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«Tynronella, January 2015 (photo Terry Kirton) Newsletter Contents: Editorial re newsletter and website page 2 Tynronella page 2 Steering Group for ...»


April 2015

Tynronella, January 2015 (photo Terry Kirton)

Newsletter Contents:

Editorial re newsletter and website page 2

Tynronella page 2

Steering Group for windfarm money page 4

Meetings and Partings page 5 Recipes seasonal and unseasonal page 6 Quiz picture page 6 Accommodation in Tynron page 7 Group activities, Meetings, Events, For Sale, Tynron contacts: back page The newsletter is edited by Sue King-Smith, and reflects her prejudices and grasp of events. All

contributions are very welcome, either in hard copy or email form. All enquiries to:

sue.peppe@gmail.com or phone 200770. The next issue will appear in the autumn: copy deadline 15 September 2015. Please email Sue if you would be happy to receive this newsletter by email rather than in paper form; similarly if you prefer to look at the Glencairn Gazette online.

OFSAW is the Small Ads – Offers, For Sale, and Wanted – list. If you wish to put a notice on it, please phone Linda (200469) or email her at: lindaandranald@gmail.com The Grapevine (community email list): If you have a message for the community, such as notice of an event, wanting or having space in a car for travelling long distances, etc., send me (Sue) details and I can email it to everybody on the community email list. Such emails are sent out with all recipients in the BCC box, so your eddress is not revealed to everybody. If you have a preference about being on or off the list, please let me know.

Editorial Sue King-Smith Newsletter: I am wondering whether I should continue to produce the newsletter, as it seems that for some time now nobody has really wanted to put anything in it. I am planning to put this issue on the website, and to have a News Page there for future things to be reported.

I do see that this will not cater for people who do not use computers, but everybody will receive a copy of the current issue. If you are someone who currently receives a paper copy, I would be grateful if you could give me a ring (200770) if you want to continue receiving it. If you don't respond, I'll assume that you don't want it, and will not produce a paper copy for you in future.

If anybody else would like to produce the newsletter, they are very welcome: please let me know.

I quite understand if people are sick of seeing my name at the top of all news items – I am too!

Website: now up and running. Address: www.tynron.org.uk. My apologies for having been slow to

make all the amendments and necessary updates. I need lots more details of:

 accommodation: in Tynron (if there is any, apart from Ghillie’s Bothy, see page 5) and around  local businesses, however small and cottage-industry-style  updates on groups, activities, societies, clubs, meetings, OFFSAW, and general NEWS Tynronella Sue King-Smith Isla Flanagan had never thought about putting on a pantomime, but soon after settling into the community of Tynron the subject arose at a neighbour's house; and after a few glasses of wine she declared she would be happy to have a go at writing one. Had she known she would be directing, producing, prop and costume-making, catering, cleaning, cajoling, counselling and prepping, she might never have taken it on, but as it was she announced: “Tynron’s going to have a panto. Oh yes we are!” She wrote a script, a version of the classic panto favourite “Cinderella”, but it was entitled “Tynronella – a Right Royal Rumpus”, and rehearsals started in October. It was very much a local production; the script included local myths (the Headless Horseman of Tynron Doon) and references to the famous (infamous?) Tynron Kirk whisky. Most of the cast and backstage crew came from the 120 people who live in Tynron itself. The cast made (begged, borrowed or altered) their own costumes, apart from a few wonderful confections kindly lent by the thriving am-dram scene in Moniaive; their production queen also kindly offered her skills and advice. A quantity of MDF was purchased as scenery flats, and painted mainly by Sophie Armstrong. Isla’s mother painted two scenes on curtains, which became backdrops to side-plots, songs and ‘business’ while the main stage scenery was being changed. Songs were sung by the ‘sheep chorus’, consisting of all of the local children. It ran for two performances, both to capacity audiences of 70, who greatly enjoyed all the references to local colour: or lack of it, since part of the theme was how grey and sad Tynron had become. But now no longer. Everybody was enormously good-natured despite understandably high levels of tension, and the panto was the best fun to participate in. One audience member said it was the best £5 he’d ever spent. Proceeds from the panto went to the Kuffin project, a farm in Gambia

twinned with New Cample Farm; details of this at:



King: John Cowdery Queen: Rona Dent Prince: Mary Newbould Cinderella: Adele Armstrong Ugly Sisters: John Flanagan, Ruaridh Osborne Wicked Stepmother: Hilary Osborne Fairy Godmother: Sheila Forsyth FG’s cat, Tinkles: Rachel Holland One-Sok-On, a fashion costumier: Andy Barr Sheena: Margaret Irving Gladys: Madge Rorison Peter: George Freeborn Director: Eva Flanagan Mr Weasily: Finlay Forsyth Trumpeter/Announcer: Gavin King-Smith Shepherds: Anders Brown, Conal Flanagan, Angus Forsyth, Finlay Forsyth Sheep Chorus: Anna Brown, Moya Flanagan, Emilia Forsyth, Aine Osborne Stage hands: Sophie Armstrong, Del Coston, Colin Forsyth, Sue King-Smith, Terry Kirton Choreography: Frances Forsyth, Julie Jenkins, Jane Cavani Scenery etc: Sophie Armstrong, Susan Irvine Producer, director, scriptwriter, prop and costume-maker, general troubleshooter…….: Isla Flanagan Ugly Sisters (John Flanagan and Ruaridh Osborne) The Headless Horseman of Tynron Doon (Mary Newbould) Fairy Godmother (Sheila Forsyth) and Cinderella (Adele Armstrong). Wicked Stepmother (Hilary Osborne) Many pictures were taken, and there is an incomplete video of the panto for sale (£5) in aid of the Joseph Thomson fund. If you would like to know/see more, please contact Sue.

–  –  –

Where this happens, and given the way things work at the moment, quite large sums of money will be paid to communities adjacent to the windfarms. Many local people feel that it would be sensible to use this money in a way that makes our small communities more sustainable after the windfarm money has ceased to come in.

One initiative being explored is for Tynron, Penpont and Keir to combine at least some of their community benefits from windfarm installers to create long-term projects that could require more funding than the individual amounts received by each of the three communities. To discuss this, a ‘steering group’ has been formed of 6 people (2 from each community) who will meet to draw up guidelines for setting up this joint initiative/trust, to be taken back to the respective CCs for their approval/acceptance. At present the group is in the very earliest stages of formation; it plans to draft terms of reference, processes etc., in consultation with the three community councils at all stages.

Decisions on the formation of a trust will only be taken after wide consultation and referral to each Community Council.

Combining with Keir and Penpont would mean the possibility of:

 larger funds for attracting matching funding;

 sharing administration costs;

 co-ordinating our plans so that we don’t end up with, say, three bowling alleys.

One proposal is that each community would put a proportion of its windfarm money into a central ‘pot’, while reserving some for its individual normal expenses.

There is of course the risk that the three communities will be perceived as not benefitting equally, and it is true that administering this money fairly and wisely is a difficult task. If the initiative idea goes ahead, the steering group will consider involving an organisation to help do this, such as Foundation Scotland, Community Energy Scotland, the Southern Upland Partnership or the Creetown Initiative. These organisations offer help and advice and in some cases management. It would probably be more advantageous to involve such an organisation rather than entrusting the job to individuals from any of the communities. Some people no doubt possess the skills, but involving an impartial third party is likely to be less divisive.

Tynron’s steering group members are Colin Forsyth (200695, c.forsyth@btconnect.com) and Sue King-Smith (200770, sue.peppe@gmail.com). If you have views on how windfarm money should be spent or managed, please contact Colin or Sue. While she is on the steering group, Sue will keep people informed on progress via the website and the Grapevine list.

Meetings and Partings Welcome to new(ish) people: Sara and Keith at Auchengibbert, Jill and Steve at the Garth. If anybody knows of other people who are new and would like to be included in newsletter distribution, the Grapevine, the OFFSAW list etc, please let Sue know.

Farewell to people who have left in the last year: Diane and Malcolm Jarvie and their family from Corriedow; Kathleen Woods from Birkhill; Del Coston from Kirk Cottage and Hazel and John HuttonClarke from Kirkland. We wish them all very well. If anybody wants contact details for these people, please contact Sue; also anybody else who has left and wishes to be taken off the Grapevine list.

Good luck to the Madge and Hugh Rorison in their new home.

Very sadly, Mick Outhwaite has died. Carol says he was a no fuss type of man who never put himself to the fore except if he felt strongly about anything. Many sympathies to Carol in her loss.

3 Recipes

Seasonal: It’s time for Wild Garlic Pesto again. In a blender, whizz:

150g wild garlic leaves (and flowers). Find them on the roadside, but remember to wash off the particulates from timber lorries 50g fresh basil leaves or nettles 60g Parmesan 60g pine nuts (or walnuts: not so nice) 20 ml lemon juice 140 ml light olive oil ½ teaspoon sea salt, pepper as fancied I leave out the basil, and I don’t bother to grate the parmesan: it blends along with everything else.

Lovage Soup The lovage is up, so you can pretend it’s summer, although we’re still having April (snow) showers.

Chop an onion, some garlic, a potato, maybe a leek, some celery and/or wild garlic and about 10 lovage leaves. Simmer them in some butter for 10 minutes, then add some chicken/vegetable stock, the juice of half a lemon and simmer 5 minutes more. Blend.

Unseasonal: a Fruit Loaf. Well, you still need something to go with a cup of tea. This one is unusual, and magic as far as I’m concerned: it contains no egg but still rises. Also contains no fat!

8oz self-raising flour 8oz mixed fruit (plus some glacé cherries or walnuts if you like them) 1 tbsp dark brown sugar 1tbsp treacle, or mixed treacle and malt ½ pint milk Mix all well together, pour into a greased loaf tin, bake for 45 mins / 1hr at gas mark 4/180C. Then ruin the no-fat aspect by cutting a slice and covering it thickly with butter.

Quiz picture: George Freeborn has been lent a lot of old photographs of Tynron. There are ones of Maqueston, Glen Dow, the Bennan, Holmhouse, Killiewarren, Kilmark and many more. Some are hard to identify. Which smallholding is this? If you think you know, please contact Sue (200770) or George (200439). No prizes!

Accommodation Jill and Steve at The Garth are pleased to announce that their refurbished bothy will be available for rent from May 2nd 2015. Apart from using professionals for the installation of the wood burner and electrical rewiring all the work has been done by them. A new kitchen and bathroom has been fitted and oak flooring laid in the little living room. The traditional box bed has been kept to add a quirky, romantic feature. The Bothy will be marketed as a holiday let, via Unique Cottages, as Ghillie's Bothy.

Group activities, meetings:

Bowling has finished for the summer Cake and Ceilidh Club: last meeting before restarting in the autumn: Tuesday 4 May SWRI: last meeting is the AGM on 11 May; will re-start in October.

Yoga: has been cancelled.

Tai Chi will continue throughout the summer. (Mondays in the Hall, 11.45 - 12.45)

Walking Works continues: Tuesdays 11am; meet opposite Watson's in Moniaive. Thornhill on Fridays:

meet at the Community Centre in Thornhill at 2pm. Programme of future walks available shortly.

There will probably be Teas in the Hall on Sunday afternoons in July.

Offers, For Sale, and Wanted (OFFSAW list): please contact Linda McDonald (tel.

200469; or lindaandranald@gmail.com); this list is also being incorporated into the website).

Phil Armstrong is offering a 3 tier PC work station, metal frame with mahogany effect shelves.

Local produce: Two thoughts:

 Does anyone go regularly to Loch Arthur? Would you like to shop there for other people? If so, please contact Sue  Quite a few people in the glen produce food. Would you be interested in an occasional Pop-up Shop in the Hall? If so, please contact Hilary (200219, osborne_hilary@hotmail.com)

–  –  –

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