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«Item 1 Approval of Minutes Last Presidium meeting The minutes were approved. Some decisions are still in process. Item 2 Finance ME reported about ...»

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Minutes WRRC Presidium meeting

Berlin, 16.11.2014

Present: M. Mohab (MM), K. Kis (KK), D. Lilih (DL), K. Tihonova (KT), E. Pagano (EP),

Marina Eskolin (ME), K. Bosnar - WRRC Office (KB), M. Kerpan Izak (MKI)

Minutes: M. Kerpan Izak

The president welcomed all Presidium members for the meeting.

The meeting started on Sunday at 09:30 at Holiday Inn Berlin west.

Item 1 Approval of Minutes Last Presidium meeting

The minutes were approved. Some decisions are still in process.

Item 2 Finance ME reported about the preliminary balance sheet. Most of the Invoices have been paid; generally the financial flow is a little better than expected. The only problem was that the costs of the second part of the fee for RR Main Class animations were not correctly budgeted at the beginning of year.

Currently it looks like we will need to spend less money from the funds as planned.

ME also reported about the activities regarding a possible change of bank in Switzerland and other activities connected with the bank.

The general direction of the budget for 2015 has been discussed. It is necessary that we identify all the projects evaluate them and then decide about priorities and the budget upon our available assets.

(54) All Presidium members have to send to ME the proposed budget for the planned project in 2015 latest on December 31, 2014.

Generally more persons are included in different WRRC projects. All the persons have to follow the

basic regulations regarding the claims of expenses:

- The expenses are payable only if the person has been included in the activity (seminar, meeting, competition, other activities...) upon the authorization of the responsible WRRC Presidium member or General meeting

- The expenses are payable only upon the submission of the standardized form “Claim of expenses” with original receipts and the amounts specified in WRRC Fee Scale or decided by WRRC Presidium Item 3 Competitions The Presidium overviewed the competitions in 2014, the competition calendar for 2015, nominated the Supervisors and discussed other important topics regarding the organization of events.

Generally we have many RR Youth and Junior events and Boogie Woogie Main Class events but for other categories the number of WRRC international competitions could be higher. The potential organizers would like to make combined events but sometimes it is not possible to include all desired disciplines in one day and on the other hand the organizers have to understand that more categories during an event also mean more judges.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the event in Istanbul, which caused some financial loss for the dancers and supporters who have already bought the tickets. Every participant should have the “risk of cancellation” policy which covers also such cases.

During the World Championship RR Main Class in Zielona Gora we had problems with the results in semi-final. Due to an error the points of most of the couples were lost before the final calculation has been made. After a long discussion the President invited all the couples (and trainers) who took part in the semi-final for a joint meeting and proposed a solution for the final based on the known results for the first 4 rounds and probable results for the last two rounds. Everyone agreed on the proposed solution for the 7 couples in the final and to award place 8 to all remaining semifinal couples.

In Zielona Gora a couple from India took part at WCh RR Main class. They joined a training camp in Hungary prior to the event. The Presidium congratulates the couple for their first appearance and wishes they would continue with the dance. We congratulate also Miklos Horvath and Katalin Kis for their support in India. New couples from new countries and continents bring new questions – especially connected with the costs. At the moment the participant of WCh don’t receive any reimbursement for travel expenses but we request from the organizer to pay the prize money. In order to motivate and help new couples we should change this system. It would also be nice to give an award (a medal, a WRRC T-shirt or similar) for each country for its first appearance on the international scene. The topic will be discussed during next PM.

In 2014 we have implemented an individual check-in for formation members. In Zielona gora it happened that there were more dancers present on the event than officially registered in the system. It meant that some formations have not registered all dancers correctly. In the future such behaviour will result in a red card.

There were new couples also on some other events - the youth couples from Lebanon in Ljubljana, junior couples from India in Sochi, Boogie Woogie couples from Greece in Moscow. The Presidium congratulates all these couples and all supporting persons who help them develop.

The level of events in 2014 has increased significantly and this is very important for development of our sport. The Presidium would like to congratulate all organizers and we hope that such trend will be visible also in the upcoming years. The new judging system in RR was a big success (details in the sport sections) also for the TV and audience but it brought also some topics which we need to define more transparently.

In order to further improve our events from different points of view, so we have made some decisions connected with competitions.

(55) Following that the situation in Ukraine is still unstable Presidium decided that the competition “Kharkov – Ukraine – 5.12.2015” will remain on calendar under the status planned. We will make a final decision about the event in summer 2015.

(56) The Presidium approved the World championship for formations in Sochi 2016 but;

however we propose to RUSFARR to organize some financial support for formations in order to achieve adequate number of participating formations (57) The deadline of the announcement for the competition will be 21 days before the event starting from 1.1.2015. The database will close automatically. For exceptions a double starting fee will apply. For World and Continental Ch. a substitution of announced couple/formation will be allowed in case of illness or injury.

(58) The Observer will be informed about the number of officially registered dancers in each formation. If there will be more dancers on the floor each non registered dancer will need to pay a double registration fee and double starting fee.

(59) In order to clarify the liability several points will be added to tournament rules:

o It is up to each participant to take out travel insurance in order to prevent losses in the case of the cancellation of a tournament. The WRRC shall not be held liable for any reimbursement in case the tournament has been cancelled.

o In case of a cancellation of a tournament less than 3 months prior to a tournament caused by the organizer, the organizer shall be responsible for refunding travelexpenses to participants and officials.

When the competition is confirmed each organizer is obliged to pay the down o payment in the amount of 400 €. The due date is 30 days after the notification of a granted event. The competition will be published in the WRRC calendar after the down payment is received and the contract signed.


Examination new judges DL and KK have sent an extensive report of the first examination for new Rock’n’Roll WRRC judges based on the new judging system.

- The examination took part in Graz during the weekend from October 10 to October 12.

- The examination consisted of three parts - written test, video judging, oral examination

- 21 candidates took part, 17 successfully passed the written test and from these 17; 16 have successfully passed also the video examination and oral exam. There were 6 outstanding candidates who reached 85% or more points.

- In order to achieve the status of a WRRC Judge the candidates have to do also the required number of shadow judging on real events. Most of the candidates have already done this successfully during the events in Moscow, Schaffhausen and Zielona Gora and will become WRRC Judges from 01.01.2015. The WRRC Sports director will inform the candidates and national federations which are responsible to include new judges on the list of active judges for 2015.

- Improvement for the future: Bigger examination room, better communication – a copy of each letter to the national federation and also to each candidate individually.

MKI thanked the examiners for their good job and we hope we can see some new judges soon on WRRC events.

(60) The Presidium confirmed the report from DL and KK about the examination in Graz and the new WRRC judges who have fulfilled all their obligations.

WRRC Observers Rock’n’Roll WRRC Observers are an important part of New Judging system and it is essential that all persons acting in this role have extensive knowledge about the tasks required from an Observer. From WRRC point of view it is important that also on national level people are well educated so the couples are treated the same way also on national events. For WRRC competitions it is important that the best persons do this job, however it is also important that each person does this frequently because experience is also an important point of this. Since most of the competitions are combined it would be unproductive to create special Observers for youth and juniors and special for RR Main Class and B Class. After an extensive discussion the following was accepted by Presidium

–  –  –

Feedback NJS In 2014 we had started with NJS on RR couple events. We have collected feedback from observers, judges and other officials, dancers and audience. Generally the new system proved to be a big improvement and the feedback is mostly positive. There are still some options to improve the announcement of acrobatics, to minimize the influence of scoring of an individual judge and to improve the scoring of the dance. The judging commission will evaluate the results from individual judges. During next two months an extensive evaluation of the system will be performed and on our next Presidium Meeting we will discuss about possible improvement.

With implementation of NJS there is no need to make the winner ceremony staring from 6th to 1st place since all the results are known in advance. We also need to standardize the procedure of presenting the final score and Kiss & Cry zone.

On all competitions using NJS the winner ceremony will take part from 1st to 6th (7th (62) place). The points after each heat will be shown in all KO rounds, ½ final and final. The acrobatic points and artistic points will be shown separately and cumulatively.

Licensing of WRRC Judges Following the decision of GM some items were added to the tournament rules regarding WRRC judges. In order to improve the knowledge of WRRC judges extra obligations will be required to renew the licence. Additionally Presidium discussed about voluntary judges as it is a practice in IDO.

(63) Each WRRC judge is obligated to visit at least one WRRC license seminar every 2 years. Additional to that each judge has to visit at least three webinars every year.

(64) KK will prepare a survey (reporting paper) for all WRRC judges which they will need to fill out periodically.

(65) The points regarding licensing of WRRC judges; which GM accepted and are clear for implementation; will be added to tournament rules. The general implementation of new system of nominating WRRC judges will be introduced starting from 01.01.2016 because all active judges have received their licence for 2 years.

Rules changes:

In order to clarify some situations, presidium has discussed about some additional rule changes which would make our regulations more transparent (66) The number of judges per category and type of competition will be clearly written in the rules. A sentence will be added at the end: For combined events with more than two categories or events with different disciplines WRRC Presidium can nominate additional judges in order to achieve the optimal distribution of judging panels, quality and objectivity (67) The number of couples on the floor per round and category was standardized. At the World and Continental Championships max. 3 couples are allowed on the stage from the first round on. In ¼ and ½ max two couples are allowed on the stage.

(68) Dancing time For couples dancing time starts on first move of one of the dancers and ends with “end pose”.

For formations dancing time starts when music starts and ends when music ends.

(69) Music on WRRC events It’s obligatory for all organizers of WRRC events to use music only from approved WRRC CD-a. If an organizer wants to use other music than on the approved list, he must submit the songs in appropriate format (mp3 – hi quality – with same volume of songs and correct speed) to Music commission of WRRC at least 4 weeks before the event. The music will be evaluated and added to official music list for general use.

(70) Registration of music for the final The registration of final music will be implemented into the registration SW. The deadlines will be strictly respected. The formation will not be able to announce themselves without approved music.

(71) Coaches Organizer is obligated to reserve a spot for coaches so that coach can stand or sit in front of performing couple. This will be made according to the organizers possibilities.

Education KK presented several documents connected with the education including a proposal for a systematic educational process for new and existing countries (dancers and trainers). The proposed process would help lower the costs of expansion project and motivate new dancers/trainers to participate more actively. It would also help our existing members to achieve some certification. We could also attract dancers who are not actively involved on a competition level (sports for all project).

She pointed out also the necessity of a SL3 catalogue mainly to achieve a unique; transparent interpretation of SL3 rules.

MKI added that we urgently need to include also Main class animations into this process.

(72) The Presidium confirms the proposed educational material. The final version will be presented on next PM. We will also define the price of each item on our next meeting.

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