology and commercialisation on the future of the sector

–  –  –

Topics to be discussed:

- Main areas of consumption growth

- Experiential consumption trends

- Examples of international cooperation.

–  –  –

16:00-16:10 Coffee Break 16:10-17:40 Green Companies Alliance Roundtables(parallel)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Management Roundtable: Corporate Development in an Age of Mobile Connectivity Mobile connectivity is fundamentally changing our lives, and continuous innovation as well as the reshaping of customer relations is making the world we live in increasingly „flat‟. This trend will require companies to change their growth strategies.

Topics to be discussed:

- What new models, mindsets, strategies and approaches do businesses use in the new age of mobile connectivity?

- How can more customers be connected through mobile devices, and how can their specific demands be met?

- How should enterprises adjust their marketing, governance and financing strategies to become more efficient?

–  –  –

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trend Roundtable: From “Made in China” to “Created in China” Industries and businesses of the future will be platforms driven by a new industrial revolution of robots, 3D printers, big data, industry 4.0, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, smart materials and other new technologies. This technology will help drive the next era of industry in China.

Topics to be discussed:

- Future trends in creative and disruptive industries

- What changes will the next era of technology bring?

- How can the transition from “made” to “created” be comprehensively achieved

–  –  –


Thomson Li Chairman of the Board and CEO, TCL Corporation Edward Tian Chairman, China Broadband Capital Partners, L.P.;

Chairman, AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc.

Liu De Founding Partner, Vice President Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd.

Qu Daokui President, SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd Yin Jian‟an Chairman, Xi'an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd.

Zhang Bin Chairman, Guangyuyuan Zhang Daili Chairman, Redcollar Group Robert Engelhorn Plant Director Tiexi, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

Andrew Blau Managing Director, Strategic Risk Solutions, Deloitte

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Green Roundtable: Environmental Industries - from Green to Golden 2015 is the final year of the Twelfth Five-year Plan. This year, the top design of environmental policy will be released, segmentation of sectoral policy will be actualized and the public utility price reform will be substantially pushed forward. The “Water Plan”, “Environmental Tax”, “Soil Recovery Plan”, “Carbon Tax” and “Emission Trading” will all benefit environmentally focuses industries. In the meantime, public utilities such as water, electricity and gas are in the process of price reform.

Topics to be discussed:

- What adjustments should be made regarding environmental policy?

- New environmental regulations and enterprise strategy

- New business models in the field of environmental protection

–  –  –

16:40-17:40 CNBC Telecast Forum

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Social Media and a New Way of Life The vibrant development and dependence on mobile internet for social media shopping and entertainment has already increased the speed at which we live, becoming a core part of our everyday lives. This technology and dependence has created a new life style in China.

–  –  –

17:50-19:20 Dinner Buffet 19:30-21:30 Evening Talk

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bodhimanda of Life: Intentions and Balance in Doing Business Doing business is a continuous process of exploring, learning about and understanding life. Only if entrepreneurs invest their money for the greater good, will they find calm and balance. So how can they cultivate their inner self to achieve such an aim?

Topics to be discussed:

- The ultimate aim of business

- The relation between business and self-cultivation

- Managing entrepreneurs‟ minds

–  –  –

 Tuesday, 21 April 2015 08:20-09:40 In-Focus Forum:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What will “Internet Plus” bring to Industries?

“Internet Plus” firstly appeared in the Government Work Report on the NPC and CPPCC in 2015 as a part of China‟s national strategy. The government is promoting the integration of the Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things across modern industries and traditional industries to digitize and “onlineitize”, creating an incredible new source of social wealth growth.

Topics to be discussed:

- Which sectors will be transformed and upgraded because of “Internet Plus”?

- What changes will result from the integration of Internet across sectors?

- How can enterprises respond to these changes?

–  –  –

08:20-09:40 Masters Talk

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Smog, Haze, and the New Energy Revolution The awareness of smog has reached across China and the world. Eradicating smog will require the development of a new energy sector. Through 10 years of research and industrialization, ENN Group has been capable of providing clients with one-stop solution for clean energy. ENN continues innovating in the field of comprehensive energy networks, microalgae, and coal-to-gas technology.

In the eyes of Wang Yusuo:

- What‟s the key to smog governance?

- What problems are China‟s energy structure and institutional reform facing?

How can ENN‟s technology promote new energy revolution?


Speaker:Wang Yusuo Chairman, ENN Group

Corporate „UN‟ 08:20-09:40

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Business Model Innovation and Corporate Shifts In an age of globalisation, fast technological changes and an increasingly uncertain business environment, the success of an enterprise is largely decided not by technology but by business models.

Topics to be discussed:

- What defines business model innovation compared with technological innovation?

- What successful international cases of business model innovation are there?

- What will innovative models that can cause corporate shifts look like?

–  –  –

08:20-09:40 Face to Face:Leading VC‟s and Invested Startups

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A group of China‟s most active and insightful VCs share their experiences with leading the growth and development of China‟s most innovative start-ups.

Discussion focus:

- The strategy and logic of investors

- Fostering strong growth in invested entrepreneurs

- Sharing behind the scenes principles of business operation

–  –  –

08:20-09:40 Can You Imagine?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Genomic Revolution To many of us, the science of genes is an unfathomable mystery. But Wang Jian and his institute BGI, the world‟s largest human genome sequencing organisation, have been working to make genetic tests affordable for everyone. Their research and clinical applications have the potential to significantly improve people‟s health and life expectancy.

This session invites Wang Jian to unveil the secrets of genomics and to speak about how the field will change our lives and the world we live in.

–  –  –

09:40-10:00 Coffee Break 10:00-12:30 Plenary Session

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Game Changers: Creating New Business Values Our era is being changed by the drivers of innovation, Game Changers that put creativity into action to create values and address social challenges. They change themselves, they change others, they change the world. These innovators work continuously to build new business models and systems that produce new business value. This innovation and change has sparked a trend giving each individual – old and young – the hope to be a part of this trend creating new social values.

–  –  –

13:40-15:00 In-Focus Forum

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