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From Thomas Caggiano President of Inside on the Outside - A partnership

7086 Arcadia Glen Court

North Las Vegas, Nv. 89084

Department of Community Affairs

Local Finance Board and its OPRA custodian

This OPRA request was responded and a fax was sent of an additional OPRA request

and request for records also by the Common Right to Know law which provides access

to Government Records NOT available via OPRA.

In addition to clarify the prior request which has a deemed denial of access as no clarification was attempted by the OPRA custodian prior to closing the OPRA. A CD with files noted and letter filed in OPEN Superior Court and the Sussex County Prosecutor s Office on Aug 5, 2009 and Aug 6, 2009 by their stamps on the Aug 4, 2009 letter the Response for Government Records Request W52553 A CD is attached as an adopted exhibit for clarification of this and prior ORPA request and also a letter with the following subject filed in Open Superior Court of Sussex County on Aug 4, 2009 under my Pro se filed municipal appeals 13-04-09 and 19-05-09 3 messages Kelly, Colleen ckelly@dca.state.nj.us Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 10:48 AM To: thomascaggiano@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Caggiano:

The Division of Local Government Services (Division) has received your Government Records Request W52553. Please be advised that it is unclear what documents you are requesting, and your request is, therefore, denied.

Pursuant to Mag Entertainment, LLC v. Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, 375 N.J. Super. 534 (App. Div. 2005): "Under OPRA, agencies are required to disclose only 'identifiable' governmental records not otherwise exempt. Wholesale requests for general information to be analyzed, collated and compiled by the responding government entity are not encompassed therein. Other court cases reach the same conclusion: Gannett New Jersey Partners, LP v. County of Middlesex, 379 N.J. Super.

205 (App. Div. 2005); Bent v. Township of Stafford Police Dept., 381 N.J. Super. 30 (App. Div. 2005); and New Jersey Builders Association v. COAH, 390 Super. 166 (App. Div. 2007).

For future reference, in order for the Division to comply with a request for Annual Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS) you need to provide (1) the name of the local government officer, (2) the officer s title or position, (3) the Municipality or County in which the officer serves and (4) the year or years being requested. If you are requesting a copy of the entire file for a given local government agency you should indicate the name of the Municipality and the year(s) for which your request applies. Pursuant to the Division s records retention schedule, the Division is required to maintain five years of filings. Therefore, FDS filings prior to filing year 2006 are not available. By letter dated July 26, 2010, the Division has already supplied you copies of the entire Borough of Stanhope FDS file for the 2006 filing year.

The Division willnot consult a web site in an effort to ascertain or interpret your request.

If you still wish to receive copies of open public records, please feel free to file another OPRA request, and the Division will respond to your request at that time.

Sincerely, Colleen M. Kelly NJ Dept. of Community Affairs Division of Local Government Services P.O. Box 803 Trenton, NJ 08625-0803 Phone: 609-292-0827 Fax: 609-633-6243 ******************************************************************* ************************* State Agency: Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services Requestor Name: Thomas Caggiano j caggiano Company: Inside on the Outside Address: 7086 Arcadia Glen Court North Las Vegas NV 89084 3161 Email: thomascaggiano@gmail.com Telephone: 702 586 6768 Convicted of indictable offense: NO Preferred Delivery: US Mail Maximum Authorized Cost: $50 Payment Method: Check Requested Information: This letter supplements the electronic mail request for copies of Annual financial reports for the Borough of Stanhope officials and employess per the Local Government Ethics Law and also its listing of persons submitting annual financial reports sent Mon Aug 23, 2010 at %:48 to the lgsopra@dca.state.nj.us for the years 2000 though

2007. The email is published on the following web site http://thomascaggiano.com/100823communityaffairsopra.pdf

Please note the costs shown on this form are NOT accurate.

Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 6:21 AM thomas caggiano thomascaggiano@gmail.com To: "Kelly, Colleen" ckelly@dca.state.nj.us, FBI Las Vegas lasvegas@ic.fbi.gov, Paul Fishman Paul.Fishman@usdoj.gov, L Bouchal Herald Reporter lbouchal@njherald.com, StarLedger Trenton Bureau trenton@starledger.com, NORTH Jersey news Janoski janoski@northjersey.com, Jane Njoffice@strausnews.com, mary pawar mfp614@optonline.net, Magnaflex2@aol.com, Cynthia Jampel synjam@mac.com, Stephen Sweeney sensweeney@njleg.org, Speaker Sheila Oliver NJ Assembly aswoliver@njleg.org, Sen Loretta Weinberg SenWeinberg@njleg.org, senwhelan@njleg.org The OPRA requires the OPRA custodian to attempt to resolve an unclear response and YOU have made no such effort.

The 200 page web page hard copy print out WAS provided to the Department of Community Affairs Local Government Services Department in my filed complaints with the Department.

To clarify my request, I desire a copy of all emials, letters and faxes I sent the Department of Community Affairs during 2010 the provided records, complaints to the Department of Local Government Services, all attachments to the letters of complaints.

As this is consider by you as a new OPRA request, I resubmit the request and also request the following copies of documents.

a. Copies of all emails, letters from the Department of Local Government Services to the Commissioner of Community Affairs regarding my Ethics Complaints I submitted in 2009, copies of record of telephone calls and copies of minutes of meetings in the Department of Local Government Services and the Commissioner of Community Affairs and other members of the Government Record Council.

Copies of meetings minutes and notes to resolve my prior requests for which NO attempt was made by the OPRA custodian to resolve in violation of the OPRA law therefore a deemed denial of access will be filed as not only does the denial of access appear negligent but since massive corruption appears evidence and the rationale that a complaint can NOT have names in the covering letter are in my opinion absurd as the Local Government Services Department that is the stakeholder of the Local Public Contracts Law and is the designated State agency that recieves the Annual Financial reports for the State of New Jersey and gets signed submittals that are false and perjuried documents submitted by the likes of John Cilo Jr. who falsely by perjuried documents N.J.S. 2C:28-1.a and false swearing N.J.S. 2C:28-2.c, submited false reports to the enforcement agent in conduct designed to aid another in commission of a crime N.J.S. 2C:5-2.b and wherein their is an obvious criminal conspiracy N.J.S. 2C:5-2.b, that Offenses of false government documents were prepared by the Mayor of Stanhope, the Governing Body and Town Administrator in submitting lists of such persons for over a decade for John Cilo Jr., as Borough Engineer and as Land Use Board Board Engineer, Scarllet Doyle also his bribed employee was also bribed in repeatedly for years in a pattern of official conduct by the Mayor, Governing Body and town Administrator submitted lists of person that were officials or employees and did NOT include any listing that P. David Zimmerman a professional planner identified in thousands of reports, his payments to him without any contract as he appeared before the Land Use Board and Town Council as an OFFICIAL and did NOT even list him as an official as his Area in Need of Redevelopment Reports are cited in other reports by persons NOT identified on the lists to the Local Government Services Department but the reports themselves including COAH, FAIR ELEMENT Housing report, the other monthly submittals to other Auditors were NOT even reported as officials but were identified as officials constantly for years to different agencies of the Department of Community Affairs and its Commissioners as over 20,000 hard copy pages are within the Department of Community Affairs and NO attempt was made by the OPRA custodian as CDs with the published files and also submitted as attachments to emials were available to the OPRA custodian who by the OPRA is to communicate with outer departments within her own agency which was there was NO apparent attempt to resolve with the OPRA requester or any other department and whereas the documents show that criminal and unethical charges were filed by Thomas Caggiano with the Trenton Municipal Court against Catherine Starghill, Esq as an accomplice and with the State Ethics Commission which has oversight authority of State employees, such conduct appears to rise to the definition of willful denial of access.

Attached is the web site available on http://freedomnewsdigest.com and http://thomascaggiano.com file. Please note the hard copy printout of over two hundreds pages was submitted to the Department of Local Finance Board and a CD was also provided with copies of files. As these also included audio recordings the CD itself must be reviewed.

These recordings included publicly available records to INVESTIGATORS in the Government Local Finance Board and were included in CDS provided to the Commissioner of Community Affiars, the GRC and the Department of Local Govt Services, including FBI in NJ, the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office, and other CDs filed in Trenton's Municipal and Superior Courts, Mercer County Prosecutors office, newspapers and other persons to the Department of Local Government Services AND copies of other documents their titles are included in the document attachment list.

Please provide me a copy of the list of persons on the local finance board in 2010, their email mail addresses, telephone numbers and addresses including letters of appointment to the Board.

Please provide me copies of all emails, faxes, letters sent by me to the Local Finance Board in 2009 concerning violation of criminal laws both federal and state and ethics laws as this request includes a requested copy of every record and CD I sent to the Local Finance Board in 2010.

Please provide me a copy of Susan Bass Levin's appointment to the Local Finance Board, each claim she submitted for reimbursement and a copy of her Annual Financial Report since being a member of the Board including Annual Financial statement for each member of the Board for 2010.

Please provide me a copy of each meeting agenda in 2009 for the Department of Local Govt Services from Mar 1, 2010 to current.

Please provide me copies of the listing of each person, employee and contractor paid, with address, telephone number and copy of first page of each contract the Department of Local Finance Board, first page only, with each independent contractor or other personal NOT on the direct payroll of the Department Community Affairs.

Please provide me copies of communications, that may be redacted per OPRA to remove attorney client data to the Department of Law Deputy Attorney General by the Local Finance Board for all submittals from May 1, 2010 to current.

If the OPRA custodian has any questions PER OPRA and their official duties they are to attempt to resolve any unclear requests.

Provide a copy of records of telephone requests, written letters and emails sent by the OPRA custodian to attempt to resolve any unclear areas of the OPRA requested denied in the email from the OPRA custodian.

Please provide me a copy of the C.E.P.A. posting in english and spanish that is posted in the Department of Community Affairs Local Finance Board as required by State law.

Please provide me a copy of the job description of the OPRA custodian for 2010 for the Local Finance Board and her or his agreement of acceptance of the position and their official duties.

Please provide me a copy of the training courses taken by the OPRA custodian during the last five years or time from of employment by the State of NJ if less then five years. Personal items such as Social Security numbers and unlisted telephone numbers may be redacted.

This request is also made under the Common Right to Know law.

Please note I have subpeano authority by Superior Court orders and if desired can demand respones under written interogatories under Superior Court docket SSX-L-847-07 before Judge Bozonelis, AJSC in the case filed by the Borough of Stanhope against Thomas Caggiano and the GRC for a stay request. Therein the transcript record filed in Superior Court on the Dismissed indictment on 13 criminal charges by corrupt Borough of Stanhope officials and employees WAS dismissed with Prejudice by the Superior Court and all such records are a public record excluding medical privacy act data, social security numbers and other data protected by law.

These are public records.

In Addition thousands of public records were made available as Public voluntary disclosure by me and also the State of NJ itself submitted massive records in State exhibit S-2 in the malicious petty disorder charge by Catherine Starghill, Esq who I filed affidavits of probable cause under oath and CDRs under oath that she committed perjury in the Trenton municipal court and also filed thousands of records available to the Local Govt investigators on ethics charges filed with the Local Finance Board in Mercer County's Prosecutor's office and on the public record with Superior Court Judge Mithell E. Ostrer, JSC under Docket 18723 Municipal Appeal #24-2009 and thousands of pages of evidence and CDs were filed as public records in the Case State of NJ v. Thomas Caggiano and are available to Local Finance Board investigators under MER-C-102-07 before the corrupt Superior Court Judges Shuster, JSC and Syke who issued unconstitutional court orders violating my civil rights but a federal crime under 18 USC 241 and 242 but also violated OPRA and OPMA, the Bill of Rights and violated N.J.S.2C: crime of official deprivation of civil rights with bodily harm elevating the criminal charge to 1st degree. It is noted the submittal of the perjuried annual reports by John Cilo Jr., Eric Keller and others bribed by Borough of Stanhope officials ALSO were criminal acts of complicity being an accomplice and N.J.S.

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